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I have listened to the podcasts of this church to help me maintain purity in my teenage years, learn how to grow in my understanding of God’s heart and how to dive deep into the Bible, and how to be a Christian that is a light to the world. I love how Bridgetown offers Biblical principles to help process and reach a chaotic world.
Bridgetown Church has been such a blessing to me these past two months. Listening all the way from Texas. I must confess, I have been touched, encouraged, and even convicted by many of the messages. God is doing powerful things through this church and I am blessed to have been able to learn of it.
This podcast is definitely in step with God’s will.
The way in which John Mark tackles mine field type topics with tact and compassion is intriguing at the least. He is very educated on the original translation, commentary from scholars, and scripture in general. John Mark consistently challenges me to become more and more like Jesus. This guy is one of the best communicators of the way of Jesus in this generation without a doubt.
Is not a sushi menu. When John Mark preaches in part 8 of “the flesh” series that he “doesn’t believe” eternal punishment in hell is “Biblical,” he is picking and choosing what God (and Jesus, too, even though John Mark claims he never spoke about punishment in hell - he absolutely did) makes clear in the Bible. It strikes me as ironic, due to that fact that in an earlier podcast, John Mark said that the most effective lies Satan tells are: 1. “98% true, and 2% false, with the 2% being the most important part of the story” and 2. “Whole truths of a two-sided coin, that omit the other side of the story.” I am deeply disturbed as to why John Mark would not tell the whole truth, even going so far as to take a hard stand *against* scripture. It terrifies me to think that his church could be fitting the exact description of Satan’s lies as John Mark described them. I would be open to hearing an explanation to this interpretation, but I can not recommend this podcast until this church takes a hard look at this stance. John Mark gets so much right in his sermons. It is unfortunate that he got this point so recklessly wrong.
Deep. Enlightening. Inspiring. (and funny) John Mark Comer’s teachings are leading me to be better follower of Jesus and giving me a clearer understanding of what it means to practice His ways on a daily basis. Highly recommend!!


By hencar6
Living many states away, I frequently listen in to Bridgetown. The teachings have energized, encouraged, and challenged my faith. I am incredibly thankful God led me to these messages and grateful for technology to tune in being thousands of miles away. I really enjoy how relatable, practical and invigorating the teachings are and I continue to learn so much about Jesus, the Bible, Christianity, and becoming an apprentice of Christ in the day and age we live in. Blessings to you, Bridgetown! Thank you for preaching truth 🙌🏻 !!!
What a blessing this podcast is! From a girl living in Miami (the other corner of the US) thank you! Such a blessing to hear truth spoken into my life all week long, the Sabbath series is AWESOME!
I am a huge fan of this church. I’ve never experienced church like this where I’m actually excited for Sundays. So much wisdom, humility and knowledge in the teachings.


By Kyler3
I would give this a 3 star (but didn't for statistical reasons). Although many teachings are good from this podcast, there are quite a few things in here that are factually incorrect. In other words, some thing are just wrong, like saying human intelligence has not changed in 30,000 years. That's wrong, first, humans have not been around for that long, and second, human intelligence has GREATLY increased in the past century. This is just one of numerous examples.
Thank you John Mark and team for the encouragement every week. It’s so encouraging to hear such a strong proclamation of God’s Word from Portland! Excellent preaching, tangible and relevant points, and absolutely worth your time to listen to. I recommend it for everyone!
Some of the best sermons I have ever heard. They do such an amazing job of breaking down all the social barriers of our culture today and just present Jesus and the good news, simultaneously in a very sharp and articulate, yet loving way. Love love love.
These pastors have the most genuine sincere heart for Jesus & for people!! And for our culture, nation & the world. You will find yourself deeply challenging to follow Christ in a complete holistic way through this church. I cant speak enough how this podcast & church has change my relationship with Jesus & equipped me to live a real love for the people & culture I live in. Diverse, thoughtful, deep, Jesus saturated, truthful & Holy Spirit driven. You must listen & then find a way to go this church cause you’ll be ever more impacted in real life!
