Reviews For Dwell Bible Teachings by Gary DeLashmutt

I really enjoy how Gary teaches the Word of God. He (and the other teaches of Xenos) give the entire passage and provide the history and the happenings of the time during which the word was written. He is also open to his personal life and past. It's an amazing listen.
I've listened to most of Gary's teachings, and I finally understand things about the Bible that I never understood before. I'm no dummy, but I appreciate how you make it understandable by just about anyone. I'm sharing these with my friends.
Gary is such a gifted teacher and shepherder. His understanding of God and His word, and ability to communicate that, is phenomenal. How awesome to be have this kind of access to his knowledge!
Gary DeLashmutt has a tremendous gift in being able to communicate the truths of scripture. Best yet, God has given him the ability to take a deep truth from a complex argument in scripture and make it understandable and applicable while not watering it down. Pick your favorite passage and find Gary's teaching on it. You will find likely find new appreciation for how wonderful and gracious our God is.
These teachings are excellent for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Bible's contents. The teacher is down to earth yet very knowledgeable. Listen to them!
Anyone who is interested in learning about God should listen to Gary's teachings. All the trappings of "church" are removed. This is how the Bible is meant to be taught and studied.