Reviews For School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

I’m here for the excellent advice and information. You lost me at RFK, Jr. It’s your show, but that was a turnoff.
Have a podcast? Want to be great at it? You MUST listen to this podcast! I listen over and over again. He gives so much value and concrete guidance, and I cannot wait until I can give back for all he helps me / us with. Thanks Dave!!
Dave’s been around since the beginning of time (podcasting time!) and that’s a good thing if you want to learn!! Great job Dave!
Everything you want to know about podcasting including launching, growing, and monetizing your show, while providing a great community. Dave is a wealth of knowledge in the podcasting space.
That’s pretty much what I say every time I listen to Dave. Not only does he know his stuff, he can communicate it! Thx Dave. Louis Goodman
Thanks for helping me learn there’s a lot to learn to start a podcast. Good to hear from an OG Hall of Famer how to do things the right way!
This show puts in the least amount of energy necessary. Recycled sketchy opinions and sketchy advice and sketchy services dripping with dudecaster energy. This show doesn’t know what it doesn’t know, and doesn’t care, and makes sure audience knows it … as some kind of postured brag. Podcasting needs to do better than this.
Dave has binge worthy content. He shows up authentically & provides tremendous value to podcasters looking to perfect their craft from developing your personal brand to discussing the arvatsgexpodcasters have. I love that he provides so much value RIGHT here without being pushy to get you to join his program. Thank you for all your hard work Dave!
Whether you're new to podcasting, or an experienced podcaster, you're sure to learn something from each and every epsiode of School of Podcasting. Dave has been in podcasting from the start, and he does an excellent job of sharing what he's learned along the way.
Dave Jackson imparts incredible knowledge about podcasting and has been the single most helpful human being as I started off with my podcast. I’m now at close to 100 episodes and Dave Jackson is still my number one go to person for podcast knowledge and help!
I went to Podcast Movement 2021 in Nashville and met Dave at the Libsyn booth. I didn’t know he was the host of the School of Podcasting at that time. Dave and the group I was with later ironically had lunch together due to some mutual connections. It was then I found out about Dave’s School of Podcasting show. I am so thrilled I found this show. I’ve been podcasting now for around 7 months and am loving it and learning a great deal as I go. Having found Dave’s show and listening to the content has been extremely valuable to me. I’m considering joining his online group to continuing the learning with like-minded individuals. Thank you Dave for the great content you produce and the serendipitous meeting we had at the booth and over lunch. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn with your community and through your show.
I’ve been listening to Dave Jackson’s podcasts from the very beginning. Yes, the VERY start of his podcasting experience. I remember the launch of the School of Podcasting. The beauty of this launch was not that it started the era of quality podcast coaching, but that it came AFTER Dave had already jumped through many of the hoops, failed at many approaches, and discovered many of the best practices of podcasting. Dave has done a number of shows through the years. When he offers an approach, it’s because he’s become adept at that offering. When he recommends a service (or suggests you should avoid it) it’s because he has used it and tried everything possible to break it or to take best advantage of it. Dave’s School of Podcasting is the real deal. He deserves every accolade he receives, including his Podcast Hall of Fame award. Listen to the School of Podcasting — whether you are just getting started — or when you are a veteran podcaster hoping to keep up with the best practices of podcasting.
I find this podcast to be extremely helpful. Dave not only educates, he manages to be funny through storytelling when he does it.! Dr. John - The Men’s Self Help Podcast


By Kuldrin
Truly the heart of a teacher but also has the best information and experience to teach the right way to podcast. He is in the Podcasting Hall of Fame for a reason!
A chatty show that treats listeners like family vs. one hurling podcasing tidbits. Podcasters, like any group, are often enamored hot, shiny baubles. Dave Jackson has a fantastic knack for helping people refocus on the basics that help you grow a podcast and skip the mistakes. I've avoided so many problems by listening to this podcast.
At first I thought oh man, this guy is like a sports announcer, but the episode was so good I immediately listened To the next episode and subscribed. There’s some great nuggets of advice that I will immediately put into my podcast. Highly recommend for anyone, senior or newbie podcasters alike. Thank you!
Tired of going down techie rabbit holes? Tired of Rah Rah passive income nonsense. Check out THE Dave Jackson. He's a podcasting OG, but still remembers what it's like to be a newbie. Has the technical chops to be really helpful, but understands that podcasting isn't about the tech. Check out a couple episodes. He's kind of like your crazy Uncle. Lots of cheesy jokes, but you'll love him to death.
I like this podcast a lot because I am a podcaster “ What’s That “ it gives me the best tips and tricks for my podcast The only thing I don’t like is he trash talked anchor, which is the platform ,It is so easy to use and it is free But other than that it is pretty good
I’m still trying get better for my podcast and whenever I get discouraged, I listen to Dave. Afterwards I always feel better and get excited to continue to improve. I think my podcast is improving as I have tried to apply some of Dave’s advice to my show. Thanks for contributing your knowledge Dave!
Great content, motivational and informative. Def recommend, to you who are making podcasts
Dave’s podcasts were very helpful in getting me started with my own podcast. In addition to the operational knowledge, he is a great motivator. The motivational aspect kept moving me to action.
This is an excellent podcast that offers immediate value. I learned multiple valuable insights and was taking copious notes the entire time.
SOP is a definite must-listen for anybody looking to get into podcasting. Whether as a hobby or as a business, Dave has words of wisdom with the gusto of a Top 40 DJ. So many great nuggets of knowledge, almost NONE of which are about tech, microphone styles, or recording platforms. SOP proves you can sound good on a budget. right here, at the School of Podcasting and in the satellite campuses in the Podcasting Network. Dave Jackson tells you honestly, openly, and with the right level of wit, humor, and compassion what you need to know to launch and succeed with a podcast. No, it’s not about the mic. Or the host. And not the mixer. It’s about the “why”, and Dave tells you, on many levels, how to hone your why. Want to launch a podcast? Start here.