Everything in modern Christianity is so generic and over done. Bridgetown church and John Mark Comer are my go to. The BEST sermons and podcasts hands down. If I were on an island and could only have one podcast lol this would be the one.
The Bridgetown podcast is great teaching from John Mark and the rest of the team! Not your typical approach - the teaching is organized around a vision series every year and a series of practices. Incredibly high value for scripture, the Holy Spirit and community. I think this podcast will inspire you.
In a world of churches that don’t seem to dig past the surface level of what it means to truly know God, John Mark and the team really are a catalyst for amazing change. The teaching is practical, deep and has blessed my life in so, so many ways. I can’t recommend this enough. I spend most of my days at work listening through these sermons and teachings and it makes all the difference in my life.
Bridgetown is my church away from church! I love this podcast age because I live in Phoenix, AZ but Bridgetown has become just as much my church as my local church where I gather and have community. Bridgetown feeds my soul by The Spirits working in and through it in each podcast message. I receive gut punching truth, relieving comfort, encouragement, application, and a heart greater stirred to know and seek The Lord. I HIGHLY recommend giving Bridgetown a listen. The gospel is preached and God is glorified, all the while drawing both lost and found souls gently in with the love of Christ and uncovering the reality of living an abundant life in relationship with Him. Also, get yourself a John Mark Comer book. “God has a name” rocked my world and I’m currently reading through “Loveology” with barely enough ability to breakaway from it to write this review.
John Mark and his church follow Jesus in a way that is so unique and has been a blessing to my life. Listen!
John Mark is a gifted teacher and expositor. His approach is intense, but enjoyable. However, he clearly does not believe in the sovereignty of God. He also makes the Scriptures fit his view of soceital ills, like "social justice."
My family, friends, fiancé and I have all benefited ENORMOUSLY from listening to and sharing these sermons, reading John Mark's books, and being truly inspired to live life in step with our Rabbi, Jesus Christ. Sending so much love and appreciation from MN & WI. Thank you for helping us grow in faith and build community. Can't wait to visit Bridgetown in person.... sounds like we should bring lightsabers?
I was introduced to Bridgetown through Annie Downs podcast with John Mark. Curious to hear more from John Mark I searched out Bridgetown on iTunes. Since then I have binge listened to the archives, and eagerly await each week's teachings. I have grown so much as a result of these teachings. The content is theology that truly makes one think and feeds one's soul in nourishing ways. God is using this church, and it is an honor to be able to learn from them states away. If you are looking to grow spiritually, I highly recommend this podcast.
After a crisis of faith hearing pastor John Mark's teachings were so refreshing. Still Bible based teaching but new perspective, at least for me.
I started listening to John Mark years ago, when he was the leader of the Way, youth group for Solid Rock. Then I followed him to the church that became Westside, and now to Bridgetown. I love the way he teaches. It's like a history lesson, so you can understand what the writers intended when they were writing the Bible. And John Mark is so open and honest, he encourages listeners to think for themselves and to question what he says so we can find the truth. I will listen to John Mark speak as long as he's doing it.
I love that this church is on both wisdom and application. They dig deep into the scriptures, teach about said scripture, and bring out in a teaching that becomes relevant. I don't go to the church because I don't live in Portland, I live in Idaho, but I feel like I'm home when I listen to them.
This family focuses on the three biggest aspects of a church that wants to center it's whole being on Jesus. These three aspects, family/missional/and discipleship, are evident in nearly everything they do! What a great family that "gets" the bigger picture!
Im so thankful to be experiencing life change and growth in a place so fully focused on walking out a life centered around Jesus and his message. I find myself renewed, encouraged, and reminded of the way God intends for me to live my every day life. With the emphasis on my purpose in him.
This is a great series spanning all of the verses of the Gospel according to Mark. This is a must listen to podcast series for anybody. To understand the gospels is to understand Christ. Let God be your guide and dig in. I could not stop listening and have re-listened to may of the podcasts.
Best teaching I have come across I'm a looooooong time. I love the series through Mark! Great teaching! Great gifting that is being used for the kingdom. I live in SD and am so blessed by these podcasts!
