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I back in 1996 I almost took my life Because of the man I was married to he destroyed my identity.. and now I am an Overcomer the Lord took my life, and it’s been changing my own entire life. I do believe that the Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. We are in the Bible to looking back. I see myself in the book of Job and I see myself in the other prophecies the prophet David, the prophet, Daniel, the Prophet, Elijah, the prophet Naomi, Esther, Ruth, Rachel we are in the Bible, and I know this is God’s promise to me as his daughter the king of the king of the most high God….
You need to go read your Bible so you can determine between what is Shabbat and what is worship. They are 2 different things. As children of God we are grafted into his family (Acts 11:17) and we need to continue to obey God commands (there are over 35 scriptures about obedience), obedience to Shabbat is part of the 10 COMMANDMENTS. AND NEVER did Yeshua/Jesus say that Sunday was now Shabbat. People don’t READ what the Bible SAYS…they interpret it…wrong.
This is one man of God. There are many in this world, but he is the one I desire to have a conversation with. I would like to pray with him, have fellowship, and worship the Lord. May the Lord, our only salvation and redemption, continue to bless Raul’s ministry.
Raul has been same for last 20 years of listening to him. Quick and too the point with word of God
Raul will help the Holy Spirit convict you and this podcast will definitely edify you as a Christian!
I love listening to this podcast on my way to work every morning, I love that you preach straight from the Bible and explain each verse. Thank you for your service of ministry.
I am so thankful to have found his podcast, I first started going to Calvary chapel after the death of my daughter I was lost and I found great comfort in his words! I moved from California back to Arizona some time ago so I haven’t been to one of his sermons in so long so it feels good to be able to hear them through his podcast!!!
I have been listening to Pastor Raul since the age of 7. I recall my mother playing him on a syndicated radio station in NYC and crying out to God after the sermons. Through her obedience to the calling of the Lord, I came to know God for myself. Your ministry has blessed me and my family and I pray God has blessed yours in turn. Thank you for allowing yourself to be a vessel for the Lord.
Always talking about the dang end times. There’s never any uplifting sermons, you always have to bring up the end times and how it’s going to be and how it is. We need to learn to live in the now. You are the opposite of Joel Olsteen, and it’s not a good thing. Where Joel Olsteen only talks about positive things, you only talk about the negative. Think about the younger generation and put some hope instead of always talking about what can happen and what’s going to happen and how they we are at the end of anything good.
If you want to understand what the Bible teaches and you want to grow spiritually, this is the podcast you should listen to.
I’ve been listening to Raul For a few years now and I can say he’s one of the greatest preachers I’ve ever heard. He breaks down scripture in a way you easily understand. My favorite are his messages on family.


He speaks the word of god straight from the Bible,very serious ,really great 👍🏽 especially if want to know about end times,that we are living in NOW!!!!
I’ve been listening to Pastor Raul for more than 25 years , I began listening to him on the radio and now I’m blessed to have the podcasts. So many things to learn and I appreciate his wisdom and humor.
Very anointed man of God when I do hear you you are amazing thank you for doing God’s well
I came across this podcast & I love it! Pastor Raul has a love for God that is infectious! I can always count on hearing a solid biblical teaching.
I love kgms! I hear the word and the truth- a wise generation of men used by God to preach To those in need of spiritual food! Raul has sermons that teach me & I need to be taught!
Thank you Lord for all the Pastors that are right on in preaching the truth, that are bold, and don't waver from your word. We shall Keep these great Godly men and their families in prayer daily. Like Pastor's Raul Ries, Greg Lori, Charles Stanley, Chuck Smith, Billy Grahm and all the others that God is using who are also faithful to the Lord.
Raul Ries has help me so much I wish I lived in his area so I could join his church I listen every day he has taught me do much


Been listening for more than ten years now and still feels with god holy spirit Thank god for pastries raul ! God bless you.....
I thank God for working through Pastor Raul. I have learned a lot by listening to his preaching. They are short and right to the point backed up with verses from the Bible. I continue to have faith and pray in the name of Jesus, that my family; brothers, sisters, friends, loved ones that are asleep spiritually will listen to his preachings and learn to know God and have a relationship with him. God bless!


By J sanch
I listen from Arizona. I go to Calvary community and love pastor mark but love listening to other pastor such as pastor Raul. Thank you for the great messages. They are short and to the point.
Listening & applying Gods word in our generation is so crucial. Hearing Pastor Raul talk about how we need to carry on Christs message because he'll be called home one day is awesome. To listen & learn 4rm him & see God's work in him & to have these podcasts available is a blessing from God.


