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I love this channel, but one of my favorite things is ask a ninja. I think u and him should do more story's like the Christmas one u did recently. Please fulfill my wish!
This is just so awesome I kept watching everyday on the ride home on the bus my favorite was the force awakens! From sparky wolf
I LOVE THE SONGS AND JOKES LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is better than 90% of any of the crappy videos that are being played. I actually think this is a great song it 80's feel is authentic. Your perfomance and voice rocked!!!!!
I love the Weird Al Yankovic spots on here...sooo funny! Also, check out Eli's Dirty Jokes...need I say more?? :-)
After watching a bunch of these I really don't find them very funny at all.
This stupid cartoon podcast is very vulgar. Its definitely not for kids, and I'm sure someone thought because its animated it could be a cartoon suitable for anyone. If you get it, don't let a younger kid watch it because of the language. What were you guys thinking? It doesn't make it funnier.
I like this podast but it takes too long to see new ones. Come on guys!
Flipn' Funny. One of My Favorite Podcast.....
Dont get me wrong, doogtoons is an excellent podcast but PLEASE!!! NO MORE ASK A NINJA. They r not funny!! Seriously the regular episodes r sooo much better.
I just looked at this podcast last week and started cracking up! I've been showing it to all my friends and they all thought it was hilarious too! You guys are either geniuses or really stupid, but you're definitly really funny.
Nick & Haig HOLY SH*T u guys are HILARIOUS!!!! Just watched the Nick & Haig DVD it's freaking hilarious! This is the best animated podcast!!!! can't wait for the next episode...
These guys know funny and I really think they've found a niche in the difficult field of comedy. It's a fresh take on hilariously relatable stuff. I don't know what's funnier, Nick and Haig talking about life, or the spin Doug puts on their already strange reality. PROPS!
This is defenatly my favorite comedy podcast out there, and the new toons are looking good! nice pictures, which brings the comedy up three stars!
Nick and Haig are so cute. The audio podcasts are just as good as the video ones. I hope they make more on a regular basis!


By saglie
This podcast is off the hook... The cartoons are absolutely fantastic, the right touch of animation coupled with real conversations. The innate production value is of the highest quality. Mr. Bresler is a media architect, taking visuals and sounds and putting them together harmoniously and seamlessly. I'm a very tough critic, but I’ve never seen anything like this, seriously. And on top of all that, he writes great music. A true artist. I can't wait to see his work when it has a million dollar budget. Look out world, here comes Doug Bresler!
Two words- smart, funny. Yep- the ANIMATION makes two college guys seem witty. And they really are! Super fun and a must-have podcast!
You want funny? Nick and Haig's got it. In spades. Whatever that means.
My illustration of Doogtoons goodness: I sit in my car stuck in traffic on average of an hour a day. Some of those days, that hour is absolutely miserable. But when I'm lucky, my brain fires a memory of one of the (many) brilliant lines in Doogtoons. This then causes me to start audibly laughing to myself while other drivers continue their concentrated stares straight ahead into their misery. So thanks for making my miserable commute a little more bearable. Well done!
This podcast rocs my socs and is a must have for any iPod video owner no doubt. GET THIS PODCAST NOW!!!!!!!!
I've watched these cartoons several times and carry them with my on my video iPod. All of my friends who see them love it, and I've even been sharing them with my family. Doug takes candid conversation and elevates it to a whole new level with his animated characters. Nick and Haig's dialogue is great because they say so many of the things we think but rarely vocalize. Everyone is sure to relate to them in some way. Doug's hilarious exagerated scenarios taken from Nick and Haig's dialogue are unique and well executed. Why can't we get stuff this good on TV?
i wish other podcasts were as good as urs ps I LOVE INUYASHA!!
Doog has created a masterpiece out of the ramblings of a couple of drunken dimwits. My only complaint is that I want more. 1/2 hours at a time of pure gold spun from the web of lies, facts, dreams, and memories of Nick and Haig.
These cartoons are the funniest I've seen. I can't help but crack up each time I watch them!