Reviews For "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" Audiobook (Audio book)

I use podcasts when I have trouble sleeping and it works every time! The book was a little difficult to read when I was younger, but I got through t after I imagined what the characters sounded like in my Head. But the performer, Mark Devine, did an excellent job reading the book and was exactly as I remembered and imagined. Recommended!
Thank you for a great listen
I’m supposed to read this for English, but every time I’ve tried reading it I fell asleep. I have to read by chapter 15 for class tomorrow and I’m only on 6, but it’s solid.
Thanks for this free audio book it took me back to my high school years! I definitely appreciate it now that's in audio! You do a great job narrating it!!!
I just found a great source for audio book,! Absolutely amazing I am a Vietnam immigrant Who trying to learn as much as he can. Between audiobooks and YouTube get to learn a lot about American literature past! Thank you!!!
Great job, really A++


listening with my son who is 12, a good review for his required reading
Thanks a lot
This is how Huckleberry Finn should sound. It's like being told the story :D
Its free and the speaker doesn't speak too slowly. Although the speaker could talk a bit faster; my opinion of course.
Reads the book so well, this is the one you want for sure.
Now I reckon dis mama dont gots tuh read dis fine piece of literature out loud to my daughter says I. It was mighty tryin' tuh read all doze changin' dialects 'n all dat. Thank yuh for offerin' dis here valuable work at no cost to my strugglin' high schooler. I'z mighty appreciative says I!!
I'm not even done yet and the performance is amazing!! I would have bought this but it's so great this classic is free!!! More please!!
I have been looking for the audio for 2 weeks on Internet. Finally, today I saw it on iTunes and the best part it was free!!! Ahhh also if you go to the info, you can read along ++++ if you download it to your phone, you can make it play 2x faster to finish in half the time.
I'm so glad and thankful for this because I was having trouble reading Huck Finn and staying intrigued. Also a bonus comes with's free!
When reading Huck Finn I love hearing parts of the book from a voice that is genuinely sounding the southern accent!
This podcast is very well done. Thank you! Marc Devine does a great job bringing this American Lit classic to life.
Ballz out fun!!!!
This is truly a great piece performed masterfully. I am so grateful that Mr. Marc Devine understood how to portray this American classic with artistic enjoyability. Btw, you though I was a 50 year old woman? BOOM! I'm a 16 year old dude and I loved this. Peace Mr. Devine.
This is not just an audiobook, it is a PERFORMANCE worth paying for! An AWESOME reading of a classic; believable not over the top at all, and the cadence and accents are seriously PERFECT turning this into an ALL TIME FAVORITE reading...ever. THANK YOU!
I had a hankering to listen to this and I was so lucky. This reading is superior to all the competition - energetic tone, excellent and differentiated dialects, distinctive characterizations, and engaging pacing. I found that Mark's youthful voice was more suited to the narrative than theen's voices of the other reads. I was impressed and moreover, entertained. This is not only the best free option for this classic, it's also the best read. Highly recommended.
There may not be the same variety of voices as some Audible books or high-end productions, but Huck Finn was very enjoyable! Thanks for the many hours of work, and someone should offer these guys a job! :)
This is a solid reading of a classic story. I wish more books by famous authors were read and performed in this fashion and made free to the public because there is no way I would have used my spare time to read the actual book. This is a great service.
this particular podcast was able to save my hind end. i had to read about half the book in one night, and i really didn't have the ability to read all of thoes pages. luckily this podcast was around and made my life a whole lot eaiser. Thank you iTunes!!


