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Decent podcast for staying current on new album releases and other Christian media. Well produced and allows you to get to know the artists a bit better. The lastest one on Jeremy Camp was a cool.
Really loving this podcast!
I'm new to NRT but I love there podcast!!
I love listening to the NRT podcast to help me keep updated about new Christian music, and I love the fact that they interview artists. I wish it could be in video though...(: Great job guys! Keep it up!
I like it a lot! My only peave is they should edit it a little more so it's a little shorter. Other than that I love all the artists they interview and it's one of my favorite podcasts!
This podcast is simple and easy to listen to. It's nice how they talk to the actual artists and give some insight on album creation or just the artists themselves. Also, keeping up to date with what is going to come out soon is really helpful. It takes a lot of searching and time to find everything coming out, and with this you can just listen while you work. Good job guys.
This podcast is awesome! It keeps you up to date on the latest news in the Christian music world.I would recommend the podcast and i would suggest that you make an account on there website. :D
pretty good I would say
Amazing podcast but get the other episodes please 


Great podcast!!!
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Nice to see this podcast!


I LOVE NRT's podcasts! They give great insight on what's what in the world if Christian music!!! I can't wait for more!
I typically do not have a lot of time to listen to PodCasts. I feel that this one is a little dragged out and too long for me. I do like that it gives me the opportunity to find the new music every so often, since it's difficult to go out and research the new stuff every week. Keep up the good work! I see a lot of potential in this podcast! :)
NRT is awesome! I love that their podcast helps me stay up to date with what is going on in the Christian music industry!
This podcast is fun to listen to. You get to learn about new Christian music as well as hear from some of your favorite artists. If you like Christian music, I would highly recommend this podcast. And if you're not a Christian music fan, you should listen too. Because, who knows, it might just introduce you to some new rockin' music to enjoy!


I love this podcast. It is really nice to hear about what is new in Christian music without having to search around the internet. Also I love the song clips they have on here and the interviews are pretty awesome too!


its ok, but honestly, its a little bland. it needs some more content. maybe more artist opinions or song clips?
This podcast it awesome! You are the first to know updates in the Christian music industry!
I enjoyed listening to the NRT Podcast. I have MY bands; you know, the ones that I will always listen to no matter what. With the NRT Podcast I found some new artists that I want to check out and I think I will become a big fan of, such as Andrew Peterson and Esterlyn. Thanks, NRT, for making a podcast that opens that door.


