Reviews For MacVoices

I have been listening for years. Chuck has the best Apple podcast and guest and I truly enjoy. Keep up the good work!
Chuck is always engaging and asks his guests questions that you would if given the opportunity and then some that you hadn't thought of. The only thing even slightly negative that I could say is that his output is so prolific that trying to keep up with all of his podcasts is sometimes exhausting, :)
I like the podcast and the information, but one of your guest has a bad habit of saying “You Know” to often in the podcast! It like having stack in the back ground!
If you like this check out macvoices tv podcast. I really like the interviews with the take control authors especially. 👍
Al mil
If you can't attend MacWorld, that's okay. Subscribe to this podcast and get episode after boring episode of interview/informercials from booth vendors. Once that horse has been beaten to mush, it's back to interviews with Mac community luminaries. if these reviews were half as long as they are, then the show might work. But they aren't, so it doesn't.
Just listen to MacVoices #1075 (Drive Genius). Macupdate and Version-Tracker are full of complaint about Drive Genius...but the interviewer can’t find any wrong with the company. Extremely suspicious interview!
Great, informative information about Mac software/hardware and what's happening in the world of Mac users today. My only negative comment is that they keep refreshing the dates on their RSS, so that all of the old podcasts I've read for the past year keep showing up in the list. Other than that... a great podcast every Mac user should listen to.
Great intro to the best Mac software, via interviews with the developers. Comes from the same people who do the excellent MacNotables podcast.