Reviews For GuyCast

I have listened to EVERY episode and can honestly say i have laughed at every one. These guys have evolved the show with great excellence and continue to do so. I can't wait to see where it goes! Plus, they sponsor my racecar so i can't be hatin' on 'em.
nuff said! and if not it's freaking Awesome dude!!
As an intellectual and cerebral real estate attorney, I am a judicious and discerning customer. However, I am utterly addicted to this show! These guys are intelligent, worldly, sophisticated, articulate, personable, and sublimely stimulating to a gradation that belies their youth. What? I’m reviewing “Guy Cast”? Those freakin ‘tards? Nevermind
These guys have got it nailed. The constantly remind me of my years in college, all nine of them. If you're a guy, you should be subscribed. Mike UC Radio Podshow