Reviews For Trinity Reformed Baptist Church

Arden prepares a spirtual banquate each Lord's Day for Christ's sheep to feed upon. But, more importantly, God is lifted up and given proper Glory rather than ticlking the ears of men. Listining to his teaching on scripture has changed my understanding of who God is and what God declares about Himself through His Word. Arden has a style in the pulpit that is kind and easy to listen to, yet he does not shy away from proclaming the truth declared in Gods Word. Arden would open and examine scripture that I found confusing or had ignored before because it didn't fit with what I had been taught. I have been a Christian sence my early teens (about 35 years) and haved attended dozens of different churches in that time. Thus, I have been exposed to much error. Now I know not only what I beleive, but why I beleive it! Arden has now moved on to pastor another church in La Marada, CA. I am pleased to have easy access to his current teacdhing here on Itunes.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. In a day and age where man's word has taken preeminence over God's and where everyone does what is right in their own eyes it is refreshing to hear the preaching of Arden Hodgins and the TRBC pulpit whereby the whole counsel of God's Word is proclaimed faithfully.