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This podcast helps me keep up on the latest news in podcasting. It’s a very entertaining show—I even find myself singing the jingles around the house, and Dave’s enthusiasm is contagious.
Great show for podcasters! You’ll always learn something new from Dave!
So much great information. I also love your dry sense of humor and the way you sound so natural and conversational. Excellent show. I’m glad I found you.
I just started my own podcast and Dave was invaluable in helping me come up the learning curve far faster than I normally would have. I never miss an episode. My only gripe is the sometimes cheesy and jarring sound effects. Less is more!!
I started listening to Dave before I launched my podcast and he has been a great resource for me. I love his style, his humor, and how much value he shares.
There’s often good info here, but it takes so long to get to it. Too much selling. Too much personal talk. And then the topic listed in the description is usually only 1/10 if the episode. I want to like the show but usually I’m annoyed with the slush. Which is weird for a show that once had an episode on listener pet peeves and listed this exact issue.
Dave is the best source for how to make your podcast better. His induction into the Podcast Hall of Fame (yes, it exists) and it is well deserved. I can say that after only 6 months of listening.
One of my favorite podcasts about podcasting. I learn something I can apply to my podcast every week! Dave brings on awesome guests as well! Thank you Dave!
When I decided I wanted to learn how to podcast, Dave Jackson was one of the first people I found talking about how to do it. In just a few weeks of listening to his podcast, I went from the idea of having my own podcast to launching my first show! Dave's podcast is by far the best podcast on podcasting in the business and a must for anybody looking to start a podcast, improve a podcast, or deliver a message with a podcast. Thank you, Dave! Without you, I would not be a podcaster today.
I just drove to the airport and have new ideas for our Patrons and listeners. Thank you, Dave! I think you solved our T shirt dilemma. BAM! There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than podcasting. So thanks for the help. Now back to my breakfast cocktail at the airport. Cheers!
I love the "because of my podcast" segments and all the great information you pack into the episodes. I launched The Citizen Heroes podcast today thanks for the motivation and information. I hope that someday soon I will be able to contribute a b/c of my podcast story.
This show is one of my weekly listens. Dave is very enjoyable to listen to, and you feel like he is a friend who wants to help you be the best you can be. I have learned a lot from Dave and will continue to learn each week. Now get to class!
So I really want to listen to this podcast but so often the sound mix seems to have either a hiss or too much treble. Can the sound quality be improved?


By Kuldrin
Truly the heart of a teacher but also has the best information and experience to teach the right way to podcast.
I started listening to Dave a few years back and can't believe that I "listen faded" for a couple of years! Reacquainting myself with the podcasting community and so glad to start the process with The School of Podcasting. Dave's insight, experience and openness is welcomed and gives me confidence to start up my podcast again (or maybe a new one). Thanks!
Dave is a great teacher & resource for both aspiring and emerging podcasters. Because of him and my one-year enrollment in his School of Podcasting, my path to launching and getting nine podcasts up for my show was made much easier - and they were much better too. I picked up equipment, tools, and practice information that I am thankful for. Hats off to Dave and his School of Podcasting - a great listen - and a good value.
There is not a more committed, authentic and helpful friend of podcasters than Dave Jackson. His timely and helpful weekly show is jam packed with the best advice available to a newbie or seasoned pro podcaster. A real turning point in my podcast was when I took a chance and had Dave and Erik K. Johnson review my show on the podcast review show, yes it was scary but as Dave sometimes says, "no one every got punched in the face because of a podcast." Whether its the podcast review show or school of podcasting you cant go wrong evolving a friendship and professional connection with Dave, and if you haven't already submitted a because of my podcast story to Dave it will be worth your time to do so. I just cant say enough about this great show and good guy, Dave Jackson.
I’ve been listening to this show for over a year and I have learned so much about improving myself as a podcaster. Dave is entertaining, funny, and super knowledgable about all things podcasting. You will definitely become a better podcaster if you listen. Keep up the great work Dave!
I have been listening to Dave for about 3 months and he is great. I listen to other podcasts about podcasting and the main goal of the podcast is to get you to pay them thousands of dollars to help you with your podcast, they feel sleazy. Dave isn't like that, he offes his services, but it's secondary and I like that. If you want an honest help for your podcast Dave is your guy. Keep up the good work Dave!
Love listening to the School of Podcasting! It is truly "everything you need to start [and run] a podcast."
I've been listening to the School of Podcasting for years, so this review is long overdue. Thanks Dave for this show, every week you teach me something and push me to do a better job on my podcast. If you are a podcaster, or thinking about starting a podcast, you'd be a fool not to subscribe to this show!
Podcasting is for everyone & Dave's advice & tips really help get me started. When ever Im asked "how do I start a podcast?" I send them here to the school of podcasting. Thanks for a great show !
Great podcast using Chuck Berry as a comparison to developing one's own podcast. I would love to hear more of your guitar playing too.
This is the best show for anyone interested in learning about starting a podcast. They cover everything you could possibly want to know about creating marketing and growing your show. It's honest and fun to listen to. GREAT SHOW!
Love listening to The School of Podcasting every week. So much value. It gives me validation and confidence. Dave is funny, entertaining and relatable. I have even subscribed to his other shows because he makes everything interesting. Whether you are thinking of starting your podcast, are a newbie or even an experienced podcaster this show should be in your list.
Your show has given me the confidence to start a podcast. I plan to go live in a couple of weeks and I really appreciate your show. Thank you!!
