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This show and the cast of regular callers, community of interesting, unique personalities and voices, is the finest representation of a mediocre nation. Topics ranging from why we choose to pee the way we do, to movies, geek culture, hiking, all the way to standing by your fellow man struggling with divorce, depression, and loss of loved ones. These guys know what they’re doing, even if they don’t know they’re doing it. Join the conversation ‭(484) 381-0666‬. - Uncle Jinky Jr.
There are a lot of podcasts out there, while I can't claim to have listened to them all, I think I've heard about 87.6% of them...Of course, my math might be off a tiny bit...I never was all that good at math. Of all the podcasts I have ever heard, this is one of them. However, it's one of them ON STEROIDS! (That's supposed to be a compliment that their product is entertaining, I'm not accusing anyone of illegal blood doping...yet.) Anyway, The Mediocre Show is what a podcast should be. It's just two relatable dudes talking about stuff and things. It is ridiculously entertaining, has a nation of fans that love it, and...Oh yeah, it's really funny. Join Eric Tomorrow and Work Frank for a fun and goofy ride that is a world where mediocre means excellent. (I was not reimbursed for this review...They're just that good. -craigthedodge)


By m12167
This Show is amazing! Everyone should listen! Mediocre Nation out.
Okay maybe it isn't the oldest on earth, but it's definitely one of the originals and I have loved it since day one. This show is raw and funny and they have stuck with a format that makes you feel like you are part of something, like you are sitting around talking with your friends about poop, hiking, and Star Wars. Of all the years I have listened, Eric has the best chemistry with Fran and Frank is definitely my favorite Co-Host. Also Patt is super hot.
With the new host I need to write a new review. Frank is a great add to the podcast, the antagonistic back and forth between him and Eric has become some of my favorite podcasting of the week. the best the show has been in a while. Oh and Pat is good too.
2018 Review: I fell off the show for a few years, and finally asked Eric where to pick up again. He mentioned a few weeks prior, to which I listened and heard a guy violating himself with Twizzlers. Eric's reply to that? "The names change, but the people don't." I replied to Eric: "There's the review". This show has been going for so long it makes you feel like you're part of a big, awesome family. It's hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Just... just listen. You're never sure what to hear, but it's always engaging. Review from 1/22/2013 The Mediocre Show is by far the finest brewed podcraft ever. It's got sillies, seriouses, jokey-jokes, and bacon. And Jeff Michael Vice, the sexiest man on the podcrafts. If you're looking for pop-culture references from the yesteryears, old timey sayings, or beardy talk, the Mediocre Show is for you. I've been listening since 2007, and I haven't missed a single episode since! It's so addictive and entertaining. About The Hosts: Tha Mike is really nicey. Eric is a smart, talented dude, though less nicey than Mike. Hope is compassionate and, quite frankly, the one trying to keep everyone on topic. The ginger and the luchador are long gone. Take a minute and listen - especially the archives - they're worth it. Hilarious comedy gold that has changed the podcraft airwaves forever. TUNE IN ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS!
The one time I went to the Barbary in Philly. I had stopped at the Lukeoil on spring garden & del ave first and picked up an Elios microwave pizza to go, and brought that inside out hotpocket of goodness straight on the dance floor with me. Once I defeated the hipster king on the thrid floor of the Barbary in a dance off I stumbled to this "afterhours" jam like a block away. Low and behold who do I find, a college student giving his best impression of an angry tyrannosaurus rex on an eletronic drum kit. This podcast is kinda like that night, pretty sweet.
So much more than a poop show. Over a decade of pod crafting genius, incredible hosts, and co-hosts, plus a worldwide fan base that tears wrist deep through the fourth wall. Nothing is off limits in the Mediocre Nation.
My favorite show. I like it too much, I save them for long drives or when I need some buddies to hang out with. iTunes will need to make 6 stars available if Frank can do more Appalachian Trail Man impressions. Great chemistry, fun content, this is what podcasting was invented for.
the only podcast worth listening to , in a bucket truck.
Eric is my favorite human on planet earth. Frank is ok too.
The first episode of this show I listened to was episode 107 which was released in September of 2007. In the ten years since I have listened to every excellent episode of this masterpiece of a podcast. If that is not a ringing endorsement I don’t know what is.
