Reviews For LOST Podcast: The (Enhanced) Transmission

Amazing every week! Please do a rewatch now that the shows over. I miss you guys almost as much as i miss Lost! Pleeeeeease!
Didn't Ryan and Jen say they were working on one more big episode?! Even now in 2011 I check to see if it's been posted. Why? Because Ryan and Jen are the best and Ryan is a Lost 'Jedi' master. Mahalo.
Ryan sounds like he is doing the podcast while stuffed in his locker after gym class. I have a long commute so this was in my rotation but I think I'm glad it's over.
Loved the tribute to you guys from the connunity, real touching! From their soothing voices to their well structured show flow, this is the one can't miss podcast for Lost fans. Last year I took advantage of their on island reports to get a glimpse into the future episodes but this year I am trying to be spoiler-free so I know as long as I skip the forward cabin segment, I will be fine! Many thanks - carry on!
As the series winds down they have become disturbingly over-critical of the episodes. The don't seem happy watching the series anymore. I noticed this several episodes ago, but their comments on Across The Sea reminded me that their podcast has become a waste of my time. I can't help but think that Damon and Carlton and Jeanne's obvious criticism of Ryan's spoilers have colored their opinions.
Sincerely the best podcast out there. Ryan and Jen report FROM Hawaii which gives a unique perspective on the location shooting within the show, and their evaluation of each week's show alongside the listeners'. A must listen for every LOST fan
I also love that they live right on the Island where Lost is filmed.


By Edkop98
I had to stop listening 5 min in. They sound like their reading from a script. Jay and Jack are much better.
Great review and awesome listener comments and theories. I'm going to be sad when Lost ends that this will too. They do an awesome job.
There are many podcasts devoted to Lost, but this is one of the few that sticks to their topic in a way that is entertaining.
I've watched Lost from the first night the pilot aired. I found The Transmission soon after Ryan and Jen started podcasting. I was so disappointed when they stopped. There really is nothing else close to what they offer. I tried a few other podcasts but couldn't listen. The contrast was too great. When they came back to producing The Transmission I literally cheered! It has been fun to see the growth of the Lost fan community and in Ryan and Jen too.
Creeps me out. Great show nonetheless.
Thank you for having the best podcast ever! This podcast helps me to understand the show better. I love it!!!!! Thanks Ryan and Jen!
Watching LOST alone is difficult. You really need friends to bounce theories around, joke about the best lines, share your hopes and frustrations, etc. Ryan and Jen have become my closest LOST buddies in the past 4 years. I am almost as sad to see the podcast end as I am to see the show end! They have enhanced my LOST experience greatly, and for that I am so grateful. Ryan's recon work around the islands made him perhaps the most dedicated and productive member of the LOST fan community. Mahalo to the king and queen of LOST podcasting!


