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I first discovered TR back in 2009 while working in a job that gave me ample amount of time to listen to podcasts. I enjoyed these three humans very much. I changed jobs and lost track of them around 2012. Today I was listening to a Timesuck episode on Walt Disney and a joke of theirs came rushing back to me. After minutes of trying to remember the name of the Podcast here I am. Reunited and feels so good!!
I generally like this podcast but the Feynman episode is making me rethink their research/qualifications. Feynman invented way more than just a shorthand for calculus (it was a completely different way to look at quantum field theory and later solid state) and his pop culture trappings (bongos, safes, and the Manhattan project) had little to do with what made him great. He stood toe to toe with Schwinger and Murray Gell-Mann. Also claiming Oppenheimer couldn't pick him out in a crowd is insane and also a completely misunderstanding of their roles. Oppenheimer was the money guy and the spokesperson. Hans Bethe was the lead and he put Feynman in charge (which consisted of future math/physics stars Von Neumann and fermi) because "Feynman was a magician". Instead of trying to understand this man by doing the proper research, these guys went down roads of moral comparison and excitable prose (and trying to give a final moral binary to him for some reason). It's treated arrogantly and the comparison to ray kurzweill shows continued misunderstanding (kurzweill is again a spokesman and book writer, Feynman hardly published because that wasn't important to him). Eventually one of them is honest about the little they know and that was refreshing, but then gave obvious references (minus the physics lectures: those are rad). If you want quality resources, here are a few I've loved: Genius - james gleick (look to gleick for extensive research and high abstraction in any tech related field) Feynmans rainbow - mladinow (one of feynmans fellow physicists near the end of his career at cal tech and future writer for Star Trek) "The jaguar and the fox" from the Atlantic is a nice concise look at Feynman v. Gell Mann and understanding the environment at cal tech. Also look at the published science papers !!(feynmans favorite were bethes 3 quantum papers)! If Feynman has taught people anything, it's how approachable and rewarding these practices can be. On a side note, the passing comments on 2001 seemed uninformed as well. The book and movie were made concurrently (and yes both worked on both), not in lieu of the other. And Kubrick has talked about how he was trying to get nietzche and Clarke in conversation, not recreate a specific short story (although the sentinel is totally recommendable). While all this seems like it would warrant a 1 star, I generally have enjoyed this podcast. I moreso just feel like these guys maybe did something out of their wheelhouse without being upfront about it.
...but first,
I have an appreciation for the trio’s banter on the local scene of Sconnie nation, but it’s not all there is to these guys. Each show has an emphasis and they aim to provide info that is not mainstream about each subject - which is usually biographical. Solid sound quality and no gimmicks. Give it a listen!
Very good, you guys nail it. Go packers
Viktor, Sputnik, and Tor are excellent hosts to a clever podcast that covers a variety of topics. These guys will challenge your position on historical figures, politics, classic television, and yes, even Jerry Lewis. The shows typically revolve around a well-researched topic that brings about spirited discussions that usually turn into a hilarious montage or a frustrated rant . Either way, it is always entertaining. Thanks guys for producing a great show.
From the heart of Sconnie nation, tropical Madison Wisconsin, Sputnik, Victor, and Tor yuck it up, equally informative, entertaining, thoughtful, and light hearted. Tank Riot is good fun. Every once in a while while on the Madison bike paths I see a middle aged man on a recumbent bicycle (pretty often around here) and I shout, "Tor!"
I checked out this podcast on a whim. After 10 minutes, I fell in love. From now on, this will be in my top three regular casts.
Are these freaks recording in a helium chamber? Are they keebler elves? Are they mainlining estrogen? I guess being SOOOO enlightened makes you have a high pitched whiny voice. If you like condescending sissies, you hit the motherlode with tank riot!
I love these guys... Very Entertaining... I listen while I work alone at night and really helps pass the time... Even the episodes about things I had no interest in, were still fun and interesting...
This is without question one of the best podcasts available anywhere. Sputnik, Viktor, and Tor lead the listener on an irreverent, hilarious, and fascinating journey deep into the subject of each show. Though an episode of Tank Riot! is never without its share of tangents, you'll get a better understanding of how the subject fits into history, and be laughing all the while. My thanks to the boys from'Sconi.
Liberals who act like babies
the more they stray, the more I love it. I look forward to every pod cast.The topics I had the least knowledge about, are the ones that I enjoy the most.
A fun show by Big Government loving Lefties, it’s like hanging out with your buddies and exercising the elbow. Look past the lefty religion stuff and it’s a great show.
Great chemistry between the hosts. But they don't really seem to stay on the subject at hand. In all fairness I have only listened to a few episodes. I just finished the mash episode, which took about 30 minutes to actually start. Then in the middle they somehow wound up on Star Wars for like 20 minutes. (Well it felt like 20 minutes) When they do focus on the topic it's very entertaining/educational.
