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It would be fantastic if ALL the episodes were available for download. Why the dubious number of 6???
PIty on 1UP Show and EGM Magazine. Forever will you be enshrined in my memories of the gaming days of yesteryear (two years ago) when the economy wasn't in the toilet. Apparently, when 1UP was purchased by UGO, the 1UP Show and even the #1 Video Game Mag, Electronic Gaming Monthly were seen as insignificant and now cease to exist. I have so many great memories of this epic series. Farewell and good luck to all the workers who lost their jobs!
they had a wonderfully talented cast of reviewers, the 1up show was my favorite thing about Sunday morning... and then they were cancelled, the show was scuttled and everyone fired for no reason at all. Now I just listen to IGN podcasts exclusively, I don't go to the 1up site after they chased off all their talent. Ziff Davis Media is stupid. The 1up show used to be their best product.
This show has raised the bar for what it means to have a video game program. I miss it greatly, but luckily the heart of the team is still out producing great videos about gamers and the games they play.


By Septon
I still miss this show. I'm glad that some of them got together and do co-op. Hope that new show lasts.
You are not forgotten.
This is a great podcast and will definitely be missed by all the fans. If you didn't know they've made a new podcast with the same guys named Co-op from Revision3. Check them out! It's the same great show fans know and love.
I was a HUGE fan of the podcast, would watch it as soon as it came out, but suddenly, there's nothing. Did I miss them saying it was over in the last podcast?
But where'd it go? Haha, I know they have breaks inbetween each season, but it's been quite a while since new episodes have been coming out. Like how long now? 2 months? 3? I forgot how many, exactly, but it's been too long. WE WANT THE 1UP SHOW! :D
got to for the resurected version of the 1up show now called co-op. its by the same guys and is still the best game show out there!


great podcast, but why have you stoped making more? its been 2-3 months since the last one you made. whats up with that?
It would be a lot better if they didn't sit around in an office all day belly aching over what they hate about every game. When they rarely talk about the strong points, its fun to watch. If you are looking for something to point out the good in games, this isn't the podcast.


I would download the podcast but the file size is EXTREMELY MASSIVE!!! I have slow-ish internet so an episode takes about 2 hours
This is THE best podcast I have ever watched/downloaded and in fact one of the most entertaining shows I watch. It is way better than anything on G4. The 1UP Show beats X-Play to death. Where X-Play sometimes lies about games to make fun of them (I'm especially pointing at The Darkness Review), 1UP just goes with it and says what they feel. Its great. I'd say THIS is what should be on G4, but if it was, I'm sure it'd be streamlined, censored, and simply made less entertaining. Good job guys!
well, as of today, UGO aquired 1up. First thing to go was the team of Electric Gaming Monthly and the magazine itself along with ending the 1up show and 1up yours. so now my favorite magazine and podcast has come to a permanant end and well over 30 people (including the 1up show cast) were laid off for good. honestly, my hearts go out to them, UGO can suk a &#$% for doing this to good talented people that has captivated everyone's iPod for years (@ least mine) and also to the writer of EGM. R.I.P. EGM and 1up show, you will be missed. And thanks guys for a great run. Click yes if u agree!!!!
This is the best podcast you can find on itunes, it gives you great information on the games they talk about, along with a great crew of people at 1up this is a recipe for greatness.
R.I.P. 1Up and EGM. You will forever be remembered.
Skip it, this show won't be as good since UGO bought and then fired most of the talented staff. UGO ruined the best Gaming Podcast that ever was.
With NGO aquiring 1up, about 30 staffers got their walking papers. 1up show, 1up Yours, 1up FM are no longer. Friday's won't be the same.
A wonderfully produced show, filled with great content and most of all, a good sense of humour. The goofballs at new owner UGO just axed it. Thanks for ruining a good thing UGO!!
As it is hard news to take and hear today marks the end of the best damn video game show ever. 1up show did everything right and did not try to some kids video game show or some show filled with advertisements, they made a video game show for gamers by gamers. It is sad that 2009 marks the end of such a celebration of this hobby we all hold dear.
this cast helps and ands a lot of jokes to it too. I just love it
Video game review show around. They keep it fresh and funny, but objective and fair.
The 1Up Show IS the best video game video podcast out there. Their editing is top notch, they are always funny, it's really them and not someone else writing their scripts, and they are also the ones who have reviewed the game....not someone else (I'm looking at you X-Play). Great show!
The format is perfect. Sparse humor with a discussion style review. I particularly like the way they talk about game play then show the exact game play elements they are discussing. Simple but brilliant.
they show lots of geners in there show its not over a desk i personally love how its all put together .
i maybe have enough money for 2 games brand new max and i spend it whisly with the there informative help i end up buying games i love and use for hours personally i think its the best video podcast for gaming period
The best video related video out there!
One of the most informative and witty podcasts out there subscribe you won't be dissapointed.
get this one and the joystiq podcast, and b00m you are set
For any video gamer. It is better than anything on G4
This show is really well produced. Each episode is highly polished and well structured. I listen to the 1up podcast too and know the editors personalities a little, seeing them in the show is a real treat. They focus on a handful of topics and cover them while having a funny theme for the show split into little segments in between. Makes my half hour train ride breeze by, heck I look forward to it!
A fun and exciting podcast that intergrates jokes and skits into a great video podcast
This show doesn't always focus on the big name games, but makes sure to talk about more obscure indie games as well. A great show all around.


