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He is funny and real and relatable. He is an accessible person to all faiths and ages. I love this podcast!
Words to the core directly
Been listening for a while now and really enjoy every episode.
Enjoy listening to this Gentleman. He has created suffering inside me. I want to clean up the cat poo in the courtyard and listen to him talk all day! Absolutely enjoy listening to his logic. Who doesn’t like HoHo’s!!!!
Practical. Approachable. Wonderful. Rev. Kusala has a way of articulating Buddhism that makes it seem relevant to my life. The ukulele doesn’t hurt either.
Thank you Kusala. Been listening for years.
This podcast is like a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket made just for Buddhists. I love it.
I was curious about Buddhism and stumbled on to this podcast, or did I? I totally relate to Rev Kusala’s sense of humor, love of motorcycles, the blues chocolate cake and cats. I’ve learned many things listening to his words of wisdom and lifetime of experience. Keep on Truckin Kusala 👍
I recently began meditating and attending service at International Buddhist Meditation Center where Kusala is the head monk. I always enjoy his Sunday Dharma Talks as well as our conversations before or after group meditation. I just found out he has this podcast as well and I have enjoyed learning more about Buddhism from him! I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in Buddhism. He knows a lot about Buddhism, and his delivery is great.
I am so grateful to have found these talks. I have been studying and practicing for many years but the plain spoken, intelligent, insightful and humorous approach in these talks have helped me to find my path and to understand the teachings in new and deeper ways. Thanks so much! Be blessed with peace love and joy🙏🏻
Rev. Kusala’s understanding of Buddhism is profound yet approachable to lay persons and diligent Buddhist alike. His dharma talks share the basics of Buddhist principles; every day life situations and examples of how to apply these principles; his own insights and pearls of wisdom (after 40 years of practicing meditation) of what it means to have a human life form in this world of existence; and most importantly they remind the listener to maintain a sense of humor throughout their spiritual journey. I have had the privilege of learning from Rev. Kusala’s dharma talks for over a decade and continue to find them useful. As a mother of two small children, my meditation practice is currently non-existent. However, this podcast helps me to hit the reset button. It allows me to feel more heart centered in my spiritual journey.
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I get so excited when I see a new episode because I’ve heard them all at least twice and am desperate for more. I’ve only been studying for about a year but Rev. Kusala has made it so much easier to apply as a layperson some of the concepts that seem to be aimed for monks while also injecting some humor. Also if I’m not mistaken I think we have the same birthday (4/20) so happy late birthday!
I have learned so much about the middle path from Rev. Kusala and Urban Dharma podcast. It is excellent!
Kusala's teachings are not only relevant to our times, he makes the practice of Buddhism clearer, approachable and fun. His presentations are received as being very genuine and authentic. He takes simplicity to another level, and makes it his own art form. He also plays the harmonica and enjoys photography, yeah he's a real person. ✔ him out, he's 🆒!
Intriguing. Well spoken. Engaging.
Simply brilliant. These podcasts can be listened to over and over. Extremely informative and engaging. I would love to see him speak.
i look forward to every new episode and have relistened to so many of the old ones. whether you are interested in buddishm or not there is knowledge in every episode.
This is exactly what I have been looking for. Finally someone who explains the dharma so that everyone can understand.
I've listened to many podcasts on Buddhism, and Urban Dharma has certainly been my upmost favorite. Kusala has a way of explaining and teaching the Dharma that really resonates and speaks truth within me. I feel so fortunate to have found this podcast! Thank you for your wisdom and spiritual guidance.
I listen to several “dharma” podcasts for many years and Kusala’s was one of the first.
I found your podcasts very inspiring Please post more Thanks
clear, interesting, and useful.
Rev. Kusala speaks about the Dharma in everyday, insightful, and humorous ways. A great podcast for anyone studying Buddhism.
I prefer this podcast over many because it's not always abstract like many of the other Buddhist podcast. His speaking also keeps a good pace, and stays interesting the whole way through. Easily my favorite Buddhist podcast.
This has decreased my suffering! :)
I've enjoyed listening to this podcast. Listening while coming home on the subway helps to ease the stress of the day.
I can not express how much I appreciate him and what he does.
Poignant, interesting and relevant to every day. Definately one of the best podcasts out there, period. His stories keep me interested, the way he speaks is almost as if you are having a conversation with him.
I hope Rev. Kusala is alive and well. I can't find any current pods on the itunes store and thats a shame to me.
