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This is amazing. Thank you.
I have been unbelievably blessed by the teaching that comes from this terrific congregation. Thank you, Bridgetown, for bringing such a rich, insightful, and fresh perspective on what it means to follow Jesus in the United States today.


By Kim A .
Bye Bye from East Tennessee. Thank you. You have taught me much as you pointed me, and others to Jesus. I’ve enjoyed pressing into Jesus with your leadership, love and peace. May God Bless all of you, Bridgetown, as you gather in your new building (finally). I’m SO happy for you. Hugs (that’s what we do in East TN). Stay encouraged.... Stay slowed down. ... Stay in the Son.
Thank you so much for the daily inspiration! My heart is heavy that they are coming to an end. It has been such a blessing and I have always looked forward to listening while I take long walks after work in South Carolina. I just really appreciate being able to listen. God bless you and your church!
Your Bridgetown Daily additions to this podcast have been such a blessing each day, especially during the pandemic. I find them an extremely helpful combination of Bible centered meditation and personal self care practice that has truly refreshed my soul. So, thank you!
I have been listening to this podcast daily as part of my quiet time and I’m so thankful for it. Thank you to everyone who put this together. It’s such an encouragement to go wider and deeper into my walk with God.
My favorite church podcast, but please fix episode 563, it cuts out a lot and seems like a very important message there that I don’t want to miss out on!
Consistently this podcast has excellent teachers who craft beautiful, in-depth, thought provoking and educated teachings.
I absolutely love this podcast. Such great messages that really dig deep and aren’t afraid to address the big issues that so many avoid. I have incredible respect for the leaders who make this happen week after week! My one and only complaint is that there are HUGE variances in volume between podcasts. Some podcasts are so quiet that I have to max the volume on my phone and Bluetooth speaker to hear it, but sometimes it’s loud enough that I have my phone at 50% volume. When the former runs into the latter, it’s really not a fun experience (especially at 4:30am and I’m trying not to wake up my family).
So thankful for this podcast and the leadership that creates it. The transition teaching is a must, the morning and evening reflections were great, overall a worthwhile investment of time to renew your mind and tender your heart. I thank God for Bridgetown. May He continue to pour His blessing on the work.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for over three years now. I went back as far as I could go and I listen to every single message possible and I’ve never missed a single one... More recently though, it’s been really interesting to hear all of the deep, revelational, insights in support of Critical Race Theory (or Critical Theory in General). It feels good to know we as a church have woken up to the dangers of consumerism, and are now “woke enough” to get down on our knees and beg the Critical Race Theorist to come into our church and do what only they can do, save us. I can’t wait to hear the theology behind the Great Reset, it will be super comforting when me and my children are sent to Forced Labor Camps because intersectionality wise, we’re “oppressors.” Keep up the good work!
Early in the spring of this year, someone I follow on Instagram shared a screen shot of a podcast called Bridgetown Daily. The episode was about breath prayers. I was immediately intrigued and haven’t stopped listening since. John Mark, Bethany and all the incredibly kind, gentle, wise, thoughtful leaders at Bridgetown became like my shepherds during Covid when my own home church, although gospel-centered, was focusing on facts, data and trying to get everyone back to church ASAP. Would Bridgetown consider planting a church in Omaha, NE please?! (Kidding, not kidding) The episode on holy uncertainty had me weeping in my kitchen. The episode on Psalm 23 from this spring, was on repeat pretty much daily for weeks. Thank you for this podcast. It has truly been a gift to me and the family and friends I have shared it with.

By 72830
The morning and evening meditations were a lifeline to me during the early months of the pandemic!! Now I’ve branched out and listen to John Mark’s sermons over and over. I live in rural Arkansas and love my small African-American church, but my pastor here is a PREACHER, and John Mark is a TEACHER, and I need both! May God bless Bridgetown!
Thanks Bethany for bringing the word! I love that I can count on Bridgetown for solid theology and preaching on singleness!
Thank you for addressing hard things. You have been part of me learning to examine myself!
The Bridgetown daily, truly, is what kept me sane during quarantine. Thank you so much Bridgetown staff for the work you put in, the blessing has been exponential, and your effort is not unnoticed. God has revealed Himself in such astounding and beautiful ways through the work you've put in. I can’t say thank you enough.
This has been so life-giving for me! I am a marital and family therapist, so I spend a lot of time in the world of emotion. I am so thankful for a church/podcast that is integrating emotion/meditation/spiritual discipline with their theology. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked in our western version of Christianity. Also, LOVE that they are daily and short. Currently nursing my baby and listening before my big kids get up. Such an encouragement! Thank you!
Absolutely love each of these daily devotions - I look forward to them and re-listen to them all regularly - thank you for all that you do to make these possible!!
I am so grateful for this podcast! I live in Seattle and have 2 busy kids, and these simple audio teachings or guided prayers/meditations on Scripture have given me guidance as I seek to commune with Christ but don't always know how. Especially in such a difficult global time, having some biblical leadership guide me as I seek God in my home has been SO helpful.
My favorite podcast! I listen almost daily and even re-listen to sermons I’ve played before. Such wisdom in the Simplicity series and the Rule of Life at the end of 2019. I practice Sabbath now and have learned to manage my life and connection to the Father better than I ever have. Love the genuine desire to become disciples of Jesus!
been loving morning / evening 💯 are these worship tracks accessible anywhere?!?!?! they’re sooo goood
Enjoying these from Denver! The perfect lengths and balance of straight scripture, commentary, and meditation/stillness. Thank you guys for making this!
