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I understand this is a both-sides approach to looking at issues; however, a bit more effort should be put into recruiting conservative voices that are informed and interested in engaging in good faith debate. This does not mean the “liberal” voice is always correct, but the consistency of disinformation from the right side of the panel is hard to ignore.
Why is it that when any organization takes government funding they become a reliable mouthpiece for the leftist elites who feel entitled to rule. The national Constitution Center is one of the reasons America elected Trump twice and why the only chance our country has to survive as a free republic is to elect Trump for a third time so the leftist elites can be brought under the control of the American people instead of the people being controlled by the leftist elites.
I have been a long time listener of this podcast
This podcast is wonderful for learning more about the application of The Constitution in our democracy. It provides practical explanations and helps people understand how our government was designed to work, with some cool historical analysis thrown in. I am loving all the great guests and information!
I really like this podcast-especially some of the archive about the history of the Supreme Court and the influence of some of the founding fathers.
The disinformation; or alternative facts; or plain distortion of facts which comes from Many of the more conservative guests on this platform is difficult to ignore. The liberal leaning guests would politely disagree in an attempt to refute ridiculous and sometimes outrageous claims. I won’t continue to follow this increasingly disappointing podcast where one side debates in good faith and one side just lies.
I’m so thankful for TCC. I struggled with “Break up w/ the Founders” episode. There were too many panelists and an ideological imbalance at that. I find Dr. Roosevelt a dubious voice whose historic pedigree buys him undue influence. He seems to fundamentally misunderstand Locke, whose Second Treaty he abuses to buttress a book-selling opinion on “All men are created equal.” He’s not a good voice for TCC. I find him amateurish compared to other guests left, right, and center.
The Center’s podcast offers a peek under the hood at the legal machinations driving the deliberation of our most basic rights and freedoms. But with it’s uncritical, equal time focus on the legal arguments, it’s become merely a forum to launder arguments made in bad faith as cover for what in fact are the right’s political and social objectives pursued through packed federal courts.
Information dissemination in the 21st century - the nucleus of multiple crises in America. So great to have reasoned and good-humored experts identify problems and propose solutions. Perhaps Mr. Musk will tune in. Ms Smith perpetuates the impulse to recreate Jim Crow laws in a new guise - free speech. Joshua makes a clear and convincing case for the chaos such a ruling in favor of Smith would unleash and the setback for civil rights.
Love it!!
An excellent presentation of competing progressive and moderate/conservative perspectives. Yet Mr. Rosen fails to question underlying definitions of judicial philosophy as influencing judicial interpretation and construction. A prominent example is the utter failure of Mr. Shaw to define “diversity” as rationalization for race as a consideration in the two college admissions cases in most recent podcast. Indeed none of the SCOTUS justices even raised such fundamental question when invoked by the defendants during oral argument to sidestep issue of the reality of racial preference (under 14th Amendment) by First Amendment claim of “diversity.” Intellectual honesty is not so served.
Where else can you find substantive debates about and the intellectual basis for our constitutional democracy? Jeffrey Rosen and his team are providing the nation with a free education on ways to argue using the people's document.
I was an avid listener until the woefully inadequate discussion of the Dobbs decision and the descent of SCOTUS into the netherworld of irrationality.
My favorite podcast. Thoughtful, respectful discussion among distinguished scholars. I’m a lawyer, but you certainly don’t need to be one to enjoy this podcast. Highly recommend.
Fantastic, in depth, nuanced shows…you’ll really understand the issues it covers after an episode. The moderator sometimes fawns over the guests (“thanks SO much for that!”) but the show certainly models thoughtful, nuanced, and respectful debate/discussion.
Love the deep dive on amendments, interviews with justices, and respectful conversations. Never thought I’d be later downloading the text of Supreme Court cases or listening to oral arguments (see Oyez podcast!) but this podcast whets the appetite to learn more. Host is an excellent facilitator, very knowledgeable and unflaggingly cheerful which I think helps encourage civil and constructive disagreement among guests (of various backgrounds and political leanings).
I’ve been listening back through the Florida HB 1557 episode and was blown away with how great Joshua Matz was. So clearly spoken and thoughtful in his responses. He has an accessible way of laying out the argument that makes it easy to follow. Please have him back!
I went to law school years ago, never passed the bar, but this material fascinated me! Everyone needs to avail themselves of this great podcast. Truly amazing.
I've been looking for content that takes a fair and balanced approach to current events and contentious points in our world and unfortunately this show comes up short as it has proved unable to shake its political leanings.
Tried to find a nonpartisan podcast on the constitution. All was well for 6 months until the latest episode which accuses Republican senators of questioning the recent Supreme Court appointee to specifically gain favorability with the Q anon crowd (with 0 evidence). Had a fan of the show. Just lost one. Disappointing.
I just love the respectful, informative discussions presented in this podcast. Jeffrey Rosen and the We The People team consistently produce high quality, timely content featuring guests with deep knowledge of the US Constitution, its application and history. Just the sort of show we need during these fractious times.
