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I struggle every week to hear this podcast even with my system turned up all the way. Sound baseline is dramatically lower than other podcasts
She’s a great guest moderator and hopefully will get the position permanently. So smart and objective!
The audio from one panelist continued to be difficult to make out so we stopped listening.
on the book: you will be missed!
Thanks guys. I’m enjoying. Please list panelists in episode notes. Mahalo!
Great podcast, but why does the sound level have to be so low? It’s really annoying to have to turn the volume on my devices all the way up to listen and then get blasted and have to dive to get it and turn it down when the next podcast starts!
Good show. Sorry to hear James Baker is more GOP than for America.
Thanks greatly to Nina T. for all your writing and broadcasting about our beloved RBG.
I find this a reat way to keep on top of the information at my convenience. Two suggestions for the producers: (1) For goodness sakes, boost the volume of the show on the podcast. It comes in well below the maximum possible volume for other podcasts to which I subscribe. (2) don’t waste the short valuable time on the Extra segment by reintroducing the panelists. Otherwise, it’s great. I enjoy it every week.
This is nothing more than an on going attack on President Trump. The Acosta brothers use every opportunity to promote their opposition to the 2016 election and PBS supports the resistance. This is not journalism and not in the best interest of our country. Pulitzer Prizes have become meaningless.
The only program I watch regularly. One grip - why not a ‘full’ half hour ? Also is Washington Week offered as a radio broadcast. If so please. Let me know. Thanks
If you’re a political junkie, you will love this thoughtful discussion each week to make sense of the headlines.
I have watched through MacNeil Lehr, all through loss of Gwenn Ifill but so happy with final choice Robert Costa...Now I can subscribe as well as wait for my Friday night fix.. reasoned, rational, civilized, knowledgeable, diverse. Thank you.
I love your show, but the interview with Molly Ball was especially nice. She is a great journalist and Pelosi is always interesting. So are you, Bob. FloKelleher
During the “preview” of the show’s main topics, the overly dramatic “headlines” sound way too much like Fox News. Mr Costa, please just state the topics to be covered in a normal tone. Thanks!
Please turn the volume up. At full blast I still struggle to hear everything. It’s consistent, constant, issue. Love the program!
No drama here, just the facts.
Outstanding panelists and contributors. RIP Gwen 💛💛
I thoroughly enjoy hearing the reporters around the table discuss the news, and Gwen Ifill leads them with intelligence and zest. I miss Gwen! But Costa does a good job. I never miss it. Couldn't believe I've been listening at least since 2010. (initially reviewed in 2010, updated in 2019)
Washington Week are just more liberal media who hate Trump, and try to pretend to be impartial. I would like to think they are acting subconsciously with their hatred of Trump and conservatives, but the results are the same.
Covers broad sweep of weekly US political news. Captures mood of the week and major events, great choice if you want to have some idea on current political discussions or want to get the mainstream political news once per week.
Robert Costa is my most trusted, unbiased news source. This podcast is essential listening!
I am hearing nothing about the corruption that is going on in the FBI. The obstruction of justice, the plotting to undermine the President, the cover up of Clinton’s pay to play and Email scandal. These are big stories. I would like to know more.
I’m a longtime listener of Washington Week, and have relied on its content for many years as a wrap-up to each week’s events. But i find it very difficult to listen to now. Mr. Costa may be an excellent reporter, but is not the right choice as host. He always sounds belligerent, combative. Wish he would tone it down, stop reading off the TelePrompTer, and adopt a calmer, more thoughtful style.
Bob Costa and his panel are outstanding! It is a must listen to podcast for me every week.
Since Gwen Ifill . Costa cares only about silly politics and all the context and complexity of the weeks news is gone from the show. That is what Washington Week used to have as an edge. No more.
Great content and panelists, but wish the moderator would stop cutting off guests and using a "newsman" voice
Well intentioned, but completely wrong analysis. They are so off mark from understanding the 99% that I can't stop listening!
I love this show. I miss Gwen, but the civility is refreshing.
Listen to every episode.
This has been my go to source of political analysis for 4+years. Lots of subtlety, no agendas,useful behind the scenes insights. And oh, Gwen is so great!
