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Canned laughter is pumped in at the wrong places throughout the entire podcast. It should come after the funny parts, but there aren’t any.


By j_a_e
Not funny
What a fool. I wish I could rate negative stars. Deleted this at 30 seconds. Don't download


This is totally a Rupert Pupkin situation.
This was so painfully unfunny that I laughed my a*s off. So mission accomplished- three stars.
I think you get the picture budy. reviews are fun too read though.
This guy is the least funny person I have ever encountered. It's almost like he's trying not to be funny, on pupose. It's just... bad, really, exteremely, bad. He doesn't even deserve one star.
I listened to exactly one minute thirty-five seconds of this atrocity when I had to stop because my ears were bleeding. Much has been made in previous reviews of the mans use of canned laughs so I will not beat that already much abused horse. however I will herenow present my list of grievences 1. He was impressively unprepared for an event he himself staged often abandoning or backtracking the joke. 2.His awkward & lackluster delivery sapped any impact his poorly written "jokes" may have had. 3. I have consulted many a talented linguist and cannot find an adjective stong enough in any language to convey how truly and utterly terrible this show is. Finally I urge that someone contact the U.N. to have this man brought up on charges of crimes against humanity.


By jmgev
This is so fake its not even funny! Its like this guy cant even get some famly and friends over to watch his preformance.
you have a fake audience... you're gonna have to get funnier if you want to get any where.....
I'm so sorry.
Not funny at all. Random laughs pop up all the time, and it's obvious they are fake and added in later. Are we supposed to think this is real? You're not fooling anyone...
This is horrible. This guy can't seriously think he's funny.
This guy only ever performs in front of his computer and his canned laugh track.