Nights with Alice Cooper

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Haven't seen an update since June
Ancient alice does it again.. Hungry for more and it's feeding time!!
Should be a tv show. I love listening to it on the radio.
Great show, cool topics, A++++ on a great Podcast 
I'm lucky enough to find this podcast in iTunes and now I'm enjoying it! Excellent! I'd say please make it longer Alice!
Love this podcast! My rock station changed format and I miss his shows. Please make more podcasts and make them much longer as this is all I have now that the station went to EASY LISTENING!
Alice's banter is great. But I wish that they would extract it from every show, because all of it is great! So is the music, is your station caries it.
New episodes haven't automatically downloaded for a year now. Have e-mailed and reported this concern numerous times but nobody ever responds and the problem never gets fixed.


By Bert 13
Doesn't seem to be syncing the most recent eps. Is it just me? I have to manually get each ep.
None of the radio stations here in New Orleans are cool enough to broadcast Alice's show so this is all I get to hear. You're teasing me, Alice! I'm sure an hour per week wouldn't be so hard to put together rather than 4 1/2 minutes every now and then.
Alice's podcast shows a great sense of humor and relates some interesting tidbits from rock and roll history. Highly recommended -- just wish it was longer and put out more often!
This show always has my ears at attention. I'm glad I found the podcast because I live in small Hanford and I miss it from being at work.
It's great, but it's way to short. I'm used to hour long podcasts


By ab1957
I would give this 6 stars if it was available!! I love his show and I wish it was LONGER!! I think the only improvement Alice could make, is if he would make it a daily pod cast so we could hear it 5, 6 or 7 days each week! Don't leave us Alice!
This is a good diversion. Spend a few minutes listening to some simple entertainment. I can't download the 7/27/07 episode. Can someone fix that, please?
alice cooper makes a great DJ and artist. he brings back the old hits and keeps you updated on the world around you. he has a great sense of humoe and you can't help but agree with his opinions.
I love his radio show...he adds just enough of himself as well as tidbits of info to make for a Funny and Great show to listen to!
Why is this podcast, so short? I'd love to hear more of this show. We don't get Alice's show where I live, so this podcast is all I get to hear. Please more ALICE on I-TUNES!!!!!!!!
his show was just recently introduced to our rock and roll radio station and i love him! he is funny in a sick sarcastic way that will make you laugh no matter what! and he plays great music. most of the time it's stuff you don't hear on the mainstream, you know, the stuff that is ignored but should be heard more. buy some of these podcasts, you won't be disapointed!
I love alice, I listen to him every night, he's incredible , who could've thought that alice cooper could be so freaking funny. so yay for iTunes that they finally have this up. I wonder if all rockers are so dang funny
I used to listen to NIghts With Alice Cooper everynight on my way to work. If you like Classic Rock, And GOOD radion talk then this is the show for you.
I stay up every weeknight 11- to 5 in the moring to listen to alice's show on the radio. Im so happy that its on itunes. THE BEST RADIO SHOW EVER!!!
q95 plays the Night with Alice Cooper show here in my town, and I listen almost every night. Alice Cooper is hilarious, and just might be the coolest person that ever lived. Great music and great knowledge on music. Awesome show!
This is Way Cool. Alice Cooper is my idol. He Rocks so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice brings his vast knowledge of rock history, amazing life as a rock star stories and a bit of attitude to classic rock stations across the U.S.. These podcasts are snippets of his five nights a week show. If you want to delve into the best of rock, past and present, check out Alice's Radio show.
The Best Radio show, The Best Podcast, Great talk radio, Awsome Music, What isn't perfect about it?
This is awesome! Great! Alice is an Inspiration