By Tbelk5
Ryan and Jen set the bar for all of Lost podcast! I usally finish it Tuesday afternoon so I'm ready to roll into a new episode Tuesday night. My only complaint is I need more! Thank you guys for making you all everybody feel as much like a part of the of the lost community as you are. Ryan is truely the Godfather of lost podcasting Tony Belk Chattanooga Tn
really cool podcast.stop.You keep me interested.stop.Will miss the podcast.stop.wished it came out sooner.stop.8-)
My daughter and I look forward to listening to this podcast every Monday on our journey to and from school (40 minutes each way)--- great content, lots of extra info and wonderful filming news too! Loved listening to the summer podcasts as well- by far, THE BEST of the Lost podcasts out there. Thanks for their hard work! From fans in Ireland, Michele & Blue-Skye ps-- the Masterclass podcasts were brilliant! Thanks so much for the extra content.
Ryan and Jen are engaging and entertaining. Their recaps are perfect and their discussion of how they felt about the show, what they noticed and their theories are always interesting and entertaining. And their reports on Lost filming are incredibly enticing. Seriously, if you love Lost now and don't listen to this podcast, you're going to love Lost even more once you start!
Ryan and Jen bring you the best theories on lost. I agree that there are some other good casts but they have their theories down and really know what they're talking about.
I gave it a fair chance but the female always sounds like she's in a hurry to finish her sentence and the guy just has an annoying, nasally voice. The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack is much better.
Ryan and Jen put together great recaps, fun filming location spoilers, and well thought out discussion. The podcast is very nicely produced and great fun to listen to.
I absolutely love Ryan & Jen's podcast, they have a very well-rounded, organized show, and the laid-back approach is perfect to listen to during your morning commute. These two are such a cute couple, and I'm glad to see a husband & wife-teamed podcast where both spouses get along so well! And if you want spoilers, this is the place to be...nobody knows spoilers better than the Hawaiian locals near the filming locations! Ryan, I hope you are careful when you go on your spoiler-excursions! Don't fall out of a tree trying to get the best spoiler scoop! Safety first! =oP I will miss this show when LOST is over, but plan on following these guys wherever the podcasting world may lead them.
Ryan & Jen are professional, the sound quality is great, the podcast is organized and very well thought out. I look forward to new episodes of the Transmission each week as much as I look forward to new eps of LOST! Just hearing their voices make me happy! :)
The Transmission is a phenomenal supplement to one of TV's greatest shows. It provides what I consider to be a perfect balance of commentary/analysis, fan comments, and production news, all broadcast from the Island itself--Oahu. Ryan and Jen, the hosts, manage to treat each episode seriously, providing real insight into the plot and characters, while still being entertaining. They are very good at their job, and clearly enjoy it. Beyond that, they make a genuine effort to connect with their listeners, and truly value the input of their fellow fans. Perhaps this is why their own fanbase is so committed. I listen to The Transmission every week as soon as it is released; it helps me process the episodes, and makes me aware of details I might otherwise have missed. If you love LOST, give The Transmission a try. You might get hooked.
I love to listen to Ryan and Jen. They make my day when I get to see another podcast downloading on iTunes. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to season six. Wish I could be in Hawaii with you. Have a great time!!!
Ryan and Jen's quick consise commentary on current and, lately, even classic Lost episodes, is greatness. Very factual references when necessary to previous episode moments when pertinent, not profane or too off-subject ever. Thanks guys for the great discussions over the years! Wish I could of made the pilgrimage to Hawaii...
Everything about this podcast from the format to the hosts, husband & wife dynamic duo Ryan & Jen is superb! Keep up the great work Ryan & Jen!
I love listening to Ryan and Jen. The Transmission is the first Lost podcast I listen too every week. Since they live in Hawaii they can give us a perspective on Lost that no one else can (Yes Ryan, I do love hearing about the shoots.) I really enjoyed hearing the footage from Comic-Con as well as the Hawaii Film Festival.
Ryan and Jen do the best of all of the TV Show themed podcasts that I listen to. They are a great team (being married probably helps) and put out a very funny, entertaining, and insiteful podcast. Listen to this if you want an example of what a perfect fan-made cast should be like.
Ryan and Jen do an excellent job on this podcast. Their format is easy to follow and organized. This is an absolute must for every LOST fan!
Hot damn, I love this podcast. So well done, so concise, so friendly. Awesome, please keep it coming :)
I discovered Ryan and Jen's podcast about a year ago, and it really is the best LOST podcast out there...They have a great ability to not only recap each episode but also implement their own thoughts and theories into what is happening on and off the island. Keep up the great work guys! Can't wait for season 6 to start!
Ryan and Jen, thank you for all your effort and work to put out a great podcast. Love the Forward Cabin.
I have been listening for a few years to Jen and Ryan. I think they do a great job of recapping the episode and provide great insight and feed back from other listeners. Cant wait for next season!
one of the best LOST podcasts, they always have interesting and insightful feedback and the BEST filming updates
This my favorite LOST podcast. Though there are other podcasts out there that are also insightful, Ryan and Jen can do it in a way that is intellegent as well as entertaining. Overall, a must listen if you are a true LOST fan.
My solace while I spend 6 months in Nicaragua on a special project that includes an ARG that continues the story of LOST. Thanks to Ryan and Jen, I can surround myself of 100s of people of different culture, with a different language, and feel like I am home although I am LOST in Nicaragua.
I can't thank you guys enough for all of the hard work you put into the Transmission. It's consistently filled with amazing insight and well thought out discussions. My only gripe: sometimes it's just TOO darn tempting to listen to the Forward Cabin, even though I try not to. :) A testament to the awesome on-island filming updates you guys always have. Sad to see the Season 3 rewatch wind down, but so excited for Season 6 to start! Take care!
I can't say enough good things about this podcast. It's very well done as well as entertaining. Methadone for the Lost off-season. Thanks Ryan and Jen!
I LOVE the Transmission!!! Not only the best "Lost" podcast out there, but also just great podcasting...tight editing, great format, good sound, very professional, witty, and easy to listen to. If you are super anti-spoiler then you'll just have to skip over the "forward cabin" section that talks about the filming that's being done around Hawaii...but being from here and living in the islands, it is so fun to hear about what's happening and where...and it never gives too much away! I'm only sad that we have only one more season...hopefully Ryan and Jen will find another show or subject to podcast about...after a long well deserved vacation that is :) Thanks for all the hardwork Transmission - you guys ROCK!
If you enjoy LOST you will very much enjoy this Podcast. With Ryan and Jen feels like reviewing the show with a few friends and as they are based in Hawaii, they also have interesting insights not heard on other Podcasts in terms of shooting or landmarks in the show. During the season they do weekly updates on past shows and now they are reviewing Season 3. I very much enjoy the recap of past shows and the thinking of certain scenes and impact it now has seeing additional shows. If you have not seen Season 3 a great way to watch along and if you have, great to review the episodes. As I said it is like reviewing LOST with a few friends, Jen and Ryan a husband and wife team who truly enjoy LOST with Jen with a face for television and Ryan with hmm a voice for radio :) I kid, but they are both great as well as the Podcast - give a listen, as stated if you enjoy LOST you will enjoy this.
I've listened to a lot of fan podcasts dedicated to specific science fiction TV series, and "Transmission" is the gold standard for what a fan-cast ought to be like. Focused yet unscripted. Led by the podcasters, but with lots of listener input. Simply the best. To Ryan and Jen: thanks so much for all the work you (obviously) put into each and every show. Scott frm Eugene
Ryan and Jen are awesome. They are insightful and fun. They add to the lost viewing experience.
Both my wife and I are HUGE LOST fans, but she does not like podcasts. I listen to a nuymber of podcasts and she refuses to listen to them, except for yours. I am always saying, "But, it's Ryan and Jen!" and she says, "Oh, that's ok, their podcast is good." Thanks for helping to make my daily commute more bearable, and my marriage more happy!
Hey Ryan & Jen! You both do an amazing podcast! The recaps and rewatches are great! Thank you for all your hard work.
Definitely one of the top produced and formatted Lost podcasts out there! Ryan and Jen are awesome after all this time of listening to them, I feel like I know them both as well as good friends to have over for dinner!
This is an awesome podcast dedicated to the TV show Lost. Well planned and executed. Love the forward cabin. Keep up the good work!
Ryan and Jen produce a wonderful podcast that I always enjoy listening to. Because of their location on Hawaii, they provide so much insight into the locations and filming of LOST. Every time I listen it makes me want to travel to Hawaii! Thanks for putting together a truly awesome show.
One of the best Lost Podcasts out there! Great review and comment, and AWSOME spoilers section. Get on board for season six.