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By T'snick
I’m missing the podcast. 1st the extra disappeared and ithe main show hasn’t been updated since December 2. What’s happened?
omg i can’t believe how nicole killion & yamiche couldn’t figure out why trump made those digital cards. whoa those 2 should listen to the news, ha. jmart hit it right on, for money, that’s right. common knowledge that trump is a grifter. he thinks about making a quick buck all the time aka stashing top secret docs. if nicole & ysmiche don’t know how simpleton trump thinks by now the 2 of them are not fit to be reporters.
I wish the podcast version would play the extra after the main story and it’s often several days before the Friday edition shows up.
First of all I have been listening for over 10 years. I really love the insights that the reports give on current policial events. Sounds , good and is a good length . Bad - Recently they have breaking up the podcasts for no reason. They used to have two weekly episodes (main show, and extra) . It was fairly clear that you needed to listen to the extra after and you got a bonus for listening instead of watching the show - cool. Now they have ONE weekly episode that they upload 3 times. One of the uploads is the full show and the other two are segments of the main show separated out. It’s asinine to do this for a 20 episode. If it’s 3 hour episode and you want to have two teasers then fine , but this was makes tedious to listen to . They just stared naming it but still no more extra but the illusion of two extra podcasts that aren’t real. It’s just tedious. I don’t need teaser segments in the podcast feed that is just pointless. Please fix it . If this cut out this crap I’ll give it 5 stars


Is moderator a journalist or a pundit! Since the ascension of the latest moderator the perspective seems to be Democrat/progressive is right & good, accepted a face value, while Republican/conservative is wrong & bad, ascribed mal-intent…I expect better of this long-running, historically & culturally significant program…Fiat Justicia Ruat Coelum...
FYI: I don’t know if you are aware of this but all of the iterations (the main show; the follow-up; and audio and video versions) of your show show up as [not able to be played.] Not sure how long this has been true for me but I would say at least four weeks.
I appreciate the eulogy for George Floyd and the focus in the positive. However, he fought the police and encountered an angry police man who knew him.
I’ve always enjoyed watching Washington Week and listened to the podcast if I missed it Friday night. Suddenly, I couldn’t understand the podcast anymore unless I turned my 126 watt car stereo up to 90%. It’s like the host and the guest are all talking under water with socks in their mouths. The tv broadcast is ok and the podcast used to be listenable, I just don’t understand how this stellar program could be produced so poorly. I’ve deleted from my downloads.
Please post the correct podcast, not two about the trials.
For some reason the max volume of this podcast is the lowest in my iOS podcast app. Please increase the max volume to match other podcasts
I used to listen to this when the moderator was Robert Costa. It’s PBS so it was looking at things from a more liberal perspective but it was substantive and even nuanced at times. Now there is a new moderator and wow what happened? This has become so left-wing that I’m not even sure what it’s doing on PBS. It’s MSNBC on steroids… seriously what is going on over there?
I stopped watching this as it’s gotten too left leaning with Yamiche.
While I enjoyed Robert Costa, I think Yamiche Alcindor is a great replacement. Love this show and listen to this as a podcast every week. The feed hasn’t been updated the last two weeks. I hope PBS will continue to offer it here as a podcast. Thanks.
I havnt listened to This show in a long time. But I always enjoyed it, so I thought I’d try it out. Wow! I get like I was my kids tictok app. Once I got into a topic they switched. I guess even Washington Week got caught up in the Twitterverse phenomenon of quick, shallow discussions. Instead of trying to hit every topic for 60 seconds, pick 2 or 3 and have a deeper wwith your outstanding guests!
I have watched and listened to this program for decades. With the new moderator, it has lost all pretense of balance. I miss Gwen Ifill. Goodbye until changes are made.
Changed moderators this week, permanently. PBS has decided that taxpayer dollars are Democrat dollars. The discussion has been very left leaning for years, but now it's overt. Sad. Wish I had a way to get a taxpayer refund on this. The discussion is a rehash of Trump instead of looking at oh ... unemployment rates, current news, the China threat, the CDC's overly strict guidelines ... this might have been relevant in January; isn't now.
I used to watch this show regularly but it has gone downhill and down the bias train to irrelevancy.
Yamiche is clown, terrible choice
This is a very good show and while it is produced for television it’s format serves its radio constituency very well. I would t change a thing. I particularly like the book review segment after the main show. I would welcome longer book reviews and more of them. You may even consider spinning this off as a separate show with a separate host. “The Washington Week Book Review”... A note for the producers... My only complaint is that guest hosts seem to be very low quality since none of them are professional broadcasters. April 23, 2021 is the best example yet of this lapse in quality. On weeks when you must use a guest host, I think it would be best to use a trained broadcaster even if they lack the shoe leather journalism credentials.


