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Over a decade of top notch Motorsport coverage.
I have been listening for a while however with the world situation, at the time of this review, the sim racing coverage is some of the best podcasting to date out of the different shows I listen to. I hope this is the start of something bigger in the future. I hope this continues as things get back to how they were. I think this has open the doors to something the world needs in addition to the real world racing.
Love the show, John H and crew are great!
Most diverse motor sports podcast available. They cover all racing throughout the world.
Radio Le Mans has the best coverage of endurance sports car racing across the globe. Whether you are listening to the 24 Hours of Le Mans itself, IMSA, or a GT race none beats the experience and skill of Radio Le Mans. Also, the weekly Midweek Motorsport is an eclectic 2 hour radio show embracing all types of motor sports from F1 to rallying and everything in between.
A top-class motorsports podcast.
Great coverage of the WEC and the IMSA championships. Enjoyable and informative.
In fact, there is an argument that Hindy and company are the best live commentary in sport period. On top of all of that we get a weekly podcast of inside baseball (only for racing).
Great source for racing news
If motor racing fans listen to one podcast, or any show for that matter, this should be it. Its simply the best. - Chuck | #ForzaJules
If there is no competition, you can do what you want but coverage usually declines. Now, if I can't sleep, I'll put it on and in no time it's morning. This is a great pit lane and main straight coverage podcast, but if you really want to find out about the rest of the race, you won't get it. This would be ok except for the most cynical reporter Nick Damon and the nice but boring Shea Adam. I have to hit the fast forward on each of them. The other reporters are actually ok. Paul Truswell is the best asset the company has. His knowledge is by far the best part of the race. His contribution is so good that I can't believe that he has not been poached The political tweeting's of Eve Hewitt regarding the US and it's ability to be either conservative or liberal are completely out of place and are unprofessional which is too bad as I think she is smart and probably runs the company. Another company that covers the race would bring them back to their greatness of the early years. Unfortunately, for now one will have to listen to after race coverage. This is a great shame as they used to be so good.


Simply the best race show, any series, to me. Simply a group of guys (and Eve!) that have a passion that has become their "job". Hop on tha llama!


It doesn't get any better! If you're into cars or crazy British guys this is your show. Of course it wouldn't be the same if it weren't for the responsible adult.
Informative and humorous. Guys have great rapport. Impressed they cover everything from ILMS to NASCAR.
No matter what kind of motorsports you follow, midweek motorsports has something for you. This is besides the fact that Hindy is the best motorsports commentator in the world!
A bunch of guys who love motorsport and love talking about it. It's like sitting around the kitchen table with your best mates talking about cars.
I love your show, but I was shocked when everyone was talking at the same time, and John said, well screamed, STOP INTERRUPTING ME!!!. I was like, are you serious? I think John Hindhaugh is one of the best race announcers I've ever heard, but to scream at other grown men like that. It's uncalled for. And all the guys went silent, too. I don't know if he's the boss or what, but that was wrong. It was Ep. 14, Midweek motorsport. I know you're good at what you do, but you're human just like everybody else.
I can't get enough of these guys.
Excellent insight, info, and coverage of sportscar racing. Great way to stay on top of ALMS/ILMC.
If you love sports car racing, you will love this podcast. Highly recommended.


Great great great!
The guys at Radio Le Mans do a fabulous job of bringing all of the news that racing enthusiasts crave. Their coverage of racing events and the commentary they provide is not to be missed. They are true racing enthusiasts and live and breathe racing - especially forms that require turning right, left, and braking. I truly look forward to every broadcast as it is like meeting up with friends who share a true passion for Motorsport. These are not fake announcers providing meaningless banter and noise. These are guys painting the picture for the rest of us who wish we could be there with them. Any fan of sportscar racing must listen to Radio Le Mans.
best racing podcast
This is by far the best motorsport podcast. They cover everything with wheels. If you love motorsport this is the podcast for you.
These guys are British, but they cover all of the LeMans endurance sports car racing events including the Europen, American and Japanese events. They do a great job of covering these events and what they lack in technical finesse, they more than make up for with enthusiasm. In addition to the race coverage, they also review road cars, and other motoring and motorsports related topics. If you're a fan of sports car racing you need to subscribe to these podcasts.