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Thank you for digging deep into such important issues. I’m curious and able to follow a complex line of legal reasoning, but I’m not trained in law to reason along legal lines! Jeffrey, your questions guide conversations and debates in ways which illuminate and inform - and don’t inflame. This is what we need. Thank you 👍
Rosen and the WTP team have constantly produced high quality discussions on a variety of topics related to the constitution. From debate over hot legal topics at stake in American Courts and current events to constitutional history, WTP rarely fails to deliver an informative and provoking conversation. I know I can find a lot of analysis on court cases and the law but listening to WTP brings in perspectives from leading scholars and lawyers from across the political spectrum to discuss what they think and where they agree and disagree. Add in Rosen’s unique style and flair for hosting conversation and thinking about the constitution and you’ve got a podcast unlike any other.
Never learned so much as to applying and application constitutional law 👍🏼
While based on constitutional issues, these podcasts can vary greatly. Various authors and scholars discuss topics that run the full range of topics from the totally topical to some pretty esoteric discussions. You either love it or not, but always thought provoking and educational
Don’t miss it!
This podcast is a high quality Constitutional education in itself. I am a high school Social Studies teacher and I have made it my goal to listen to every episode. Jeff Rosen’s enthusiasm and his top-quality guests are always enlightening. A request — One topic totally missing from this series is Native American legal history and their complex interactions with the United States. Treaties and alliances (made and broken), federalism issues, and SCOTUS cases are all available here, so why not make a series on it for, say, the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower arrival next year?
I can’t say how much I enjoy listening to this podcast. You can feel the love and commitment Jeffrey Rosen has for the US Constitution. I have learned so much from the show. Thank you so much for all you’re doing. This podcast is so important.
David and Will are not only terrifically informed about California and it’s politics, they are also entertaining and funny. I can’t say enough about the work they do. It is a must have in your podcast playlist.
I love this podcast. I appreciate being able to listen to the top scholars discuss the issues of the day without getting heated or angry. It is a great example of civil discourse.
There is no better podcast explaining the constitution and the politics surrounding the Constitution. It is always balanced and comprehensive. Whether you are a constitutional scholar or an interested observer, you will always finish an episode with an informed understanding of the issues.
When this one appears in my feed, I'm delighted. It's nonpartisan, and the host is clearly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Constitution. It's so nice to listen to a well-orepared host and passionate guests debate on important subjects. I always learn. Thank you, Mr. Rosen.
I am highly interested in the subject matter, but quite often Mr Rosen will speak with an underlying voice stress as if every sentence he is saying is the most important of his life, every complement he gives must be the greatest ever given, and every tiny observation the most stunningly amazing...It’s absolutely exhausting to listen to.
I listened to 12/19/2018 and, while the content was ok (I like hearing viewpoints from both sides) I found Jeff Rosen’s hosting distracting, for two reasons: 1) he sounds as though he is trying to speak in an artificially low register. This is grating. Try to use a higher inflection. 2) Mr. Rosen followed each speaker with fulsome praise that swiftly grew cloying, and then nauseous. “Thank you” would have been sufficient, and might have allowed Mr. Rosen the time to actually express his own opinions, rather than grovelingly thanking the speakers for sharing theirs. If Rosen is only an occasional host, I may listen to another. If he cannot be avoided, I will avoid another episode.
Jeffrey is extremely non-partisan. Good convos & so much to learn here. As a centrist, I love hearing both sides of these key issues. Dutch- Voice from the Underground: The Podcast
We The People is an illuminating, enriching, and educational podcast we are fortunate to have. Thank you, Jeff for your enthusiasm, especially when discussing Brandeis. Thanks for that. Please strive to improve the audio quality of the podcast. Guests who join the conversation via Skype or FaceTime are difficult to hear compared to those who utilize a dedicated audio microphone. Please match fidelity of sound with the enlightening fidelity of thought!
This podcast is an easy way to learn about our Constitution. I enjoy the in-depth discussions. Jeffrey Rosen's enthusiasm is a bonus. Thank you.


By MarkE8
Very good podcast, has helped me to learn about the constitution and understand current issues.
This podcast claims to be non-partisan, then they bring on an entire panel of people that are all leaning to one side. Not only that they almost ALL believe that America is a Democracy, plain and simple it is NOT. Locally a democracy, most likely. State democracy, can be but citizens don’t want to work that hard. A federal democracy, to this i say NO. The founding fathers NEVER added upon a democratic federal government. Democracy, as famously said, destroys itself. Mr. Rosen you have interrupted guest to correct them on this view point. You, have in the past, been vocal about this and kept your guest from “towing the party line” so to say but for the past few podcasts you say nothing and show how you lean one way. A TRULY non-partisan podcast, especially from an organization chartered by Congress, is something Americans need. The truth is always found somewhere in the middle.
Loved this episode - thoughtful AND civil. Glad I found this show.
I really appreciate the effort this podcast takes to make the constitution accessible to laypeople. I love the balanced discussions on different topics- the aim here is to inform the listener so you can make up your own mind.
This is a very informative and entertaining podcast. Keep them coming please.
High level, detailed analysis of the fundamentals of our Constitution, both marquee issues and dark corners. Brilliantly done.
If you are interested in the US Constitution— or even if you think you aren’t—regardless of your ideological stripes, this is the podcast. Mr. Rosen does a fantastic job of bringing in really qualified people talk about and debate constitutional issues and history in a way that focuses on the legal principles without letting the politics of an issue get in the way. An extraordinary contribution to the public discussion of of the Constitution. Can’t recommend it enough.
