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Let's just say I opened up the first podcast to "see" if it was something that could keep my attention and found myself sitting entranced for nearly an hour. Jim Kelly has a lovely cadence to his prose and a rich and mellow timbre to his voice whist reading. I am truly impressed by this podcast!
and he does think like a great science fiction writer. Write more please, or I will be forced to BURN my eyes and LOOK INTO THE SUN just to DIVIDE THE SUSTAIN of waiting for more of his work.
These are fantastic stories. I hear the first few chapters and they are fine, then the ends of the stories are 30 seconds long and don't even make it to the actual story. I must be having some sort of techincal difficulties. I wish you luck.
wow, james kelly is not only a great writer, but a generous podcaster for bringing his stories and essays to our pods. he's got a great intellect and (just as important) a fun sense of humor, and his readings are always entertaining... and mind bending.