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Correction, you were destroyed. You come off as a pompous twit. You approach the principal question completely wrong. I don’t want to fund a foreign war. This is the only thing that really matters or what should be our concern. You go sideways and very nearly are supporting war in your opposition. Ditto with Ukraine. Apparently you are either too stupid or have too much of a ego to realize that both sides are wrong and do bad things. You however work overtime justifying the actions of one side to attack the other. The reality is that the conflict is not one side good and the other side bad. Open up your mind and understand that you are part of the problem and not the solution to the problem. You have exposed yourself as a hack. Sorry, but you did yourself a disservice. Podcasts should be about discussion not the emotional rants that you made.
Many of us feel like the world is going crazy until we hear people like you who are voicing common sense ideas without obvious corporate two party bias. Thank you!
But I wish you were on the ballot this year:(
4.7 out of 5 from a pool of 4,000 reviews and Apple decides to highlight the 1 star review dopes that can’t understand basic logic 🤪
I look forward to each new episode. I generally agree with what he has r to say bit love hearing it explained in such a clear concise entertaining way.
Dave wins every argument, according to him. Obstinate, obtuse, midwit. I listen to most episodes. It helps round out your understanding of the field.
If you want arrogantly delivered half truths supporting a pseudo libertarian point of view this is your podcast.
I’m a libertarian, and I’m ashamed to have this moron in the group. Jesus.


By John520
Zionist traitors to America and the cause of freedom.
Subpar and intellectually. Lacking insight. Essentially making random noises.
For further discussion. What’s the solution? Why aren’t the laws in place unforced?
Strong opinions delivered in a sharp, “I’m right” style of commentary. Dave is clearly smart and well-read but do your own research. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and lacks the ability to admit it. There is a difference between smart and wise which Dave needs to learn. He would be more effective if he showed more curiosity and humility.
You are seriously providing aid and comfort to people who want you to die. Everyone in Palestine would happily kill your children or at least cheer others on while they kill them. You know that this is true. Hamas is just another word for Palestinians. You should really do some self reflection and maybe talk to some of your relatives.
Like a previous review said: Dave is ok, in moderation. Interesting takes are occasionally presented. However, I can’t think of a single time Dave admitted he was wrong or acknowledged the nuance needed to navigate the world. Very black/white bro-libertarian worldview.
This is the best news/podcast there is. Dave and Rob are simply the most hip to the true nature of government and their understanding of current events is as informed as a show like this can be - plain and simple. From what I can glean from the bad reviews, the only people who don’t like this show simply don’t understand that they don’t have all the information. The libertarian perspective doesn’t seem so radical when you have more of the facts, and most folks are just too comfortable in their Daily Wire worldview to accept that these are the correct takes. If you like feeling “safe” and “secure” and take comfort in government handling these things for you, you won’t like libertarianism, and you won’t like this show. If on the other hand you’re mature and rational enough to accept the truth, and you value true freedom, there is no other show.
Dave & Robbie are awesome
Man, how far this show has fallen. You ever have a friend who starts hanging out with a borderline psychopath and a terrible influence, and you see it start to ruin them as a person? That’s the story of Dave Smith and Scott Horton. Dave was once a reasonable, rational, moral person and now finds himself praising Osama Bin Laden’s prose and running cover for Hamas after they raped, beheaded, executed, and kidnapped hundreds of Jews. Dave and Scott seems to think the Israeli Jews are a uniquely evil empire for having the gall to live in their ancestral homeland and for defending themselves from being exterminated. They both drone on and on and on about how Israel is an “apartheid state,” despite the fact that Israel has millions of Arab Muslims living in the country who have special carve outs in Israel’s founding documents that I’ve them special rights, and despite the fact that they literally have an Arab Muslim party in their parliament. Yet I’ve never once heard Dave or Scott accuse any Islamic nation of being an apartheid state. Jews are physically incapable of living in almost any Islamic country in the world lest they be slaughtered, and yet Dave and Scott cannot stop screeching about how terrible Israel is to Arab Muslims. Part of it, I’m sure, is that Dave wants to be the subversive radical. Part of it is that he wants so badly to ensure that he isn’t seen as biased due to his Jewish heritage, that goes too far in the opposite direction. But mostly I think it’s Scott Horton’s influence and his leftist hatred of Israel that he masks as anti-war sentiment and libertarianism. But in the end, Dave and Scott really are in lock step with the NeoMarxists at least on this issue. It’s a sad thing to see someone fall so hard from grace that they think it’s warmongering to defend yourself or to try to bring to justice the people who just raped and slaughtered hundreds of your sons, daughters, wives, and mothers, but that really is where Dave is at these days.
I’ve listen to this podcast for the last 3+4 years. But it’s now becoming so apparent that Dave is against America and against its allies. This last episode with his branch against Israel has put the nail in the coffin for me. Good luck buddy.