By Cp615
God sent you to me in the nick of time. Thanks for being the voice of hope, clarity, and reason in my life. Thru you I see the lord and all his glory. Don't ever stop.
Man he speaks straight to my heart. I have enjoyed the radio show and get mad when I miss the show. I can not wait to listen to all his teachings!
Love pastor Raul my life is diff thanks to God. Thank god for putting u in my life
I had to wake up real early for work and on my way to get coffee when I heard this guy speaking a message that so convicted my heart that I has to stay in the car even after I arrived at work just to finish the message and find out the name of this pastor!! Pastor Raul Ries you have a new avid listener! I thank God for leading me to be able to listen to you!
Blessed by Pastor Raul
Pastor Raul Ries made me turn back when I was going straight, by the word of God. Thanks pastor Raul, God bless you and God bless your family, and keep preaching the word of God like the way you do, and the holy Spirit be with you all the time.
Pastor Raul Reis is one of the best without a doubt. May the lord bless you pastor for preaching the word of GOD with no apology.
What a blessing and comfort to hear the Word of God preached the way that Pastor Raul does. I appreciate the way Pastor Raul goes through the Bible by chapter and verse May God bless his ministry.


By Dthlss1
My wife is in the military so we had to move away from Diamond Bar a few years ago and I'm very thankful that I can still hear Raul's message, no matter where we find ourselves in the world.
Awesome teacher. If you want a pastor that shoots from the hip? Then you have come to the right place. Thanks Pastor Raul.
I got saved in his church in west covina I thank the lord I have this foundation in my life sin keeps you from the bible and the bible keeps you from sin I watch also on line now I live in new Mexico I miss going there in diamond bar thank the lord for online and these podcast may the lord keep blessing you and teaching us God Bless


By Dmader
This is the best podcast bible teaching out there


I have been listening to verse by verse Bible teachings for over thirty years, and what I most appreciate about Raul Reis is that he does not waver to the right or the left. He teaches it straight and true, never changing it or dismissing parts of it. God's word does not change, and year after year, neither does Raul. Mike, ID
Pastor Raul is the only pastor who teaches from the bible verse by verse and chapter by chapter and book by book. My friends and hubby all love him and hold discussions about the lessons. I share the lessons with my youth group and they just soak it all in. He's simple to understand and very relatable. The hubby and I have learned alot also in regards to a marriage and family issues. He doesn't miss a beat!!! God bless you Pastor Raul we love you!
Raul Ries is such an awesome pastor, God just uses him in such an incredible way to reach people. He has a heart for the lost and he knows how to preach God's word in a powerful way. Raul Is one of my favorite pastors of all time. Thank You Jesus for using Raul as one of Your messengers!
Raul Ries is a true blessing to the world from Christ. He speaks the truth and doesn't sugar coat anything, and it's all with love for his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I look up to Raul and his church and highly recommend his podcast to anyone wanting the truth about the gospel. I LOVE YOU RAUL!
I love listening to the teachings of pastor Raul Ries. He teaches the word of god and makes no compromises,his sermons have helped me understand the bible as it was meant to be studied.
dear raul thank god you have been chosen to be his servent Ilove you becuse you speak the truth and you tell your story just as christ whould wont you to say it.the love you have for god is a insipration to me .may he continue to bless you thanks raul and we love you( hope to meet you in haven one day) hughie
TRUE teaching...He is a great pastor....I listen to him in 107.9fm
I'm glad I came across this Radio program, Good Bible based teaching. To God be the Glory!
This is an AMAZING Podcast. I have learned so much about the Word through this podcast. Thank you Pastor Ries for allowing the Lord to speak through you. You are a true blessing.
Gods word in truth is better than the devil, and this world. Pastor raul doesnt hold back the truth and makes it clear, you are for God and live for Him or against Him
Thank god for Raul Ries, for touching lives, changing hearts, for the word, for your testimony, for being on the radio everyday, thank god for you, amazing, amazing, preaching of the word, I listen to you everyday in the morning, thank you, thank you, God Bless You
I've loved listening to Pastor Ries on the radio for a few years now. He is the only Pastor who can hold my attention while I'm driving. I've even had the opportunity to attend sunday service at CC Golden Springs when my wife and I have to go to Orange County on occasional sundays when I'm not working. But she was worried about me getting an iPod and becoming a "PodCast" churchgoer. I work most sundays during the year. I just got my iPod and it now seems like Pastor Raul has just recently started PodCasting. How ironic and WONDERFUL. If you're looking for a good Bible teaching pastor to listen to, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pastor Raul Ries.
I listen to pastor Raul every morning on my way to work.and the messages that God gives him are tremendous.he's trully a man of God. GOD BLESS Pastor Raul
Pastor Raul Ries delivers the Gospel message to listeners in such an honest and powerful way that you cannot help but be drawn in to God's Word. My family has the privilege to receive Pastor Raul's sermons via Podcast and I am so thankful. I enjoy many faithful Pastors from the west coast, such as Pastor Leo from Mission Valley Christian Fellowship as well. May God Bless their faithfullness, He already has! Redeemed in VA
This is my favorite radio program. Even the introductory music gives me goose bumps, what a great feeling to know that somebody really does love (agape) me. Whereas some would waterdown the word of truth in order to appeal to emotion, or tickle the ears, pastor Raul's teaching is in strict accordance with God's word. One of the main things that I really do enjoy about his teaching is that he does not stray from the topics of sin and repentance, principle areas of neglect in the age of apostasy. Hungry souls who desire the pure milk of the word can certainly be fed here, with sound biblical doctrine. I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving people like Raul Ries the ministry to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. Hallelujiah.