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I'll never forget my first mediocre show and after hear Eric's voice for the first time I was hooked; and I've been hooked for years now. This show just keeps my spirits high and I don't know what I'd do without it. Thank you guys -Hendu
This show and the cast of regular callers, community of interesting, unique personalities and voices, is the finest representation of a mediocre nation. Topics ranging from why we choose to pee the way we do, movies, geek culture, music, hiking, all the way to standing by your fellow man struggling with divorce, depression, and loss of loved ones. These guys know what they’re doing, even if they don’t know they’re doing it. Join the conversation ‭(484) 381-0666‬. - Uncle Jinky Jr.
Sometimes they go on about crazy stuff that you do in your everyday life that you might not even think about. Until now. Are you a fisher or fencer for example. Do you know what that even means? What makes the best sandwich? You’ll find out. But don’t dwell on it, you might go crazy. One of my favorite podcast of all time. Give the WHOLE catalog a listen. And drowned out the bad crazy in your life 1 hourish at a time.
Mediocre is not the word that comes to mind when listening to this podcast. The show has changed throughout the years with different co hosts but the constant is Eric Tomorrow. Listening from the beginning to present you basically see how he grows over the years. Frank and Patt are great who are the most recent co hosts. Lots of regular callers leaving voicemails and calling in live. It’s very funny and it’s just some average dudes hanging. You can not listen and not think they are your best fake radio friends in the world. Pick this podcast and you won’t be disappointed.
Found the Mediocre Show about 10 yrs ago and have always enjoyed listening through the years. New hosts at points have all been fantastic ! Such a great podcast !
Good enough to be a part of my life for the last 15 years. Through it’s many iterations, it has remained consistent. Mr Tomorrow and his co-hosts have shared the ups and downs of every day life in a way that paralleled my own, in the most entertaining way possible. Thank you guys for all you do, and keeping me sane throughout the years.
The only mediocre podcast you need to listen to! All others are weak! Eric,Frank, and sometimes Pat are the best for keeping you entertained. Wether it’s yard chores or just quarantining from the Rona it will get you through. I believe it’s the cure but hey I’m no doctor. Love ya guys Agnostic Curt.
I’ve been listening to mediocre for 9 years now and it’s never disappointed. It is now is funnier than ever. Frank and Pat are the best co hosts Eric has ever had. Listen to this show!

By Rofx
A kick to listen to. It is even fun listening to the episodes backwards for those missed. If you just start listening and enjoy it, you have a thousand hours or more. Do it =-p
A greatly well done podcast. Professional quality step up. Eric is a very good human and then there is Frank. Wide array of topics. Truly like a box of chocolate you never know what you will get. From dogs to we are not talking about Trump. From babies to monster trucks. You never know when it will get very funny or extremely interesting because the topics, guests and voice mail flow like a river. Been listening since 2004 always a great show.
(Sometimes three though). Inside jokes, Dad jokes, deadpan jokes, barbecue lessons, movie reviews (goodnight jimmy) worldwide participation, and thousands of hours of hilarious past episodes, Excellent waste of time!
Been listening to this show for ni on 10 years been through all the hosts. as I age they age with me.frank and pat are great eric is a legend in the game.glad to be part of the mediocre nation!!shameless plug check out karaok Big E podcast nation out
If you havin Earl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a post man ain’t one. Love the show. It’s great to keep up with these guys and everyone who calls in. Maybe one day I will. Great community and great laughs.
Best podcast I have ever listened to. Good job. Keep up the good work. Yolo. IHOP. Imo
After listening for almost two years I've finally been shamed into leaving a review. Whatever... at least I'm not Frank.
I was late to the party, but The Mediocre Show provides me with consistent comic relief. In the afterglow of Thanksgiving and the dread of Christmas, I’m thankful for the show. May all of your roller grill dreams come true... I’m rooting for that METAMUCIL sponsorship like the early days of TV.
Updated From Last review on January 29,2010 This show has been around! Much like the Turnover experienced in Franks department at Happy Funtime, there have been more co-hosts than any one show should ever have. That being said, the one constant, Mr. Tomorrow, is a man with a heart of gold. Frank, and now Pat, have been amazing additions to the show and though I stopped listening shortly after Mike Pilat left, I have been reinvigorated with loyalty for the nation. From smoking meats to sandwich store discussions, eatery suggestions to helping me learn about Yuengling, without this show, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have made it this far in life. Thank you for the laughs, and tears along the way. adanthelumberjack Mediocre Nation OUT
Give this show and its decade of back catalogue a listen- you won’t regret it. I used to listen to Mediocre Show with Eric and the various co-hosts back in the day on stick-am and later on aricibo ra-ra-radio. I recently started a new job where I commute roughly 4 hours a day. I decided to re-discover the mediocre show and have started from the begging while keeping up on the new shows as well. Frank and Pat have proven to be my favorite co-host to date. And as always Eric has eyes that say I love you (Audio format). Thanks for filling my ear-butts with great entertainment on the daily.
