Living Yoga with Darren Main

Reviews For Living Yoga with Darren Main

I love Darren's podcast because it offers a variety of topics and guests. He is knowledgable, curious and an amazing listener. His interview style allows for productive conversations that could otherwise be confusing or contreversial. And have you read any of his books? Search Amazon for "Darren Main." I recommend all of them.
I am so glad that I stumbled onto this podcast! There is a long history of fascinating interviews and Darren seems to ask all of my questions. As a yoga teacher and student this is an awesome resource. I also read Darren's book the Yogi Entrepreneur and it was excellent to help me grow my yoga business. Thank you for producing this! 🙏🏻
This podcast is great for yoga students and practitioners! Many of the guests that Darren interviews are yoga teachers, and students with amazing healing stories. It is not asana practice, but gets to the deeper levels of living your yoga. Many of the interviews focus on yoga philosophy and spirituality. Darren himself is very authentic and genuine in every podcast. (I just wish the description up above highlighted YOGA a little more boldly. I found him through another yoga podcast.) Please keep up the great work, Darren!
I want to compliment Darren Main on his ability to provide beneficial information with insightful and intelligent questions. I've learned a lot more about politics, spirituality, health, people in general, and myself specifically. Plus, I've found some truly great music through Darren's podcasts and website. I sincerely appreciate his extra efforts to share his interests with others.
Darren is a generous spiritual guide who provides content which uplifts and educates. Thank you Darren for sharing your journey.