By brettty
Amy Walter is great!
I struggle every week to hear this podcast even with my system turned up all the way. Sound baseline is dramatically lower than other podcasts
She’s a great guest moderator and hopefully will get the position permanently. So smart and objective!
The audio from one panelist continued to be difficult to make out so we stopped listening.
on the book: you will be missed!
Thanks guys. I’m enjoying. Please list panelists in episode notes. Mahalo!
Great podcast, but why does the sound level have to be so low? It’s really annoying to have to turn the volume on my devices all the way up to listen and then get blasted and have to dive to get it and turn it down when the next podcast starts!
Good show. Sorry to hear James Baker is more GOP than for America.
Thanks greatly to Nina T. for all your writing and broadcasting about our beloved RBG.
I find this a reat way to keep on top of the information at my convenience. Two suggestions for the producers: (1) For goodness sakes, boost the volume of the show on the podcast. It comes in well below the maximum possible volume for other podcasts to which I subscribe. (2) don’t waste the short valuable time on the Extra segment by reintroducing the panelists. Otherwise, it’s great. I enjoy it every week.
This is nothing more than an on going attack on President Trump. The Acosta brothers use every opportunity to promote their opposition to the 2016 election and PBS supports the resistance. This is not journalism and not in the best interest of our country. Pulitzer Prizes have become meaningless.
The only program I watch regularly. One grip - why not a ‘full’ half hour ? Also is Washington Week offered as a radio broadcast. If so please. Let me know. Thanks
If you’re a political junkie, you will love this thoughtful discussion each week to make sense of the headlines.
I have watched through MacNeil Lehr, all through loss of Gwenn Ifill but so happy with final choice Robert Costa...Now I can subscribe as well as wait for my Friday night fix.. reasoned, rational, civilized, knowledgeable, diverse. Thank you.
I love your show, but the interview with Molly Ball was especially nice. She is a great journalist and Pelosi is always interesting. So are you, Bob. FloKelleher
During the “preview” of the show’s main topics, the overly dramatic “headlines” sound way too much like Fox News. Mr Costa, please just state the topics to be covered in a normal tone. Thanks!
Please turn the volume up. At full blast I still struggle to hear everything. It’s consistent, constant, issue. Love the program!
No drama here, just the facts.
Outstanding panelists and contributors. RIP Gwen 💛💛
I thoroughly enjoy hearing the reporters around the table discuss the news, and Gwen Ifill leads them with intelligence and zest. I miss Gwen! But Costa does a good job. I never miss it. Couldn't believe I've been listening at least since 2010. (initially reviewed in 2010, updated in 2019)
Washington Week are just more liberal media who hate Trump, and try to pretend to be impartial. I would like to think they are acting subconsciously with their hatred of Trump and conservatives, but the results are the same.
Covers broad sweep of weekly US political news. Captures mood of the week and major events, great choice if you want to have some idea on current political discussions or want to get the mainstream political news once per week.
Robert Costa is my most trusted, unbiased news source. This podcast is essential listening!


Bob Costa is the best.
I am hearing nothing about the corruption that is going on in the FBI. The obstruction of justice, the plotting to undermine the President, the cover up of Clinton’s pay to play and Email scandal. These are big stories. I would like to know more.
I’m a longtime listener of Washington Week, and have relied on its content for many years as a wrap-up to each week’s events. But i find it very difficult to listen to now. Mr. Costa may be an excellent reporter, but is not the right choice as host. He always sounds belligerent, combative. Wish he would tone it down, stop reading off the TelePrompTer, and adopt a calmer, more thoughtful style.
Bob Costa and his panel are outstanding! It is a must listen to podcast for me every week.
Since Gwen Ifill . Costa cares only about silly politics and all the context and complexity of the weeks news is gone from the show. That is what Washington Week used to have as an edge. No more.
Great content and panelists, but wish the moderator would stop cutting off guests and using a "newsman" voice
Well intentioned, but completely wrong analysis. They are so off mark from understanding the 99% that I can't stop listening!