Please give the NCC a listen. They take the temperature down on divisive issues and March the discussion forward. Please consider donating!
I love this podcast and if the Supreme Court interests you, you will love it too. They do a great job of having guests who are thoughtful and opinionated and have totally different views on important topics but at the same time almost never are they swarmy or rude. It’s a great example of how reasoned discussion and debate can still exist and is a fundamental part of our democracy. Well done.
Tries to present as unbiased we look at both sides; but can tell it is lopsided to left. Wish it gave more facts less opinions
I really enjoy how the participants on this podcast remain civil with one another even when debating constitutional issues that I would consider extremely polarizing or opinion defining. It is nice to hear people able to show both sides of issues.
I thoroughly enjoy listening to the informed and respectful discussions and debates on this podcast. Keep up the good work.
The National Constitution Center, including this podcast, is an essential resource for our nation. 2020 has been a year of disruption &, in many ways, revolution. While our nation’s roots can be said to be firmly planted in the soil of disruption & revolution, our Founders struggled with (& seemed to embrace) the tension between the emotional & the rational, the ideal & the real and other such existential tensions. Our nation has, collectively, witnessed our strongest & weakest instincts manifest in one historic wave after another. Ironically, there can be a tendency to neglect our nation’s history in the midst of these present historic waves. The National Constitution Center provides essential sails & a rudder to help us captain & crew the ship of our nation. It does so by struggling with & embracing the tensions of our nation’s history through the lens of our nation’s history.
First the jazzy intro music sets up an enjoyable variable amount of time spent with imminent legal scholars. As someone who loves reading about history and law but is in the medical profession by day, this podcast helps me feel engaged and educated. As said in other reviews, start with the Constitution project.
just a comment about the march 25 and takings ... it’s commercial, there is no livingroom. It is not a home. It is a business with multiple employees mingling continually amidst the union reps. There is no solo man sitting on a couch with the image that the family is huddled in the kitchen all put out. This is a grasp by mcnamara et al and the employers they represent to oppress and limit access to rights for workers.
Professor Rosen does an excellent job as moderator of this weekly podcast. If you want to gain insights into and develop a better understanding the Constitution of the United States then “We The People” is the podcast for you.
Informed civil discourse!!!! Thanks Jeff


Ready to listen to experts instead of pundits? Want to understand how the Constitution works instead of how it can be evoked to best serve a particular ideology? Me too. That’s why I love this podcast.
I love the National Constitution Center podcasts! Valuable civics lessons and fascinating discussions and debates! I feel engaged and learn a lot from them.
The show has a lot of potential but it’s execution is too political. The host and most of his guests are obviously liberal legal academics trying to portray themselves as unbiased commentators. Even the episode titles have a liberal bent. It’s totally fine for people to be liberal, conservative, indifferent, etc, and it’s fine for those people to have podcasts. Just be honest about your convictions and don’t try to act like you’re “above the fray” of politics and simply stating facts. More conservative guests might help balance the show but there’s not many of them in academia.
Awesome. Get views from all sides. Most entertaining educational podcast.
I discovered this podcast in seeking out legal commentary from diverse viewpoints on constitutional issues and current events and this has been wonderful. The podcast has a variety of expert voices who approach an issue from differing perspectives, modeling civil dialogue and making for intellectually stimulating discussion! I have already had several insights become helpful in discussions with others on political and constitutional topics. Thank you so much for this wonderful offering!
Very bipartisan and do a great job of having scholars from all perspectives on. Great resource and has taught me a ton about the government and the constitution.
This is the best podcast about the American constitution. Keep up the good work!


I always find this podcast very informative. I learn a lot.
I’ve been listening to and watching presentations by the NCC for several years. The discussion of Constitutional implications and guidance related to the storming of the US Capitol and the incitement of that mob on January 6, 2021, by the outgoing President was the best yet. It clarified for me many issues that other recent, media conversations left dangling helplessly. Thank you Jeff Rosen and all NCC staff and discussants!
In the latest episode you have John Yoo on your panel of legal scholars. Is this the same John Yoo that wrote the famous Torture Memos for the Bush administration?
We the People is an outstanding podcast and wonderful resource for anyone interested in learning more about American government—teachers, students, or anyone really.
Fantastic!! I loved hearing what a libertarian constitution would look like!
Truly non-partisan. A breath of fresh air in a world full of partisan bickering & political hypocrisy. I’m always recommending this podcasts to folks I know.
Start with the #ConstitutionDraftingProject. There’s hope for us! Join the conversation. #USGovernment teachers, this is all you need!
Been listening to various legal podcasts and I am by far the most impressed with We the People. I have a better understanding of the topics at the end instead of feeling frustrated by the bias of the host/guest that I see in most other podcasts.
Not at all non partisan. Not that I have anything against partisan podcasts. But this isn’t as advertised.