The guys always cover some intersting topics and you're guaranteed to learn a few things that would suprise you such as Henry Ford making great cars but not being that nice of a guy. Well worth listening to (though it jumps the shark everytime one of the guys trots out his pet name for his daughter-The Viking Princess- and shares her views it's Viking Princess this...or Viking Princess that..) That minor quibble aside highly recommend.
I like these guys.. 3 average guys talk about whatever they feel like talking about. Even the topics I don't think I'll care about end up being interesting and they always teach me something I didn't know. That being said, I actually enjoy the "but firsts" and the mail bag even more than the topic most of the time!
These guys are smart, funny, and full of "but firsts".
Tank Riot has rapidly become my favorite non-fiction podcast. It's three erudite, but down-to-earth guys, dispensing knowledge and opinions about a great variety of different topics. Shows have revolved around specific pop culture topics, politics, world events, historical figures, or general arcana (like film size specifications). Now imagine the sorts of pundits and talking heads you see on TV: air-headed know-nothings who are over-opinionated and under-informed and can do no more than bleat popular talking points. Tank Riot is NOT those people. These guys actually research the topic beforehand and come armed with real facts. You may not always agree with their opinions, but they're opinions they can properly articulate and defend, unlike so much of what passes as popular discourse. Each episode contains entertaining digressions into current events and fond reminiscences. The effect is like spending a long lunch hour with friends that are smarter than you, and you're just listening the conversation (presumably because you have laryngitis and can't talk back, and not because you're the kind of maladjusted socially inept person who pretends to be mute). Give this podcast a try, you'll enjoy it.
It's funny, I was just listening to an actual interview with Adams - literally a few minutes ago - In which he went to great, exasperated lengths to dispel all the myths that he had ANYTHING to do with Monty Python. He's friends with some of them (mostly the late Ghram Chapman) but he was NEVER involved with any of their projects in ANY way; his ONLY contribution was co-writing a single sketch that appeared on one of the record albums (the ashes of Marylin Monroe bit). So it was with great irony that I was listening to your Douglas Adams episode in which you mention that he was "heavily involved" with Monty Python. Just like Adams, I have to wonder why people continue to believe this, especially since there is absolutely no evidence of it!
I've been listening to this podcast for three years now (and have listened to all the archived. Can't wait for each new episode. I listen while I do weekend chores, while traveling, just to relax. The subject matter is almost secondary... super entertaining to just listen to them ramble... like hanging (and drinking) with old friends.
Tank riot is a treasure box of information, humor and geeky enthusiasm. I usually hate political discussions, but they make it bearable and intriguing. I especially covet the episodes about cultural icons and themes (post apocalypse films) amazing! Keep it up guys!
Listening to a new Tank Riot episode is one of my favorite monthly rituals. Sputnik, Tor, and Viktor are wonderfully bright fellas, they care deeply about the things that interest them, and their passion is infectious. Furthermore, they choose excellent topics for discussion, they do their homework, and they encourage their listeners to do their own research and form their own opinions. For me, though, what makes Tank Riot such a special podcast is the pleasure the guys clearly derive from making it. It's fun to listen to them have fun. It's the kind of goofing off my best friends and I would do if we were smarter and more interesting than we actually are. Even if you're coming to Tank Riot only because they've done one podcast about a topic you love, you'd be doing yourself a favor to listen on and get to know the show. It's always a good time, and you might learn something, too. :)
There are two podcasts that I download and listen to immediately after they are available: RadioLab, and Tank Riot.
This podcast is not interesting, it's not useful or informative. It's mundane banter based on ignorance on the topics they cover. Clearly they are shills for their own self important egos and opinions. Pure garbage.
I learn something new each time I listen. They cover so many topics in a really lighthearted, fun way. I love these guys and Tank Riot has quickly become my favorite podcast. I dare you to find an episode that isn't entertaining and interesting.
thanks guys. you make my journey home so much better. i am addicted to Tank Riot !!! you guys rule !!!
I don't know who these guys are, but I wish I did! Non-pretentious intellectuals talk about whatever strikes their fancy in a funny, smart, and friendly and polite way. I only wish they did more than one a month, it slows time down for me waiting for the next one.
I appreciate the politics and other awesome talk about history and fiction. I came across the show when I was doing a search for MST3K, and I'm happy to have found this podcast. Thanks!
One of the few, really excellent podcast producers!
These guys are awesome, its a very entertaining podcasts, its both funny and educational. They can talk about everything from pro-wrestling to complicate politics and historic events. I just wish they'd could put out more episodes per month. I look foreward to new ones every month. Keep the great work guys!
Used to be a regular listener and couldn't remember why I quit listening. Then I listened to the best worst movie ep. and I remembered. Politics!! Not everyone wants to hear your viewpoints (right or left).
Can't Recommend this podcast Enough. Three guys that have a deep interest in looking at the world and calling it like they see it. Very funny and very insightful. Where else can you hear about Japanese Anime, Indie Film, Think Tanks (and the destructive nature of them), Local Music, Howard Zinn, 'Sconnie Nation, 70's TV, Sci-Fi, Beer. This is the Podcast for and by Fanboys that never lose their enthusiasm when (and if) they grow up. Keep it up guys.