If you like Howard Stern, this is your podcast. If you like old school Opie and Anthony, this is your podcast. If you like Preston & Steve this is your podcast, and if you like Twizzlers this your podcast...Very funny shock rock DJs that belong on mainstream radio. Give it a listen 👂
I’m an avid podcast listener. I own a metal art studio and to break up the silence in my shop I enjoy podcasts over most music. I’ll give just about any show a try but there are only a few that I subscribe to. This one is my favorite and has been for some time. Eric and Frank hold the types of conversations that you would have with your friends while laughing over drinks. The show is welcoming, humorous, and is a much welcomed break to my weekly hustle. This show also fosters a faithful and very loving audience that has on multiple occasions reached out to help each other, celebrate with each other, grieve together, and laugh together. I myself have made several long lasting friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise were it not for a mutual interest in the show. I can’t recommend this show enough - 5 stars. Dan Lewis of Rocksalt Metalworks
This is the best fake talk show I have ever listen to highly recommend it fencer mike from Minnesota
I’m a Geek show cross over. Listen day of release. Threw all the co hosts I have enjoyed and laughed. It gets better every week I do miss old co hosts but love frank( man of my own heart) boxers and boxer briefs I’m a fisher. The rare times i wear briers I have to fence.
I have been listening to the Mediocre Show for the past 7 or 8 years. Eric “Tomorrow” has given the podcast world a view into nearly his entire adult life. From dating Hope and struggling to find a solid job to having a kid and working at happy-fun-time, Eric has managed to entertain the podcast world nearly every week. Every co-host that has been on the show has had his or her (miss you hope) own unique flavor that Eric has been able to play off. I can’t wait to be listening to this podcast when Eric is a Grandfather, so I can enjoy yet another aspect of this great man’s life. This podcast truly is the best and most consistent podcast for laughter, seriousness, drama, joy and yes let’s not forget about the heart felt cries. If you are not listening to this podcast, then you’re doing life wrong. I am the Mediocre CAD Drafter, and I am the nation
Whether it's making me question the way I pee or a past discussion of "lady whackin' it", these guys are the finest in podcast cuisine for your ear-butts. Eric, Taylor, Kittensparks, The Lady, Mike, Troy, Matinka, and Frank have brought sunshine to rainy days and made me laugh until I almost lost control of my faculties. If you're not subscribed to this podcast, you're making mistakes with your life.
Hah! Live, breathe, and work in West Chester! Just found your show, its really good. Funny and insightful!
If you are looking for a podcast that makes you feel better about your own pathetic life, yhen this is the one for you. Two fat ethnic guys whose best idea in the past ten years has been to talk about how men urinate. But for some reason I can't get enough of them. Like a tuna fish sandwich, not gourmet and not the best. But it's strangely satisfying.
Grew up in Delco, lived in West Chester for years, now living out west and these lunkheads and their antics bring me right back. It's loik I'm hangin owt downa sheeore wit my cuzints er some sh't. Jawn.
I've been a listener since around the early Mike era. I love this show, and every form it's taken since. I've followed the hilarious stories and everyday anecdotes of these awesome people since I heard about the podcast from the Geekshow Podcast and i'm in it for the long haul. Mediocre Nation out!
How do you pee. They'll help you figure it out.
Weird dad hat wearer and fencer checking in. Love the show. Keep up the great content. If you review skimmers need to know more I guess you're tuning in....
Been listening regularly since 2013 and even though the format and co-hosts have changed, I still love this show. It's gotten me through some pretty rough times and helped me have a good laugh when I neede it most. I've made some great friends through the Mediocre Nation and couldn't be more grateful. Work Frank and Eric make me and my husband laugh EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I will listen as long as Eric is willing to do the show.
Eric and Frank are simply the best! Humble, caring, funny and ready to kick you in the teeth when you need to come back to reality. Always ready to drop a fart or burp into your ear holes...but they do it with class. You will never regret letting them "hang out" with you for an hour.
Eric and Frank fill the void of actual human friends.
Love the show guys!! I have been listening for 3 years. Thank you for making it happen!!
The show is a blast! They sound like an old married couple most of the time. Very funny! Need a laugh? Then you need to subscribe!!!
This is my favorite podcast. I have been listening for a years now and it never gets old. It is always the first show I listen to and a go-to for re-listening. Great job! Keep it up!
