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It’s a bit weird here and there but always endearing and very well pieced together.
Thos people are trash,,
Good production, weird but good content. Please do not put a microphone in someone’s mouth while they are eating sour kraut please lol
Good show, but the sound of crunching and slurping made me yank out my earbuds.
Love + Radio and BetterHelp—the platonic ideal of podcast/sponsor partnerships.
Why do you give like a three word summary of each episode?! and how come since airing points of egress I don’t know what’s real and what’s not —while you may say that’s the point — but for me I only l only enjoy non fiction so it seems very cruel to have us doubt the validity of each episode - great job on that OR was that a sarcastic statement, figure it out like you’re making all us do for each poorly summarized episode mmmm bye
Such a great show. I LOVE these stories and how they are told. A marvelous podcast all around.
Love the show- big fan. However after I subscribed I wasn’t given access to any additional content. It’s all the same episodes I’ve already heard??
Love this podcast - many good stories and often so fascinating. Thank you!
Dude needs a better mic… And a producer. If you have a producer- fire him. then have him arrested. there must be laws against production that is this poor. The episode descriptions sound intriguing, and the small bits that I can make out sound kinda interesting. But come on!!!
The podcast is “back” after a long hiatus but just replaying old episodes. It makes no sense. I’ll click on the next one but that’s it—if it is more recycled material I’m out.
Lush soundscapes and compelling storytelling, this might be my favorite ‘cast.
I really love listing to Love and Radio. It’s so delightfully weird and it touches on some things that people are so passionate about. That they love. Each episode transports me to a different world. And the sound design and audio mix are always perfect. Never any harsh cuts from soft to loud. The way the voices fade in and out and mix with the effects and music really does create an experience like no other podcast I’ve ever heard. Definitely best enjoyed on high quality headphones. You can really tell the people putting this together Love what they do. Keep it up! Make more because I can’t get enough!


By heyhie
Nick and crew, I just gotta say I am SO EXCITED for season 8 and 9 haha I’ve been listening to the old episodes for a couple of years now and man I just have to say thanks for sharing with everyone I can’t hardly wait seriously
🥺😢😭 I can’t afford to pay… bye bye
Great podcast, I just wish it aired more often!
Wow, tricked me. Never trusting you again. Good test of my listenership though. Goodbye, Nick.
Love and radio is my #1 favorite podcast. Literally have listened to ever single episode. Love y’all
Very original sound design and interesting stories.
Really wanted to love this but had to turn off after 15 minutes because the sound editing was not only interfering with the story but was making me feel physically unhappy.
The first episodes are mostly filled with men and a disappointingly juvenile at first. And as one other reviewer said, full of virtue-signaling. Also this podcast is very white and it shows. However, as the show went on, I think there was a shift — after the first 15 or so episodes, the tone the show still has sets in. I adore this podcast now — it has some of my favorite podcasts ever made. But I’d avoid the first few — annoying and white male dominated.


By lyz H
Jerry’s story was heart breaking and I’m glad he survived. I hope Jerry has a decent rest of his life. He deserved a better up bringing. I am so disappointed in your approach. You make the poor guy read his history out loud. And you ask him to watch a police video of a psychopath. You are even heard laughing gingerly at some point. I don’t feel you all were attentive to the emotional damage to the individual. Please be considerate of people’s well being and pick that over getting a story.
episode is a joke, right? It sounds totally scripted. I love this podcast, but this episode makes me question the authenticity of the show. But, it would make a great dramatic thriller.
I love this show so much. Going to subscribe to Luminary to get more episodes!
Lots of podcasts to listen to that don’t demand payment...moving on (and I do donate to several...they just don’t MAKE me)
Stories you won’t hear anywhere else.
Love this podcast- so real and raw and true. Everyone should listen!
Good podcast but don’t agree with subscription only service.
Disappointed this is now a paid podcast. No longer a subscriber. I’ve listened to this since the beginning and now I’m having to remove it from my library
Not worth the price
To people complaining about the show moving to Luminary: The new season is the best one yet(in my opinion), and more than worth the what? $8 a month? C’mon people, they’ve been giving us this amazing podcast for free for over a decade. Pay up!
It killed me when this show left for a subscription based service. It was good while it lasted. Now they use the Apple Pod cast app to advertise through the pay wall? 💔
Would be five stars if they didn’t move to Luminary. I’ve tried and even paid for luminary but the app is very glitchy and unhelpful. So frustrating because I love this podcast.
A fantastic podcast that nobody hears anymore because they jumped ship.
So bummed this moved to a subscription type show. It was one of my favorites.
The sound design is super overbearing and overshadows the stories. It becomes so exhausting that it gets hard to understand what’s happening.
I have listened to nearly every episode and enjoyed them immensely. The only thing that has me ripping off my headphones and skipping ahead is the close-in recording of liquid being poured, whispers, lip and mouth sounds, soft singing, etc. I cannot take it!
The fact that this podcast has moved to Luminary, as a “premium” podcast, is beyond shocking to me. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that impoverished people aren’t allowed access to what was an awesome podcast that could give people insight, knowledge, and understanding of other people and help people to be more cultured.
So ive listened to the secrets ones, which are excellent (some seem fictitious though?). I've also listenened to a few scripted episodes and everything ive listened to has been super...dark, but very well put together.
My favorite podcast best storytelling ever !! Always a twist. Soooo good
Fantastic sound, production quality, and stories. Love it!
Sorry, I really wouldn’t consider paying for this. Too many good podcasts out there. Easy decision to drop.
not a bad podcast, but not everything is sustainable on a subscription model...
A coworker recommended I listen to an episode. That was a month ago. I have since listened to this PC in completion save for 1 or 2 episodes. I’m feeling proud and entertained. More please. 📻


By nf.ll.y
My husband and I listened to our first episode today. The story was engrossing but started sounding strange at some point in the 2nd half. Only by listening to the credits did one learn it was fictional.
i never, ever write reviews of *anything* but i just love this podcast so much. love and radio presents stories of the unusual, oddities that exist at the fringes, in such a beautiful, compelling way. a way that feels almost voyeuristic, but in a polite sorta way.u get what i’m saying? just listen ok??