Just needed to update my 2cents worth on this show. It's amazing. Not a day goes by that I'm not wishing for the next one. I loved Taylor, was refreshed with Matt, enthralled with Mike. Mr. Tomorrow, you sure can pick 'em! Loving the new addition in Work Frank, the best yet, (and you too Patt!) Consider me (still) Nation fo Life. Ex-Mediocre Second-String Trucker, Formally AZBryan, Now the Mediocre Realtor, Bryan from California, Nation out.
Best podcast out there. Feels like hanging with friends that are kind enough to go back in time and edit out someone’s bodily gas venting before it can get to my earbuds. Deduct 2 stars for their hatred of cell phone holsters. Deduct 2 stars for their inability to live up to their promise of 11 casts a week. Deduct 2 stars for a inability to understand different temperature scales. Add 3 stars for making me think of the monkeys at the beginning of 2001 while they convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. Waiting for a lesson in Kelvin Add 4 stars for great sound engineering which really shines in comparison to other podcasts that I have to rewind and constantly adjust volume to hear. Every podcastist should go to FL to learn sound engineering! (Eric, PLEASE help Justin) Add ALL the stars for being able to hang out and listen to these 3 “good dudes” inviting us in for their weekly chat and thanks for sharing parts of life.
The Mediocre Show has entertained me for over a decade. I've listened to certain episodes over 10 times. It's not just the stories that they tell, it's the fun and imagination, Lee Harvey you are a madman....oops. Take a chance, as the show is the best, it has ever been with the addition of cohost Work Frank, and the newest addition of Patt. Bolth of them are great and very funny. The show has a following like none other that I have seen after the Rick Emerson show. . Cheers, you will thank me later. And I get to contribute a bit. I really wanted as a child to grow up and be a radio DJ, but don't tell Eric.
Been a listener since the Taylor days back at the start. While the quality of the show has always been top notch, it’s absolutely one of the best sounding and best edited shows out. Tomorrow shows off his audio skills, the man is like a Audio Jedi! And I will say, while Kittensparks, and Tha Mike were great hosts, I’m liking Frank even more. Frank and E Tomorrow aka Audio Jedi Master always bring the heat and make any listen an enjoyment! Keep it up, guys! 🤘
If you’re looking for current events, this is the wrong podcast, Frank and Eric put on a show every week that should have a hazard warning not operate heavy machinery while listening. 11 shows a week !
Eric’s podcast is awesome. 808 episodes in 10+ years of OG podcasting. The co-hosts change over the years and sometimes life gets complicated. The Mediocre Show has been here since the start of podcasting week in and week out. They do this for us all. Don’t forget to be a Scorpion of Support. Doc
I like sandwiches Yours truly Dave
If you like Howard Stern, this is your podcast. If you like old school Opie and Anthony, this is your podcast. If you like Preston & Steve this is your podcast, and if you like Twizzlers this your podcast...Very funny shock jocks that belong on mainstream radio. Give it a listen & Keep Rockin' 👂
In a world filled with endless lists of podcasts, one podcast cranks the volume to 11 to be heard above them all....From the wooded hills of West Chester's THE MEDIOCRE SHOW!!! With Eric...Work Frank...Aaaaannnddd Patt (it’s too spicy). Featuring the voicemails of dun-dun-duuuunnn Nate the Beard, Jermy Jinky, Vaughn, Chad "Dr. Carnitas", "Bad Parenting" Justin, Matthia (Moishie up!), Izzy Rock, and a gang of others!!! Eric was, is, and always shall be The Kingmaker! Eric and Frank will tantalize your ear holes as they educate you with their vast knowledge of all things BBQ. Patt and Frank wax poetic about all things nerdy, and sometimes special guests like Howard, or Dr. Has-a-point, or Nate show up. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how podcasting is done. NATION...OUT!!! - Jermy Jinky.
Why aren't these guys getting paid yet? Vitamin Water LISTEN UP!
I’ve been listening to The Mediocre Show for just over 10 years now, and it has always been one of my favorites. The show has gone through a few co-hosts throughout the years, and Frank has been a great addition. 5 out of stars, I listen every week.