Still a liberal, just not a, “liberal,” and I LOVE this show. The reality is there are conservatives which believe in tradition and conservation and liberals which believe in liberty and individualism. The two are NOT mutually exclusive. As an actual liberal I have no moral choice, but to support the current iteration of the Libertarian party (post Mises Caucus).
For sure my favorite podcast for political news. Dave really breaks down news simply while being entertaining.
I really only started listening to this show a few weeks ago. I like Dave when he is on Rogan’s show, but the more I listen to his own podcast I’m not so sure. He’s kind of a strange guy and the more he talks the more strange he seems. I think he’s smart but he also seems so locked into his libertarian views that he can’t see things any differently. And that’s weird. He also gets overly arrogant sometimes. I was trying to listen to his show consistently but I’ve given up now. Not enough time in my days to add his show to my rotation.
A representation of right of center boiler plate libertarian podcasts. A lot of Straw Manning and sloganeering with the occasional moments of clarity, usually by the co-host, that is then quickly moved past and back to whatever superficial view that they were on. These guys never make arguments supporting their views and they certify don’t present the views of the “right” or “left” in any earnest or honest way. Its like clay pigeons they shoot down. Whenever their policies meet reality they melt upon immediate contact and Dave Smith in particular is almost incapable of taking in new information that doesn’t fit into a Mises Institute slogan POV.
With both feet firmly planted astride the line, these guys pontificate about “big” media, healthcare, government, etc, etc, on and on. Way too much Fox News paranoia.
Dave and Rob do a great job covering headlines in a way that makes sense and doesn’t compromise. I look forward to the new episodes every week!
Dave is amazing at articulating the problems of today. He discusses how the growth of governance in an objective way is harmful.
Scott Horton and Ryan Dawson….
Simply the best!…better than all of the rest!!!
Common sense, reason and perspective while living through what sometimes feels like the counter enlightenment. Keep it up.
Like this guy, you voted for Biden. Guaranteed. Anyone else would know this dude is an encyclopedia of knowledge and it’s all 100% honest. So, to the people who gave negative comments, crawl back into your MSNBC led bubble of lies.
I wish it would make a difference but I had to accept long ago (when I canceled all subscriptions with Sam H) that his is the worse case of Trump Delusion Syndrome and vaccine/Covid mass formation psychosis I’ve witnessed. He is so mentally ill it is disturbing.
Nah. Another example of how any bonehead can host a podcast. Root canals are more entertaining.
Dave smith one of the smartest and honest people in political news space.
Not gonna lie, all I did every week was wait for a new episode of Part of the Problem or Liberty Lockdown. Just listened to your episode on the Patrick Bet David podcast and it was phenomenal. Thank god I don’t have to wait for you two Jews every week for content I like, now I have another show. All jokes you are still the best Dave Smith Five Stars
Love the show, I always listen to each episode as they are available. Great take on current events and agree with most standpoints. One thing I do not like about this show is Dave’s need to talk over Rob. He already talks for 85% of the podcast but then rudely interrupts Rob when he’s making a great point from his view. Also, stop smoking your vape into the microphone for christs sake
I’ve been listening for a few years. Great spot to get some news if you’re trying to get away from the corporate nonsense on the cable networks. That being said…I cannot stand hearing Dave constantly sucking on his vape and exhaling. It’s absolutely irritating. He may as well eat a bowl of soup and slurp it up or clip his toenails during recording. Sounds we don’t need to hear in any environment. Just put the dang vape down for an hour. Are you that addicted to you robot cigarette? … - Peace -
Favorite show. It’s good to see how Dave is coming to Christ very slowly. I hope Rob can continue to eat good sandwiches.
Not a fan but love the Skanks
Just leave your bubble, give it a listen, and don’t let your feelers get hurt.
Thanks Dave for such great content. Truly. Slowing becoming my favorite pod!
I love to listen to Dave. First saw him on Kennedy on FBN. He is a great balance to the left and right noise. Dave’s knowledge of history is impressive. I wish I would’ve had him in high school.


By Jillje
Show is always a few days old. I like Dave’s opinion but ehhh I’ll listen to something more recent
Great episode with RFK Jr. I’m glad you decided to have him on. I hope everyone gives him a chance to speak and they actually listen because he is fascinating.
Dave and Robbie make an awesome pair. This show will mostly entertain you, but it will also inform you.
Dave Smith is a genius. Period.
iTunes unsubscribed me from PoTP, the worlds greatest libertarian podcast. Resubscribed and here to give 5 stars
Listening to end of the dollar. How nice it is for two privileged white men to sit and criticize how businesses are run how government is run and to speak about people and lifestyles they know nothing about. It’s insulting in the name of comedy.
Scott Horton for Secretary of State and Robbie The Fire for Press Secretary!
I’ve been listening to this show for a little while and they always have great takes on the news. It would be nice if they could do a deep dive into all the corruption surrounding the war on terror just once. As a gen z, it’s like starting a show on season 9 and listening to someone recap what happened in season 1 anytime they bring up Saddam Hussein.