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It's free what more do you need and here is a bonus it is awesome
This is such a sick podcast. Shows you what you want to see not skiers! And all the crap that comes with em!
Dude that is awesome!!!!!! !!!!!!!


By zeze838
This podcast is the best snowboarding one around. It is absolutely amazing and I love the guys who put it together. Thanks!
Great podcast! Fills me in on all the new stuff happening in the world of snowboarding. The best way to stay up to date on riders, comps, and new gear! Keep it up shralp.
shralp is tha best!!!!!!!
best podcast ever period! just wish the early ep's had eng subs.


By Kos Kos
Great podcast!!!!!
Love this podcast! I've been watching them for a year. I love the teasers and competitions. Keep up the good work guys!
First of all its (((FREE)))It has the best review on up coming moveis and eguipment and they have a regular schedule it rocks. If u snowboard get this now
This the best snowboarding pod-cast ever. PLEASE tell all the names of the songs in it though.
Shralp is a perfect podcast for snowboarding freaks and always has great info on products and during summer they keep you up to date on what is going on in the southern hemisphere great podcast kudos
Best podcast ever
When you watch this video you cant help but want to snowboard.


By dingfat
everyone should subscribe i never miss an episode
Consistently comes out with quality snowboarding previews and clips. No messing around with having a host or any fluff but just sticks with solid videos.
Its worth the free subscription. It has helpful tips and cool people on it. It makes you want to just "send it", season is almost here!! :)
By far the best Snowboarding podcast out there
this HAS to be the best podcast! it gives everything from tips, to board-option, to...everything! it's amazing! i learned atleast 10 trick/tips to make them better! its sweet! it's shralp! :]]
Almost 100 episodes and they are still on! All the contests and DVDs. They just let you know what's going on around the world! Check out their surfing podcast!
Best snowboaring podcast on the on itunes; has everything. No crap, no sales kicks from companies gets the best footage, no boring stuff!


By goman13
luv this episode if u can get this do it its got alot of action and pact with snowboarding and a little real life stuff


if you like snowboarding, or any other action sports, this podcast is for YOU. this is very excellent, one of the major reasons why i bought a video ipod. from all year round, these people give you the best snowboarding coverage from ALL OVER THE WORLD. this is the best snowboarding podcast and will always be. YOU SHOUDL GET IT. NOW.
I've tried a few snowboarding podcasts and this one is by far the best. The narrator doesn't waste time with pointless banter, and the filming, riding, and editing are all top-notch. I was hooked after hearing him say "all the riders were shralping",
really really nice footage and HELPFUL tircktips. i now its in english, too!
Well done video with plenty of information about the locations. One annoying thing is the red "tabs" that run into the video occasionally but still a great snowboarding podcast. Subscribe it..!
these videos will make you a snowboard fan if you aren't already
This is the sickest thing that i have ever seen, it has snowbording and skiing. With the best riders pulling sick tricks. The Stairway to Heaven contest is awsome that is the best step up jump i have ever seen. It rocks get it right now Go Attitash race team on Spillway
All sweet snowboarding with mixed in jokes and dudes and gals just keeping it real! Nothing better than that!
you should see if Sean White can come show your crew a thing or two... Sorry but the tomatoo rules....


Flippin' Awesome! Ich Liebe es viel!! Ich denke das ist eine gute Idee!! ~~Trish
This is so sick now this is in english. I loved it before when it was in German. The video is clear and sharp and looks amazing on a video ipod. And it's Free. You at least owe it to yourself to take a peak and watch it. who dosen't like snowboarding especially German snowboarding.
Well first of all David Benedek helps make it, and anytime a Robot is involved you know it's going to be pretty exquisite/bodacious. If you like 91 words for snow or any of the other Robot Food movies, or just snowboarding in general this is a great one! Oh and now it's going to be in english so you can understand it now. It's a good one, i strongly recomend you get it, plus it's free, what have you got to lose! yeah! -Michael Downey
This is a great podcast. Tons of great snowboarding and an awesome German narrator.
I really enjoy this podcast. I think that the caption in english text introduced in the last couple of episdes are a great improvement and there is no need for translated voices.
this is the best podcast you could get! I love it! I don't care that it's german, I just turn off the sound. Everyone sould get this podcast!
If this podcast was in english it would be one of the best
you get to watch some sweet footage while you listen to some german dude talk!


By BO$$ <3
(Whatever that means)
the clips are insane, the info is sweet i cant wait till it comes out in american languages