Thank you for doing this! Listening from VA and this has been a daily encouragement!!
the daily podcasts are how i start every day! they are so full of wisdom & encouragement—inviting me into knowing jesus more & wanting to become more like him! please don’t ever stop with the bridgetown daily 😂🤗
I heard Annie F Downs speak of this podcast & was instantly nudged to check it out. I’ve been hooked ever since! So encouraging! It grounds me, gets my heart in the right posture towards God!
High level of value and quality! Always grounding, encouraging and creates a sense of depth for the spirit to explore! Thank you!!
I so appreciate the humility and depth that comes out of these episodes. Very contemplative and thoughtful look at our day to day walk with Jesus. Great way to start my day.
This has been my go-to during this time of isolation I’ve shifted my frame of mind from that of sorrow to celebration and John Mark has helped me to capture that essence. Love IT!!!
John Mark engages in and invites critical thinking. For someone with a graduate degree who cannot see Christianity and the Bible without critically thinking through the claims these make, or who experiences a crisis of faith, this podcast may be for you! Thank you for asking hard questions and bringing scholars, research, and experts to the table!
I am so grateful for this podcast!! John Mark Comer has changed my whole outlook on Scripture and my personal apprenticeship under Jesus! Next to the Bible, this is my absolute GO TO!!
This podcast is the Spirit speaking directly to me in these very difficult days. I could not be more thankful to the team making it. Thank you!
Sitting on the Southern tip of Africa (near Cape Town) our family listens to the Bridgetown daily every morning. It is the highlight of our day during this challenging period of lockdown. Thank you so much to the team in Portland for the encouragement and spiritual guidance you provide.
Thank you, Bridgetown, for be a light in the darkness, a safe harbor in the storm, and a presence of calm in the anxiety. I appreciate your honesty about life and your consistency in pointing to our Great and Loving Father!
I love intellectual sermons, I love deep dives into the Word, I love historical placement and contextual explanations, and I love when pastors follow the Holy Spirit. This podcast is one that really challenges me, it challenges our current cultural beliefs, and it tries to understand how to live like Jesus and be his faithful apprentices. I have so greatly been affected by it. Each time I listen, I can think of at least one other person who needs to hear that message, and I am so grateful to know Bridgetown is there and all of you are ushering in God’s kingdom.
Listening to Bridgetown is like leaning up against the tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth fruit in due season. Their leaves don’t wither and whatever they do prospers.
These podcasts have changed my entire being. A must listen and follow.
We started listening to This Cultural Moment and ran out of episodes (after listening to each 3+ times 😂), then migrated to this Podcast and absolutely love! Of the many things we love, one that stands out is John Mark’s way of explaining Biblical Truths in current-day language, millennial language, and more traditional church language. Hearing them explained in these different “dialects” is sooo helpful. 🙏🙏 And the detailed teachings on practicing the Spiritual Disciplines are an incredible inspiration to persevere.
I don’t remember how I stumbled onto this podcast but it has become one of my favorites. I am honestly considering grad school in Portland just so I can go to John Mark’s church. 😬
I have been searching, and I mean SEARCHING for just this podcast. John Mark uses statistics, studies, anecdotes and most importantly, scripture to teach. I feel like I’m actually interested in Bible learning again since being in Bible College. He addresses hot topic issues that a lot of pastors steer away from. Give this a chance, you won’t regret it. Thankful for this podcast.
I don’t attend Bridgetown Church, since I live in the southern Midwest, but I started subscribing to their sermon podcasts several months ago and really value their messages. With a strong preaching team and guests, I get to hear from a plurality of speakers who share from their personal relationship with God as they exposit His word. Together, they share a compelling g vision of the kingdom for every individual. Thanks for your faithfulness to Christ, Bridgetown, and for making yo ur teachings from your church in Portland available to others around the globe. I’m very blessed by the presence of Jesus in your community.
I have been searching for someone who can teach on this topic and articulate it well.... like. SEARCHING. I’ve listened to the Bible projects, episode on the divine counsel over and over and over.... I’ve looked for sermons, there are few. This one is definitely one of the BEST, and I will be reading the book that was spoken of at the beginning. Thank you.
This church makes following Jesus so tangible and meaningful
I’ve been a Christ follower for 48 years and JMC consistently teaches on topics that challenge me. Topics I’ve never heard a sermon on in 48 years. And yet his teaching is fresh for all ages. Thank you JMC for studying, reading and working to listen to the Holy Spirit in order to push us all closer to Jesus.
These sermons and teachings are some of the best out there. John Mark Comer is one of the most well-read pastors I’ve ever heard about. He is diverse in his understandings of various disciplines. He gets the theological, psychological, and socio-cultural nuances of our modern era and ties them into his sermons wonderfully.
Back in feb 2019 my life felt like it was falling apart. My tightly knit Calvinist theology was not working, my depression was so deep, and I was not sure if God was even real. The teaching during that time about the dark night of the soul was so helpful. It really helped me when I felt like God was not even there. Next time I’m in Portland!
i would literally pack up my wife + 2 kids and move to portland just to attend bridgetown church. these teachings are so well done i feel like i should be paying for them. thankfully i don’t have to. a wife + 2 kids is expensive af can i get an amen
this is my home church and i love being able to always catch the message if i can’t make it to service !!! the message always sticks with me all week & i absolutely love the pastoral staff !! my life has been soso changed by bridgetown !! i usually listen to the podcasts in the car !!