The 1UP Show is a fun, informative, laidback video podcast that delivers wonderful developer inerviews and gameplay footage, as well as great gameplay footage. Its the 1-stop podcast for video gamers.
i love the format. the way it differs from a usually review of a game on paper. only one complain is sometimes the camera, when zoomed in is too "Paul Greengrass"-ish. little less camera shake and i'll enjoy it 110%! the walking around handshake, fine its natural i can deal with that. but the zoomed in constantly shaking on purpose, cut back on it. P.S. moar richard Li!
This is, hands down, the best video game podcast that exists in this time/space. Their audio podcast is up there with the best of them but I get all excited when I see the little arrow wheel downloading a new episode. Then I watch a review or two of the X-Play podcast so I can save the best for last... ...the 1UP Show!
I enjoy this more then 99% of most TV shows.


By K. C.
r u kidding? xplay is right up there with 1up, not the other way around!!!
I can't believe I have actually missed on these podcasts!!! The show is great, unbiased, funny and it gives you an insight of both the games and the reviewers... I almost feel like I'm meeting up with a couple of friends and we're just talking about games; nothing scripted just normal conversations. Even the intro song... it's so catchy that I want it as a ringtone!
Good stuff... excellent presentation! One bit of advice: Lay off the sketch comedy, stick to the games.
i think that this podcast is the best source for video game news that there is, anything from the 1up crew is the best keep up the great kob guys.
I just wanted to write in and say how much I loved the most recent 1up Show special (ep 137) where it is basically just a dinner conversation between ex-1UPer Mark Macdonald, Erik Wolpaw (Portal), Jonathan Mak (Everyday Shooter), and Dylan Cuttbert(Q Games). They talk about the games that they've worked on, the games that they liked from the last year, and what they want to do in the future. It was very refreshing and smart. Hopefully they can do this as a series, at least semi-regularly, with rotating guests.
I don't have a PS3 or and Xbox 360, not even a nintendo DS nothing just an old PS2 and i love this podcast!
The 1UP Show has the highest production values of any podcast I have ever seen, from the way it's filmed and presented to the music and video game footage. Every week the guys at 1UP put together a quality podcast, with intelligent conversation, critical reviews, the latest news and game footage as well as a lot of humor. This podcast is a must see for all video game players.
This podcast is proof that large file sizes and long download times do not make for a better podcast, content within this typical half hour podcast could be covered in 15 minutes without sacrifice.