Tank Riot is one of the great things about the internet. Tor, Vicktor, and Sputnik are three smart guys from Madison, WI who gather about once a month over beers to dissect a well researched topic from history, the news, culture, or something on the obscure side of things. The three hosts have a great sense of humor and good chemistry. NEW LISTENERS - Start with shows that clock in around an hour to get a feel for the show. Recent shows run at epic length and the earlier shows will give you an idea of the tone and format of the show. The multi show series on Conspiracy Theories or Religion are great launch points, but there are plenty of cool topics in the archives.
This is easily the podcast I look forward to the most. Its smart, pertinent, funny and satisfies the inner nerd (and liberal)!
Better than most classes I took in college. I've learned more about authors, filmmakers, visionaries and political louts, all while blowing beer bubbles out my nose from laughing so hard. It's almost like the audiobook version of wikipedia, slightly stoned, with countless tangents, external links, insightful gems. The viking princess is one lucky duck, that's all I can say.
I tried to listen to the episode on Richard Feynman but was subjected to interminable insipid introductory banter about the Oscars, I just had to hit pause and move on. Some podcasts (e.g., Film Sack) can make that kind of casual conversation interesting and entertaining, but these guys should just stay in the dorm and keep it to themselves, they are nowhere near as interesting as they think they are. What a waste of time.
I have been a big fan of the show for a couple years but lately I find the guys to be increasingly condescending and smug (except Thor.) They are just so convinced they are right about everything. For that reason they probably shouldn't do any more conspiracy theory podcasts. Those are problematic because the guys just know they are right, and those "other people" are wrong, and "you just can't talk to those people." Viktor always implores listeners to "do your research before you believe what other people tell you." Thanks oh wise one. The irony of their own hardened positions and "reserach" seems to be lost on them. Several questions have been ocurring to me over the last several months too, such as, Why would Viktor think anyone would want to hear an interview with his daughter? (by the way, take it from someone who knows, calling your daughter a "princess" produces one heck of an entitled adult) And, why do you interrupt Thor virtually every time he opens his mouth? And, why can't we get through an episode without a tiresome Alex Jones impersonation? And, why would you say "F***k You" to listeners? (I'm looking at you Sputnik; that's two weeks in a row.) In the past I have really enjoyed Sputnik's sense of humor and commentary, and Thor is always pleasant and I find his mispronounciations to be endearing and fun. I'd like to hear more from him. One more "F*** You" to listeners though, and I'm out.
Funny, intelligent, and they loathe Scott Walker almost as much as they loathe Edison!
Tank Riot has a lot of insight and add value to the world around. They do a lot of positive things and turn out an interesting podcast. Some problems however do exist. For example, not all members of the group contribute equally to the program and have a high quality of researched materials as others. The sound quality at times is poor. Most annoying about this podcast is that someone will say they have more information or facts "but don't want to get in to that right now." Please get into the facts; that's why we listen. Calling others stupid or dumb is not a fact but an opinion. Also, Tor (?) just says "Yeah, yeah" to everything especially in the recent Rupert Murdoch podcast. Although I am critical, I do like the podcast and will listen to it for the nuggets of information and the different perspectives they provide. Thank you.
An eclectic podcast by three genuine characters. When they stick to the subject at hand, the podcast is great! Unfortunately, large portions of their show often degenerate into political attacks on anyone or anything to the right of Hugo Chavez. On any subject you'll get the unfettered opinions of three Wisconsin State public employees (yeah, they're BIG fans of Gov. Scott Walker) from the Madison area who still think that Communism is a pretty good idea that's just not ever been implemented correctly. Pros: When the specific topic for the broadcast is in discussion, these guys are great. Hilarious Wisconsin accents Diverse topics Cons: If your political views don't fit in with their views then LARGE portions of the podcast will become unlistenable Hilarious Wisconsin accents Their POV on many topics can get quite predictable Conclusions/Suggestions: Break this podcast into two separate podcasts: 1) Tank Talk--Stick to the subject at hand and remove ALL political talk--this podcast would have mass appeal 2) Riot Talk --this podcast is ALL about the political subjects these guys know and love--will have great appeal to NPR/leftie/MSNBC types
I have been listening since the Disney podcast, these guys are great! Get informative recommendations on the best stuff in entertainment! I haven't been bored since 2009!
I mean really, Cory freaking Doctorow listens to this. Whats that non-believer? That doesn't do it for you? CORY FREAKING DOCTOROW DOESNT DO IT FOR YOU? They talk about all sorts of good stuff from Akira Kurosawa to Zombies! If you're having trouble getting into the show find one of the episodes about someone/thing you love whether its Recumbent Bicycles, or even Nazi UFOs on the moon
Horrible podcast! Don't waste your time.
....and I look forward to a new show every month. Wish they would have them more often, but you can't rush a good thing!
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Only been listening for about 15 podcasts, but going to listen from the first. Very informative, could listen for 2 hours every week, one of the best.