SOP is pretty much my go to for everything to do with podcasting. I’m working on launching my own podcast and everything is covered here to get me going. Honestly listening to Dave and his guests has really helped calm some of my nerves and give me the tools and motivation to get this off the ground. I definitely recommend if you’re planning to launch a podcast or currently run one and want to learn more!
Dave Jackson and The School of Podcasting rocks my socks. Dave says what needs to be said and it’s like I’m listening to myself with a deeper voice because he speaks my language. You’ll always get an easily implementable takeaway. Five stars!
Dave’s show is absolutely entertaining and educational all at the same time. I learn so much every time I listen and enjoy it all at the same time! Thanks Dave!
Edutainment at its finest. Dave knows his (you know what) about podcasting but delivers the information in a way that’s fun to listen to.
I’ve known Dave for years as the podcast guy, I’ve seen him speak on it as well. But it wasn’t until I finally launched my podcast that I tuned into his show. Within just a few episodes, I realized that I should have been listening way before I started. Dave is a wealth of information. I love that he is brutally honest, and not afraid to tell it like it is. I will be listening going forward, as this information is what I need to grow and improve my podcast! Vincent Pugliese The Total Life Freedom Podcast
I love both podcasts: School of Podcasting and Your Podcast Consultant. Your Podcast Consultant is my favorite of the two because it gets to the point. School of Podcasting is wonderful as well. Dave Jackson shares what he knows in a way I need to hear it. I am starting my own podcast this year, and Dave’s podcasts are helping me. I appreciate Dave’s offer during his podcast to hire him as a consultant. I’m planning to get his opinion before I record my first episode. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see my blind spots. I know Dave can. I appreciate your podcasts! Thank you Dave!
Love your show. You are my podcast hero
There are only 2 podcasters that I hold in high regard when it pertains to growing your podcast: David Hooper and Dave Jackson. David Jackson superbly teaches you step by step how to grow your podcast and what NOT to do so that you are successful. I thorougly enjoy the personal stories (my condolences for your beloved cat) and guests that give you such expertise knowledge to help you with your podcast growth. I am eternally grateful for Dave Jackson and the School of Podcasting for showing me the way to successful growth with my podcast. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK DAVE JACKSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Literally! I came to the US in 2008, with a thick accent and a little bit of conversational english. I spent almost 10 years trying to chase the dream and blend in but I never thought that I’d break out of the mold. I started listening to podcasts and stumbled upon Dave’s podcast 2 years ago. I never looked back since. Not only did he bring out my confidence, he also armed me with the tools i need to start my own podcast. I started the wedding video boss podcast in January 2019 and it has surpassed my expectations. Thanks so much Dave! I owe you big time! 😘
This podcast helps me keep up on the latest news in podcasting. It’s a very entertaining show—I even find myself singing the jingles around the house, and Dave’s enthusiasm is contagious.
Great show for podcasters! You’ll always learn something new from Dave!
So much great information. I also love your dry sense of humor and the way you sound so natural and conversational. Excellent show. I’m glad I found you.
I just started my own podcast and Dave was invaluable in helping me come up the learning curve far faster than I normally would have. I never miss an episode. My only gripe is the sometimes cheesy and jarring sound effects. Less is more!!
I started listening to Dave before I launched my podcast and he has been a great resource for me. I love his style, his humor, and how much value he shares.
There’s often good info here, but it takes so long to get to it. Too much selling. Too much personal talk. And then the topic listed in the description is usually only 1/10 if the episode. I want to like the show but usually I’m annoyed with the slush. Which is weird for a show that once had an episode on listener pet peeves and listed this exact issue.
Dave is the best source for how to make your podcast better. His induction into the Podcast Hall of Fame (yes, it exists) and it is well deserved. I can say that after only 6 months of listening.
One of my favorite podcasts about podcasting. I learn something I can apply to my podcast every week! Dave brings on awesome guests as well! Thank you Dave!
When I decided I wanted to learn how to podcast, Dave Jackson was one of the first people I found talking about how to do it. In just a few weeks of listening to his podcast, I went from the idea of having my own podcast to launching my first show! Dave's podcast is by far the best podcast on podcasting in the business and a must for anybody looking to start a podcast, improve a podcast, or deliver a message with a podcast. Thank you, Dave! Without you, I would not be a podcaster today.
I just drove to the airport and have new ideas for our Patrons and listeners. Thank you, Dave! I think you solved our T shirt dilemma. BAM! There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than podcasting. So thanks for the help. Now back to my breakfast cocktail at the airport. Cheers!
I love the "because of my podcast" segments and all the great information you pack into the episodes. I launched The Citizen Heroes podcast today thanks for the motivation and information. I hope that someday soon I will be able to contribute a b/c of my podcast story.
This show is one of my weekly listens. Dave is very enjoyable to listen to, and you feel like he is a friend who wants to help you be the best you can be. I have learned a lot from Dave and will continue to learn each week. Now get to class!
So I really want to listen to this podcast but so often the sound mix seems to have either a hiss or too much treble. Can the sound quality be improved?
I started listening to Dave a few years back and can't believe that I "listen faded" for a couple of years! Reacquainting myself with the podcasting community and so glad to start the process with The School of Podcasting. Dave's insight, experience and openness is welcomed and gives me confidence to start up my podcast again (or maybe a new one). Thanks!