I've been an off and on listener since the days of trucker buddy cutting off his hemorrhoid. I was absentee during the Mike days and came back for the dawn of Troy. I'm a pretty consistent listener now and it's just as good as ever. Thanks for everything Mr. Tomorrow and the collection of wonderful cohost that have entertained me throughout the years. Also congrats Hope and Erica on the 2nd kid! He will grow up to be strong and virile.
In a world filled with endless lists of podcasts and rambling recordings, one cuts through the noise and static like the incisors of a large, hairy, hungy man-beast through a WA-WA sandwich. One podcast cranks the volume to 11 to be heard above them all....From the wooded hills of West Chester's THE MEDIOCRE SHOW!!! WIth Eric...Troy..aaaannnddd Hope!!! And now, new and improved, with that lemony-fresh, new co-host smell, it's Frank!!! And featuring the voicemails of Germy Jinky, Scott the Poolboy, Chad "Dr. Carnitas", "Bad Parenting" Justin, J W, Izzy Rock, Johnny from Portland, and a slew of others!!! Eric was, is, and always shall be The Kingmaker! Eric and Frank will tickle your ear holes with their dulcet tones and educate you with their vast knowledge of BBQ, fun and nerdy topics, and just good ol' fashioned tom foolery. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how podcasting is done. Check out Frank and Eric Eat Stuff on YouTube. Love you guys! NATION...OUT!!! - Germy Jinky.
One of the best shows out there. Genuine people sharing their lives and love of sandwiches with you and your ear holes.
I’m a pretty long-time listener, however sporadic. No matter how long I go not listening, whenever I do get back to it, I am pleasantly surprised by any changes and always entertained. They are genuinely good people who work hard and care about their listeners. The show constantly evolves for the better, and all the hosts (past & present) should be proud.
Time marches onwards. Podcasts rise and fall, franchises come and go. Money is wasted and feelings are hurt. Most importantly time stops for no one. But there is one constant: The Mediocre Show. By setting a low bar for itself in title alone, the laid back attitude of these everymen and everywoman provides a sense of comfort and familiarity in a world of confusion and anarchy. Even when things are out of control on the show, even when they need to pull in a pinch hitter like Frank, the show continues to provide that sweet soothing voice of mediocrity and averageness that somehow combines with honest human interest to keep you in love.
This podcast is simply the best fake talk-radio out there. They are the first podcast I ever checked out and they are still my favorite. Many have come and gone - this one remains the one I look forward to the most. Great dudes (and lady). Great talk. Seriously just the best thing on the internet. Love, Mack in Atlanta.
But does he love us equally? Does he have a vast knowledge of comedy pipes, ham vision quests, and gay egrets? Integral parts of all members of the Mediocre Nation. Buy me a hoodie, I know you're good for it. Also, The Babadook is a terrible movie. -Jared
I love The Mediocre Show so much. I have been listening since 2006 and I will continue to do so until my ears fall off. Eric is awesome and a true gift to podcasting. The show has stayed consistently funny and entertaining through the many changes and co-hosts. Frank, in particular, is amazeballs and hella not fat.
This was the first podcast I downloaded onto my brand new iPod way back in 07’. There was some great choices at the time, but pretty limited depending on your taste. I listened to this podcast and found friends, a community, and cool people that keeps me company while I listen at work. I wouldn’t have started my podcast if it were not for this podcast. All of my standards about audio quality and consistency were inspired by The Mediocre Show. From host Eric Tomorrow, to the various co-hosts throughout the years, the Mediocre Show has been the most consistent form of entertainment I’ve been listening to and enjoying. This podcast is still fresh after all these years and continues to be at the top of my playlist whenever it’s released. Thanks Eric, Taylor, Kittensparks, Hope, Mike, Troy, and now Frank. You rule and have the best podcast merch!! I love the 10 year hoodie. Cheers my friends. Izzy Rock
I heard about these guys from Geek show. Usually it takes me time to get into a podcast. This one I loved from the start. It makes you feel like you are part of a community. You will laugh uncontrollably. My only regret is not listening to them sooner.
I've been a listener from the early days. Then, for whatever reason,I took a break. Started listening again...still great after all these years! Good job to Eric "The King Maker" Tomorrow and Frank!! Frank, you sir, are my spirit animal!
I'm telling all my friends to listen. Awesome show!!