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Been listening for years. Reliably putting out stuff I have not heard before.
Read all the comments and the guys complaining about the ads are hilarious! How do you think they make their money to put on a show like this? If you want to fully fund their podcast, I'm sure they would gladly do away with the ads. But, GREAT music! LOVE this podcast!
And the Bach digitized Brandenburg concerti are by Wendy Carlos. Rather well known if you are into early midi realizations. Pretty sure that “Leicester” in Donizetti’s Maria Stuarda is pronounced “Lester” by the English.
A great collection classical music from all periods. Use the search function to find almost anything. No wonder why this is the #1 classical music show in the world.
Lots of good music. But tiresome ads - the same, over and over and over. Music poorly organized. So much uploaded all at once, it’s very hard to manage and track.
Man, I just wanted one nice episode a week or whatever, not for you to dump about ten archived episodes a day into my feed
Full-length pieces and operas with a little talk. Nothing intrusive like YouTube, which places ads in the middle of a movement.
Together, and not fighting too much with one another
I’m just getting into a movement and it’s interrupted by a loud ad. Keep all the ads at the beginning or end!
Multiple times the emotional piece of One Eleven Heavy is interrupted by commercials. This is quite rude. The piece has the audio of the pilots in the fight of their lives, moments from death. Please do not do this.


By ssoff01
thank you for sharing the music! greetings from mexico
Want it to be continued!
Too much talky talk. I'd prefer more music and less talk.
What a great series. An inspiration to volunteer musicians and community music organizations everywhere. Bravo!
OK, they aren't pros, but it is surprising what wonderful music can come out of a small community.