I found this podcast in a moment of my life where I find myself looking for how to reach my higher purpose in life; how to become better. I was born and raised as a Christian, but I find that most of the Buddhist teachings that I have read or listened to make all the sense in the world. This podcast has helped me understand Buddhism better, because Kusala presents it in plain English. Thanks!
Rev. Kusala brings the phrase "get real" to a whole new level. If you want to explore your true nature, check this out. His commentary is selfless, direct, and to the point. Although some of the stories are retold a few times, the lessons contained within the stories bear repeating. Wisdom can be found in unlikely places. I never expected to gain the insights that are available here for free. . . .
Very funny, and he is just so normal, very very realatable to your own life! He says exactly what you're thinking and answers just what you wanted to know. One of the best podcasts I have listened to!
Reverand Kusala does a great job of both entertaining and making much of Buddhism understandable. I often feel as if I'm sitting in his live audience when I hear the podcast. He does a great job of drawing in the listener. Often the concepts he tackles are the really tough ones in Buddhism - at least the ones that are tough for Westerners like me to understand - but he finds words that educate and entertain. Thanks Reverand. Please keep them coming!
I've listened to several of these talks and, for a person that's studied Buddhism off and on for several years, I have never had a more clear, direct, and simple explanation of the aspects of Buddhism. These talks have a lot of overlap, but that is good, as repetition is the way that the brain can learn and retain this material. Highly Recommended for anyone interested in Buddhism, or just interested in being a better human being.
Being fairly new to Buddhism, this podcast was just what I needed. Reverend Kusala makes complex ideas easy to understand and practice in my everyday life. Thank You So Much!!
I listen to many podcasts, and I have tried a good number of Buddhist-themed 'casts. This is on my short list, and I highly endorse all episodes. Rev. Kusala is a pretty cool guy too. I have corresponded with him a few times, and his answers to my questions are always helpful and to the point. Other Dharma podcasts could learn a thing or two from this one.
this podcast, one of my favorite but non only dharma type one, is...Most Cool!
Rev. Kusala has a unique ability to explain complex ideas in an interesting and easy to understand manner. This series provides a good overview of Buddhism. Although I am Catholic, I found many of the concepts transcend any particular religion and can be applied to every day life. I look forward to learning more.
plain spoken and entertaining! Thanks for being here!!
I have listened to this podcast now for about 6 months, I truly enjoy it and it is life changing. Kusala is very enjoyable to listen to - funny, insightful, wise. Try it , you'll like it!
I am a student at Santa Margarita which Kusala spoke at this week. I am not the most keen on learning about religion but I was quickly interested in what Kusala was saying. He is skilled at talking about and helping us understand Buddhism. Thank you Kusala.
Rev. Bhikshu has done a wonderful job of making Buddhist principles understandable to Americans. They're as fresh and relavent as ever, and something we can all incorporate into our lives. With all the strife and hostility in the world, we need Buddhist philosophy for our own sanity. Start with 8th Grade Buddhism and move on to Everyday Buddhism. I think you'll find it improves your daily life.


By Sycil
Listen up folks, this podcast gives a straightforward explanation of Buddhism. Immediately applicable to our daily lives. You know all those questions you have when you pass the Buddhism section at the Bookstore? Well, Rev.Kusala will answer them. Drives a motorcycle, plays the harmonica, used to smoke cigarettes for 20 years, has a weakness for chocolate- he's no country bumkin' nor an ascetic living in a dojo on Mt.Fuji. Armed with a wonderful perspective on life that he has a knack for sharing in simple, humorous, and sincere ways. This podcast will leave you lacking only one thing: the decision to apply these tips to your life.
The multi-part series on Everyday Buddhism is better than reading books on the subject. Lots of information that's well explained. I enjoy listening to Bhikshu's teachings prior to going to bed at night. They set a great mood for restful sleep.
I love this podcast! Rev. Kusala has a great understanding of Buddhism, and wonderful, funny stories that only add to his knowledge.
Rev. Kusala, thank you.
Rev. Kusala's interest in and understanding of all flavors of Buddhism, and in religion in general, makes this the podcast for anyone interested in the Dharma. He has a great interviewing style and his recorded dharma talks are inspiring. I look forward to each one. THANK YOU REV. KUSALA!
Thanks, Rev. Kusala, for doing this. You've opened a whole new world to me and many of my friends. Your insight, humor, and clear explainations are greatly appreciated. And the only complaints are: when do we get more and can we get more videos? Peace... and be free from suffering :)