By SW007
Thank you for publishing this amazing story.
this podcast SAVED my english grade. thank youuu mr podcast man
Marc Devine does an outstanding job of portraying Mark Twains unforgetable characters. His youthful voice, easy southern accent, and energy really made Huck come alive, and made it easy to believe that Huck was telling the story to a group of friends. This is a very entertaining book and can be enjoyed by all ages
This is a great production. Simple, but a good reader and handling of the characters in the book. The quality of this classic really comes through. So funny!
The story: excellent. Twain: excellent. The reader: almost mediocre. Sorry, Mr. Devine, but I guess I was spoiled by Norman Dietz's superior reading of "Huck" on the Recorded Books label. I'd argue for LoudLit's version for being free, but then so is Recorded Book's... simply borrow it from the local library, as I did.
I never really got around to reading this book, but now I'm happy I listened to this. Good quality, good reader, great book.
Great story. Great performance by Marc Devine. I'm so glad I found this.
thank you people soooooo much im not a vary fast reader and i need to have an essay on this book in two days
so my friend has this exact podcast, i listened to it and everything for school. then i got i think 4 of them like chapter 36 till the end chapter bcz i didnt know where we stopped. well we stopped at 26 so when i went back to get the other ones i clicked get episode and the "download" thing came up under store on the left (u know) but only for one second then it disapears.. and it tells me i have 3 podcasts (the 3 previous ones i got) but only one shows up wen i go to podcast under my library... and then i got on my moms comp to try and get it and it has a different account and it did the same downloading for a sec thing.. then from my moms comp i looked onto my librry (shared) and i typed in the adventures of... and all of them came up! then i clicked back to the store to see and nothing changed then i went back to my library (shared) and it disapeared only one was there still!! does someone have an idea as to what im doing wrong or whats wrong??? HELP ME PLZ!
Absolutely spectacular . . . and Marc Devine is truly devine! Loved it and holy cannoli--it's FREE!!!
This is a great podcasts. The episodes automatically come up in correct order so you don't have to hunt for the next one to listen to. One can listen to these podcasts will driving or doing housework or yardwork, so it doesn't feel like so much of an indulgence. The racial language, particulary the 'N' word, is jarring to the ears, This is something that we can only assume was in general use in the area at mid 19th century. This is unfortunate, but if we can get by it we can hear the best work in American literature. The whole moral question of slavery is faced by Huck as he realizes that he is helping a slave escape. Twain has Huck philosophically debate the issue weighing his need to see himself as a 'good' person against his loyalty to his friend, Jim. Jim shows his backbone and shames Huck when he treats him badly. Then Huck comes into the company of fellows who really are bad. Twain also contrasts the wisdom of Huck's creative inventiveness against the 'book learning' of his friend Tom. Huck does not stand up to Tom, as Jim did to Huck. There is also plenty of social comment on religion, superstition and efforts to reform people.


This is much better than reading it! This Podcast is well preformed and brings the book to life.
I was completly shocked when in the second chapter there is a full minute of a horrible offensive racial slur being repeated over and over in refrence to someone in the book. So offensive I turned off the podcast and have no desire to listen to the rest of the story. And I would NEVER let my children listen to it!
I'm 17 and really think its great that itunes have been putting up some interesting and educational options. Although i love reading- its refreshing to have audio to supplement my research/projects, ect. I've used the newer stuff on here, and I'm pleasantly surprized to find theres a lot i can use-and for free. atleast some of corporate america takes notice of our degenerative youth.
This was so much help for me and my english grade
One of the best audio books I have heard, very well done. Just Fantastic.
This past year instead of reading novels that were given to me to read I would get the audiobook. I have found that I get a lot more out of them and it saves a lot of time, Thank you!
I love everything about this podcast, especially the reader's accent. His Southern accent really helps to bring this story to life. I also really like that there are more than one chapter per episode. This podcast is easy to listen to, enjoyable, and great!!!
this is a very very good podcast. Marc Devine has a great accent, i thought he was accually huckfinn !
Form the high school student who didn't want to read it!
This was great. I had my misgivings at first. Marc Devine did a superb job and really brought it to life. I recommend this to all that have read Twain in the past or those who have never read Twain before. Outstanding.
I decided to download this podcast because I had never read the book before and the podcast would be easy to listen to while driving. What a fantastic surprise. Not only is the story interesting, but Marc Devine takes narration to a level that most narrators might dream of.
This is a great podcast. im reading this in english and it helps me alot to be able to listen and read along. There is some language i am not familiar with reading and this helps alot. THANK YOU
Thank you so much for these free podcasts! i have to read this for school and it is a really hard book to understand by the way jim and the other talk. Its much easier to follow a long and its so awesome that its free, it helps a lot. However if you are in a bind and trying to cram a day before a school exam, this is read pretty slow, so you have to have more time and patience. thanks again!