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Fantastic set. Really very good stuff. My first time hearing Rare Frequency podcast and I will be tuning in from now on. Great find.

By c-w-r
Check out this great podcast for interesting drone, noise, dub, and any other fringe experimental sounds you might be looking for. The show is always a great mix of artists and sounds. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something different! Keep up the good work Susanna!
Susanna's podcast of experimental music a fine listen.
The podcast arm of the Rare Frequency radio show and website. The best place to discover experimental, electronic, improv, noise, quasi-pop music and more! All put together in a beautiful listening experience. Make your days and nights special by loading these into your prefered music player. Not to be missed.
A great platform for exploring the possibilities of electronic music. Some old artists- some new- but always a great listen.
This podcast is a great resource focusing mainly (but not exclusively) on electronic and experimental music. Covering the new, old and upcoming, Rare Frequency should be on the short list for anyone who likes their music unusual and interesting. Highly recommended.