I've been podcasting for only a few months and two of the main inspirations have been Dave Jackson and Glenn Hebert. I'm writing this as I listen to the two of them on a show together. This show is great for tips and tricks that would take years to stumble upon. I highly recommend listening to this if you have any interest in starting your own podcast.
Thanks Dave for episode introducing ringr and new podcast on worst interviews. Great show as alwasy. You always make me think, help me learn, make me laugh and groan once in a while! Thanks for all you do!
This podcast has starts the week off for me on Mondays. He is great teacher. Dave make the tech. stuff easy. Great show!!!
Whether or not I ever have a Podcasts I will probably always listen to Dave's show. Sure, he talks about podcasting, how to podcast, and other podcast stuff but the show is usually entertaining on its own. It is worth a listen even if you never plan your own show but enjoy the medium of podcasting.
If you're just about to start or have been podcasting for a long time, this is great show for you. Great info, practical advice, no snake oil nonsense and I'm always entertained. Dave is also very responsive to off air questions. He jumped in to help me with an issue. It was a quick & easy fix but would've taken me days if not weeks of research on my own. Thanks!
I am addicted to this podcast. Learn something new and valuable every week. This led me to sign up for Dave's School of Podcasting course - not only a comprehensive & up to date resource for starting (or growing) a podcast, but also a great community of people. Thank you Dave!
My girlfriends and I run a fan site, and decided to do a podcast several months ago. We purchased our microphones, bought our hosting and prepared our site to house a podcast. Your advice gave us the courage to just hit "record". Not just the technical aspects of it (that's easily found via different outlets), but the philosophy of the actions behind it. Providing 'value', focusing on your audience, and keeping it fun for you to make it through the long haul. Invaluable. I found you on the podcaster's roundtable, and followed you to your site and downloaded your episodes. I enjoy your entire catalog. :) Keep doing what you are doing, and thank you again!
Just simply thank you to you, Dave for all that you do for the platform of podcasting and for us, the podcasters out there learning from you every day. Thank you!
I've been listening to Dave for something like 4 years now, about as long as I've been podcasting. I've listened to most of the other podcasts about podcasting, but Dave is the only one that I listen to regularly. Always informative, always has value, AND when I sent him an email a while back, he responded with a video! How cool is that? Rock on Dave, keep it up.
Dave is teaching me a lot about podcasting. I'm trying to get one going and have lots of questions. The School of Podcasting is answering a lot of those questions for me. The cat bits are hilarious, and you can tell Dave really loves what he's doing.
i love being a podcaster, however, there is so much i need to learn...and i learn from people like dave jackson-- thre is one thing you need when you start a podcast..thats guts! it takes guts and passion to start businesses...and podcasting is a business- ( Positive Phil )
Helpful for Podcasters.
The only podcast that you need to listen to if you want to know about podcasting,he usally knows the answer,if not he will find out he is a great resource
I subscribed to Dave's School of Podcasting after listening to several episodes of his show. There are other people out there who teach podcasting with a bit more hype, pomp and circumstance, but I don't believe that those methods will produce long term results. What I like about Dave is he seems to actually care not only about people individually, but about the podcasting field in general. Dave will never tell you to exchange reviews. I know this practice exists, and yes, of course I've been tempted to go this route myself, but think about it.... why should you get someone to review your show who will never listen to it? Don't you want REAL listeners to review your show? You will only gain listeners by producing great content and marketing your show to actual potential listeners. Also don't be fooled by Dave's humility. He really knows his stuff and if you spend a few shows listening to him, you'll start to learn it too. I've greatly improved my podcasting skills by listening to his show, and being a member of his School of Podcasting hasn't hurt either because he always answers my questions, usually within an hour of my emailing him. If you are going to pay for a podcasting coach, the value you get from the School of Podcasting can't be beat.
It's not boring and you do learn new things on each episode.
What a fantastic resource this show has been for me. As a 51 year old professional in the entertainment industry, I knew nothing about podcasting when I decided to have my own show. The School of Podcasting has and will continue to be my GPS (great podcasting source). Thanks Dave for doing your homework! Alan Bruess, Tailgate Entertainer
Thanks Dave! For years now, every time I needed to research something related to podcasting, you are always one of my 2 goto sources. Thanks for being a great teacher, for delivering your show with passion and fresh enthusiasm in every episode. I get sucked in overtime and listen to your entire episodes because they are so engaging. Love hearing your opinions, suggestions and wisdom. Thanks for investing the time to serve and help millions over all these years!
I absolutely love Dave Jackson. Everything he talks about is incredibly informative even if the topic isn't something I think will apply to me. Because of his advice, I'm almost ready to start my own podcast.
Dave is not only funny and informative but the real deal! It's time to goto school with Dave!
I just discovered School of Podcasting after hearing Dave being interviewed on a couple of other podcasts. Let me tell you Dave is honest, on-point and hilarious all at the same time. I have been podcasting for almost 2 years and I was looking for more information to better my craft. Thank you Dave for the real life experience you bring to the table with over 10 years of podcasting. I am looking forward to many more episodes.
David is a person of integrity who thinks with his listeners best interest in mind. In episode 495 David interviewed me because he wanted to hear my side of the story instead of jumping to conclusions as countless amounts of other podcasters did. He allowed me to tell "my side" of the story to my business model and in the end he agreed with what I was doing. In David you have host that we trust to deliver quality content that will benefit you and your podcast. Subscribe to this show!!!!