What is not to love about this podcast. They are always interesting, respectful, and professional. It is the best source of current constitutional concerns lead by well informed and balanced representatives from each side. This is easier to listen to than oral arguments or an academic presentation, but similarly educational.
One of the best parts of the week! The AskJeff episodes are especially delightful.
I really like the information and conversation that goes on in this podcast, however I find it hard to listen to because of all the background noise. It is difficult to hear the person who is speaking and the background noise is very distracting and unprofessional.
I found this podcast a year ago and visited the National Constitution Center last July. Anyone anywhere near Philidelphia has to go there. I really felt proud to be part of this nation, despite it's ups and downs. I now listen to every episode, it hones my skills as a legal thinker. I have chosen to overlook the sound quality issues and the unseemly event of the CEO, Jeff Rosen, doing some ads for soap or meals or something in the middle of the podcast. Really Mr. Rosen, get one of the staff there at the center to do the ads, they all seemed intelligent and articulate.
I would give this 5 stars because I have found it fascinating- at least all the episodes that I have listened to. If you’re just average in the intellectual department (like me), it does take a lot of focus to make sure you are getting it right. I have had to rewind on several occasions just because I realized that I had been spacing out. This IS NOT the podcast’s fault. However, this is not a podcast you listen to for light entertainment. I think potential subscribers should know that to get the full benefit from “We the People” you do need to give it your full attention.
These podcasts help you to be more civilly minded and understand both sides of many constitutional issues. I really dig this stuff because I'm an attorney but anyone who wants to learn about the constitution and how it's interpreted would benefit from listening to these. The constitutional topics covered are connected to current events and are very relevant to all of us.
Great, easy to listen to, informative podcast about important constitutional issues!!
Balanced, accessible, and expert
I love the unrestrained enthusiasm of host Jeffrey Rosen, combined with thoughtful and serious nonpartisan debate about Constitutional issues. The expert guests are usually very interesting, while maintaining composure and respect. I have no legal training, but I can almost always follow the arguments. I look forward to each new episode!
I have listened to this series for quite some time. I enjoy the discussion of the issues. So here's the problem with this podcast. They loudly proclaim they are "non partisan" when clearly they have a liberal democratic bias. This is especially evident on issues such as immigration. They often have two people debating who essentially agree and take the same liberal position with some "inside baseball differences". Its also often difficult to listen to because the speakers they choose dont have engaging voices for podcasting..they stutter or screech or have other annoying distracting ticks..also the sound quality can be quite poor. I think all these things could be fixed and this could be a five star podcast..the topic of our constitution is certainly worthy of the effort.
Intellectual without being unintelligible. But the moderator is terrible. He needs to draw out the speakers more and let them engage each other. As it is, he basically just asks a question and calls on someone to answer it. Despite that (and the low production value), I still find this to be one of the most interesting podcasts that I listen to all week.
Love the podcast and the mission behind it! Highly recommend!
Love the podcast but it is extremely hard to hear them. Every other podcast I listen to is on 50-75% but at 100% I still have to be in a library or alone in my car to hear them. Seems really simple to fix, and otherwise this podcast is extremely informative and well done. Fix the volume and you get 5 stars
I listened first to the episode on the electoral college, and I've been hooked ever since. Great podcast!
With this increased politisation of constitutional law, I appreciate how you keep the debate fair, with analysis from multiple angles. As a comparative constitutional scholar, I really to appreciate how you make all this knowledge accessible to the large public. I wish more people listened to your debates! Thank you
There's a lot of good back and forth in this podcast between lawyers.
Well done, thoughtful and extremely timely.
Occasionally the guests are obviously very biased, but for the most part he hosts very professional and smart individuals who give great insight into the constitution
Jeff Rosen is pathetically bad as a moderator and worse reading ads.
I enjoy the host (he can say/read anything and it'll will sound impactful) and his legal insights - he does a wonderful job of bringing on people with different consitutional approaches and ensuring a balanced discussion. I love the topics he explores and his thesis that your personal beliefs may end up differing from constitutional understanding. Sometimes the guests' audio quality isn't great (and sometimes the guests themselves aren't great), but this is a must-listen for any student of the US Constitution
We the People provides a phenomenal education in the constitutional and legal principles underpinning the political and societal issues of our times. Jeff Rosen is a natural and engaging host, and his guests lead unusually civil, productive discussions despite profound disagreements. It's a model for how debates should function.
I had big hopes for this podcast, as I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic and music gets old fast. My first gripe is with the fake tone of voice constantly used in the intro portion of each show, as mentioned in other reviews. It is beyond irritating to the point where any subject that follows is a subject I don't want to hear anything about. Unless I am able to successfully fast forward through the intro I can't even listen to the show. My second gripe is the pseudo-intellectual "non-partisan" "discussion" advertised. When the show introduces 2/2 speakers as Berkeley Law professors I assure you the two hours that follow are not non-partisan. I unsubscribed. If you're actually interested in exercising your brain via podcast subscribe to Oyez Supreme Court collection. AND you won't have to deal with an annoying whining high-pitched intro.
Quite possibly one of the worst podcasts I have ever listened to. Such a pity.


By V Haiz
I came across We the People when Rep. Ellison was a guest on Undisclosed. I am still catching up but I appreciate his intelligent take on a variety of issues. Great job! A must listen for liberals and anyone who wants to be better informed.
Great podcast. Indispensable to my podcast feed.