I have been a long time listener, this show is funnier than it has ever been. I loved all the previous host, came on in the KittenSparks days (Bot Fly ep.120) Like I said Long Time, so I think I know what I'm talking about when I say Eric and Frank are two real funny dudes. I didn't forget about you Pat, but since you decide to take long stretches off I had to save you for last. Pat is a great additon also. He drops some real funny bombs, some stink bombs too but that makes it even funnier. Keep up the great show, I Love It! Jay In Rhode Island (Pin Please, Probably don't need city 1 pin takes up the whole state)
I've been listening to the show for 10 years and I have to say it's still my favorite podcast. This show is something I look forward to every week. After awhile you almost feel like these guys are your real friends and you all are just hanging out on a Wednesday night drinking some beers. So I suggest you check these guys out. 5 stars all the way. This review is old. I changed the years number and I no longer drink. That being said. I shouldn’t have added this paragraph. Eric and Frank are the best combo since meow meow. Love the show and look forward to it every week.
Love these guys. Word-of-mouth recommendation 5 or 6 years ago brought me to this land of unencumbered frivolity. No, seriously, all they do is have fun...talking B.S. about daily life. Worth your time, and these days Frank more than makes up for Eric's deadpan, old man, get off my lawn routine. However, hiking and running are the bomb. Banquet Beer is #1!
I like them enough to write a stupid review. Funny, funny, men. Review update- I still listen all these years later and Frank is a great addition.
Love this show. Comedy, food nerd stuff and toys also farts and boners. This is the stuff of legend. I can’t stop listening.
There are a lot of podcasts out there, while I can't claim to have listened to them all, I think I've heard about 87.6% of them...Of course, my math might be off a tiny bit...I never was all that good at math. Of all the podcasts I have ever heard, this is one of them. However, it's one of them ON STEROIDS! (That's supposed to be a compliment that their product is entertaining, I'm not accusing anyone of illegal blood doping...yet.) Anyway, The Mediocre Show is what a podcast should be. It's just two relatable dudes talking about stuff and things. It is ridiculously entertaining, has a nation of fans that love it, and...Oh yeah, it's really funny. Join Eric Tomorrow and Work Frank for a fun and goofy ride that is a world where mediocre means excellent. (I was not reimbursed for this review...They're just that good. -craigthedodge)


By m12167
This Show is amazing! Everyone should listen! Mediocre Nation out.
Okay maybe it isn't the oldest on earth, but it's definitely one of the originals and I have loved it since day one. This show is raw and funny and they have stuck with a format that makes you feel like you are part of something, like you are sitting around talking with your friends about poop, hiking, and Star Wars. Of all the years I have listened, Eric has the best chemistry with Fran and Frank is definitely my favorite Co-Host. Also Patt is super hot.
With the new host I need to write a new review. Frank is a great add to the podcast, the antagonistic back and forth between him and Eric has become some of my favorite podcasting of the week. the best the show has been in a while. Oh and Pat is good too.
2018 Review: I fell off the show for a few years, and finally asked Eric where to pick up again. He mentioned a few weeks prior, to which I listened and heard a guy violating himself with Twizzlers. Eric's reply to that? "The names change, but the people don't." I replied to Eric: "There's the review". This show has been going for so long it makes you feel like you're part of a big, awesome family. It's hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Just... just listen. You're never sure what to hear, but it's always engaging. Review from 1/22/2013 The Mediocre Show is by far the finest brewed podcraft ever. It's got sillies, seriouses, jokey-jokes, and bacon. And Jeff Michael Vice, the sexiest man on the podcrafts. If you're looking for pop-culture references from the yesteryears, old timey sayings, or beardy talk, the Mediocre Show is for you. I've been listening since 2007, and I haven't missed a single episode since! It's so addictive and entertaining. About The Hosts: Tha Mike is really nicey. Eric is a smart, talented dude, though less nicey than Mike. Hope is compassionate and, quite frankly, the one trying to keep everyone on topic. The ginger and the luchador are long gone. Take a minute and listen - especially the archives - they're worth it. Hilarious comedy gold that has changed the podcraft airwaves forever. TUNE IN ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS!
The one time I went to the Barbary in Philly. I had stopped at the Lukeoil on spring garden & del ave first and picked up an Elios microwave pizza to go, and brought that inside out hotpocket of goodness straight on the dance floor with me. Once I defeated the hipster king on the thrid floor of the Barbary in a dance off I stumbled to this "afterhours" jam like a block away. Low and behold who do I find, a college student giving his best impression of an angry tyrannosaurus rex on an eletronic drum kit. This podcast is kinda like that night, pretty sweet.
So much more than a poop show. Over a decade of pod crafting genius, incredible hosts, and co-hosts, plus a worldwide fan base that tears wrist deep through the fourth wall. Nothing is off limits in the Mediocre Nation.
the only podcast worth listening to , in a bucket truck.
Eric is my favorite human on planet earth. Frank is ok too.