But I can't download most of them. I just tried to download the Gospel of Mark and many of them won't complete the download. I just get a message saying "The download could not be completed at this time."


Amazing church, thanks to them i was saved in Jesus's name
I am confused why Solid Rock a so-called "Jesus Church" taught a 5000+ year old heresy. The first sermon I listened to Yahweh Elohim was a sermon all about Polytheism (the false doctrine of belief in many gods) Judaism and Christianity has always believed in only 1 God Yahweh. Deuteronomy 4:35, Isaiah 44:6, Deuteronomy 6:4, Isaiah 43:10, 1 Corinthians 8:6, John 17:3, Isaiah 45:5, Ephesians 4:6, Mark 12:29, John 3:16, James 2:19. All other so-called "gods" are either nothing at all or fallen angels playing a godhood. Solid Rock is neither Christian, nor a Church. Repent please before its too late.
Solid Rock has amazing teachings. The staff that come together to prepare the weekly sermon are extremely gifted. Their purpose and goal is always to teach everything Biblically. There's no straying from the truth or softening the blow! The church teaches the word of God! And it is glorious!!!
I've only been here a couple of times but I love this church and I'm sure that when I'm older I'll go here. I'm a teenager and I'm not allowed to go to church but I love how there is podcasts I can listen to and learn from :)
My husband and I attended the church and grew so much during our time here. We were transferred to another city for my husbands job last summer and were sad to leave :( but I am thrilled to have the podcast! We listen every week and are so blessed by how practical and spiritually nutritious the teachings are. Love, love, love it!
If you have eney middle school kids there youth groups are on wensday at. 7 O'Clock but they like you to be there 15 min early so you can get seats
I am so thankful for the teachings at this church and so happy to call it my church!


Teachings with things that need to be said.
I appreciate being able to understand the teachings and being able to listen to them anywhere!
God uses this remarkable God talented staff to minister to a broken people in this broken world. I am so amazed how God uses each one of these pastors to break down the barriers of sin through their messages and bring long lasting healing. They simple speak the truth, nothing left out. They are not their to appease your lifestyle but to bring the word of God to the broken, abused and the needy which is all of us.
Seriously, he's the best ;). I was looking for an app for audio prayer, then I remembered- duh, Solid Rock! (Kind of can't wait for this weekend if my schedule allows it).
I saw my good friend changed through the teaching and ministry of solid rock so I thought I'd give it a listen. Not disappointed at all. Relevant teaching centered on Jesus.
I work every other weekend, so being able to download the missed teaching is's like I was there :)
This podcast is among one of my favorite means to grow in my relationship with Jesus. I get so much out of each message. I live North of Seattle and it's great to hear from this Portland based ministry. Highly recommend.
John Mark is a funny, intelligent, and remarkable speaker. Always relevant, always convicting. Highly recommended!
We recently moved from Hillsboro to O'ahu Hawaii and was very active at Solid Rock both as servants and attendance. I was not saved when I left Hawaii as a young adult, did not understand why I did not like church growing up. I find now that it is extremely difficult to find a church that truly 'Teaches' from the Bible focused on learning and Growing in our walk. What I have found so far is really a focus of pastors making people feel good about themselves using quotes from the word. This podcast makes it very convenient for me to continue my growth with John Mark, Phil, Jose and the rest of the amazing teachers at SRF. Thank You! Please pray that I find a local church to connect with soon.
I looooooove the Solid Rock podcasts! I listen to them everyday at work, and they help me to keep my eyes fixed on God. These podcasts are truly a blessing. The Solid Rock team inspired me to change my life, and I will always be grateful to them. If I could, I'd give them 10 stars! :)
I got everyone addicted to John Mark very inspirational! Praise God!
I have been going to Solid Rock for about a year now and their friday night teachings, especially those of John Mark Comer have changed my life. The way that God is presented shows the side of a more than real captivating Jesus that I must say most Christians aren't quite so familiar with. Passion and truth in conjunction with the scriptures! Amazing stuff!