I like this podcast. Although, I dont subscribe to it because I dont like some of the genres. I like more rock type music.
The interviews are interesting and informative. However this are truly unlistenable because if the “fingernail on the chalkboard” background music that they play continuously in the background behind all the interviews. Often the interviewee is on the phone and the annoying background music is loud enough to actually interfere with the interviewee. I really wish they would stop the background music. If you agree please visit their web site and give them some constructive feedback.
NRT is my one and only stop for up-to-date christian music, lyrics, albums, artists, members, bios, etc... it is an awesome site/PodCast. GO NRT
A great podcast for an overview of the week's new new Christian music with some nicer interviews and clips of great songs. It does what it says on the tin and does it well. As a bonus, NRT is one of the few podcast and website combo sites I've run into that has a FAIR point reward system. You actually have a good chance at earning anything.
Love this podcast! It's a great way to hear all the latest music and keep up with the new release. For all the NRT team members, they even provide a bonus code at the end. A subscription is definitely recommended.
This podcast is awesome if you like to hear what's up in your favorite Christian music. NRT does a good job of providing info on new releases, clips of new music, interviews, free codes for their members, and lots of other stuff. I definately reccomend it to anyone who likes to keep up to date with their favorite music. :)
New Release Tuesday's podcast is a great way to hear some great music. I was pretty closed minded about music, but when I heard some new stuff on the podcast, I liked it so much I bought a CD! It's also great to hear interviews by your favorite artists.
This podcast is pretty good. I love hearing about music and this podcast tells about the things I like hearing about. This Christian music podcast is pretty good about reviewing quite a few bands and groups. Thanks so much for the cool podcast!!
This is a pretty good podcast if you are looking to find out more about some of your favorite Christian artists or if you want to find some new music to listen to. It includes stuff about tobyMac, Nicole C. Mullen, Superchic[k], Big Daddy Weave, and many more. I hope they continue to get more artist in on this such as BarlowGirl, Jadon Lavik, Group 1 Crew, Fee, and lots more! I would deffinately say that you should get this podcast! It's awesome! :)
I think this is a pretty good podcast. It gives you the latest Christian Music update of the week! They even give you a little music clip of what album is new to that week. The only thing that may be disappointing is they don't give you all the Christian Music that came out that week. But I think they do a good job of telling you what's "Good" that is out that week. It's hard to find podcasts that are actually worth listening to on iTunes, but I do recommend this one!
This is an AMAZING podcast. Subscribe today!
this podcast isnt horrible it just needs more stuff, maybe shoot videos interviewing an artist and stuff like that or adding music videos
I subscribed to this podcast because I like to hear about new music first...and this podcast does not dissapoint. Out of all the podcasts I listen to I'm actually excited to listen to this one first. My only complaint is that the cd/albums are not reviewed so I'm not sure if they're good or not. But all around a good listen.
this is a nice little look into christian music every week. feauturing new christian music released every tuesday. nice song clips and interviews feautured with each cd released. a pretty good look into christian music each week. my only problem is that it doesn't offer whether or not a cd is good or not. imo, it might be a good idea to feauture in this podcast, or in a completely new podcast, some of the best reviews of that week of albums featured in the previous edition. on the same note, i wish there was more stuff from the website, such as info about new forums, etc. besides this, this podcast is a nice little glimpse into christian music.
its so COOL they interview all the bands or artists you like!!! I recomend it To everyone.
its a great source for new music that I really enjoy listening to. I do a radio show on tuesdays and sue this podcast to prepare myself for my show. i talk about new releases on my show that is why. It's a great podcast that I would reccomend for anyone who enjoys Christian music. Very well production wise as well.
This podcast is amazing! 5 stars from me!
I like the site a lot and the podcast is pretty good. Keeps you up to date with the newest christian music
Not only is this podcast great for getting caught up on the newest releases in Christian music, it's also a good way to preview the songs before you spend your money to buy them. While not every album release is able to get into the podcast every week, the most popular ones do and therefore gives the listener a chance to hear the very best in CCM. That being said, this podcast exposes its subscriber to all different styles of today's new Christian music so that certain releases won't "slide under your radar", so to speak, or you won't miss the albums that you otherwise would without this great podcast. Any avid fan of CCM would find this weekly podcast enjoyable!!
Very good podcast! Informative and fun to listen to. If you are a fan of Christian music download this.


this podcast is a great way to keep me up to date on all of the newest Christian music releases, cuase im bad about sometimes missing a great release, but with this podcast im never gonna miss another great Christian release again
This podcast is pretty good, has some really good music on it, and most of the time is pretty interesting. I totally suggest this to someone looking for a podcast.
The podcast is great, but I'm partial to video podcasts though. Its still great
This NRT podcast is actually very useful in regards to Christian music. Sometimes it can get boring, but there are some podcasts that are really enjoyable to watch!
This podcast is great if you want to keep up on the latest Christian happenings and music releases. The information is always correct and is usually very helpful when purchasing my newest CD


By piano89
Good interviews with the latest Christian stars like Mandisa and Jake Smith.
If you are a fan of Christian Music, you've gotta subscribe to this! With some great interviews and music samples, this podcast lets you know whats new every Tuesday. The length is user friendly, so you don't have to drag through it. The pace is quick and entertaining. If you love Christian music, give it a try.
This is a great podcast if you want quick previews on new music being released on that week's Tuesday or a few weeks ahead. A very good teaser for those who are eager for the new songs from the wonderfully inspirational groups out there. Some things were left out, but overall it's upbeat and a quick listen for anyone who wants to know what's happening on the music scene.
i've been listening to this podcast for the last couple of weeks. i like the fact that it keeps me up to date on what the popular christian groups are doing. however, a previous reviewer is correct that not all groups get represented. the quality of the podcast is quite nice however, a couple of weeks ago there was a video along with the podcast and i did not realize this right away. it would have been nice to have some kind of notification.