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This would rate 5 stars. Brief interviews and overviews, with good animations of basic astronomical information and processes. The problem? There are constant jingles, irritating little repetitive snippets of artificial music that keep going on, even when the scientists are being interviewed or the narrator is explaining an animation. It gets in the way of the learning, the enchantment, both literally and figuratively! Lose the background muzak and you'd have a 5 star podcast on your hands!
Love the astronomers, the subjects, the explanations, the videos and animations and the music.
This is the greatest podcast. Thank you very much for taking the time and creating such amazing videos that are easy to understand and are very educational. Great job!!
My 5 year old loves space and will watch these over and over. While he does not understand everything, it provides information to him and me making him even more curious. more please...
This video podcast is great in a pinch - succint answers by real scientists and explanations that hit the spot. If you're looking for more in-depth content, like longer stories, and full TV episodes I recommend the Terra video podcast (see 'The Search for Life on Mars').
Great educational videos! I am an Assistant English Teacher in a small town in Japan. I am constantly looking for simple podcasts to show to my students. Although the English in these videos is too difficult for junior high students I may still show a few. The videos are fun and easy to understand. They are also a good review of my physics class from college :) Good work NASA!
This is a pretty good podcast, but I constantly have to ask myself whether or not I am going to unsubscribe and delete them all because of the horrible noise in the beginning. The graphics are needlessly childlike, and I would doubt that many kids watch podcasts, but even if they did it is clearly not necessary. It does however really detract from the ability to watch this. I would gladly continue to subscribe if you created a more mature (and much less aurally annoying) introduction, please!!
This is an awesome podcast! It gives so much info in less than 3 minuts. Also it is a video so it is fun to whatch. I would recomend this to anyone who wonders about space.
This video podcast series is great! First it has content that is informative. I like learning. Secondly, I like them because they demonstrate appropriate technology and budgeting. They spent their time on graphics that were really great and kept the scientist portion low budget because they just needed to tell the story. Better than trying to make a NASA scientist look something other than what they are. This shows the real life nature of being a scientist. Also I like the video podcasts because they demonstrate that many could make video podcasts, and NOT have to jazz them up! Good job NASA! MacFriendly
I have children who are constantly wanting to use my Ipod when we are out. I appreciate the alternative! Thank you for giving us the option to view podcasts that are not only interesting, but also educational -for all ages! If anyone has any interest at all in the world/universe in which we live, these podcasts are an excellent choice!