Xenos Bible Teachings by Jim Leffel

Reviews For Xenos Bible Teachings by Jim Leffel

Jim Leffel brings scholarship and deep thinking to the scriptures. His passion and compassion are evident. He did a lifechanging teaching during a Summer Institute addressing poverty. After reviewing the disparity between the wealth of the West and where most people on Earth live, someone was commenting on how this makes them feel guilty. He replied "The world doesn't have time for our guilt." Acting in faith is loving. Wallowing in guilt helps no one. God has long used that simple yet profound truth to bring my focus back time and again.
This is a necessary series especially for those who minister to people and those trying maybe for the first time to get a deep biblical understanding of grace.
Listen to these teachings to get an intelligent and intriguing look at the Bible. These are perfect for anyone who is spiritually seeking or already a follower of Jesus.
For those that are wondering about God and jus beginning to explore, these sessions are great. Forget about church, tradition, religion, this is all faith through learning and education through the bible. Look up the church, they are a true gift ; ) Kiss goodbye all the turn off's to church and religion through these sessions. Very clear how to get to God.