On Friday nights or Saturday mornings, I thoroughly look forward to hearing the always sharp panel discuss the week's politics and news. The webcast extra is just as good. Thank you!
I love that they make this available, I am never around on Fridays when the show airs, so hearing the great discussions still is nice. Thanks for the podcast and recommend everyone to subscribe.
I have loved this show for a long, long time, and it is one of the most objective, informative, interesting discussions about politics and the ins-and-outs of Washington DC available. I can't give it a 5th star though because it is also the single most frustrating podcast in a very large collection of podcasts. It's generally available Friday evenings (posts soon after the show airs), but I can't keep the subscription active in iTunes and I can't force iTunes to download cover art. It is the most maddening subscription to manage. It's such a great show that I continue to fight with it, but I can't rate it 5 stars because of the consistency issue.
I wish the full show was available every week in addition to the extras.
I love the show, but frequently, as this week, the posting won't load. I rely on the podcast when I miss the show, but I'm out of luck and by the time it gets fixed, if it ever is, the show will be stale. A news operation needs a digital expert.
Podcast consistently fails on a weekly basis. Either fails to be posted on Saturday or fails to download. It has been one week and I still can't download last week's episode. Whoever is in charge does not do a good job of ensuring podcast is available. It's a shame because I love the show. Oh and this true of both video and audio podcast. Also somehow caused all my ipad video downloads to crash...
I like this app but it often will not download. Keeps saying it is temporarily unavailable, but never becomes available. Please fix.
The podcast is fine, how can you not want to hear insight from what is going on in Washington? The problem is, more often than not, the podcast is simply unavailable. Click to download... error... not available... the server is not accessible. Some variation on that theme. Several days later it may or may not be available but it seems there is rarely a simple download on Saturday.


How can this be #300 on the top 300 list of podcasts? I love Gwen and never miss a podcast. The only way to improve the show would be to make it an hour long!
The content is great, but the podcast is often late or not available at all.
Nearly every week, there is a problem with this podcast. It's nearly always late. Often times, it's not even the right program. There are audio problems and sometimes it cuts off mid-way through. It should be embarrassing to them in 2013 that they can't produce a simple podcast every week. NPR doesn't seem to have this problem.
Unreliable podcsast posting
Attempts to download this podcast through iTunes fail consistently, week after week. Fix the technical issues, and this becomes a 5-star podcast.
While I've long liked the content of WWR, there have been long-term problems with the podcast being available in a timely way. There have been quite a few occasions when the podcast has not been available until Monday or Tuesday of the following week, and sometimes not even then. This seems to happen about once a month.
Misdated podcast episodes like yesterday's being from the week before is sad. Ever later delayed release is worse. These screw ups are routine. Too bad, the content is usually good.
I have no idea how she manages to do it and do it all the time; stay on the subject and the substance and avoid looking or appearing impartial even when some of the intelligencia on the panel may want to advance what appears to be partial stand points. Gwen will never go at them like it happens on Meet the Press for example. She will seem to agree with them and in the process cleverly introduce the other perspective. The other day the panel was "roasting Obama" for the so called "scandals" when Gwen seemed to agree from the point of view of the media and the intelligencia. But she asked; "how do the public view it? What are the polls saying?" And the same intelligencia had to start explaining his popularity in spite of "the scandals". You just have to be a genius to provide this kind of moderation. There is so much satisfaction watching Washington week podcasts. I have watched them religiously ever since I discovered them. I dropped meet the press for the combativeness of the moderator who seems to want to convert the interviewees to agree with his point of view. I mean, why invite them if you don't want to listen to their points of view. There is none of that on Washington week podcasts.
This is one of the best programs out there for a review of politics! Odd delay though in posting - used to go up right away, lately it isn't uploaded until a week after broadcast rendering it less timely.


If you want tired, worn out, status quo, poll tested, inside the box commentary aimed at people who obviously don't read the paper or watch the news on a regular basis (then why would you be interested in this podcast) - this trite is for you. Look in the dictionary under "conventional thinking", and you'll find Gwen Ifill and the parade of clowns that she regularly has on this show. I ocassionally listen to this podcast when I need a good laugh.