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You’re either trying to dupe the audience with this scripted episode or this couple duped you!
Unsubscribed after the Points of Egress episode. It was so frustrating to start listening to an episode only to realize halfway through it was fiction. The podcast presented all its episodes as nonfiction (as far as I can recall) up until this point.
I’m usually forwarding episodes to share with my friends. So many different topics and they’re always really interesting.
Subscription process was very quick and simple.
The folks at love & radio are supernaturally talented interviewers, and the production is beautiful. It took a while for me to get into this show when it first came out (it was way too experimental for me, and some episodes were hit-or-miss) but they’ve really honed this thing into an art. Awesome work you guys!!!


By xkritz
Very unique. In the past I’ve taken issue with some aspects of production, too Much echo, too much effect or whatever... but all in all- a very unique and well produced podcast that spans subject matter that you just don’t find anywhere else. There’s nothing line it. Highly recommend.
Roses are red Violets are blue Poems are Hard Beer.
Every episode is unique and transformative... this is more than a podcast- Love and Radio is a quick audio vacation away from the mundane and into the intergalactic. Love this podcast!!!!
Too much virtue signaling for me.
I cannot get enough of this podcast. Please come out with more episodes soon. I especially love the “secrets” episodes. I love the way you listen so intently to each person’s story and ask probing questions that get them to talk about really deep stuff
I am not usually a review writer but, I just wanted to say I have listened to your great podcast for a couple of years now, and it is great, but the last episode f*** your feelings was awesome, it is very seldom that a conservative gets to tell a great story like this on a somewhat progressive podcast. Just wanted to say thanks for using your great storytelling abilities for everyone and every view!
Unsubscribing after “F*ck your feelings.” It was a complete waste of my time to hear this guy’s story. I learned nothing, and I’m irritated he got the platform. There are good people of the real revolution with far more interesting stories. Find them.
Amazing work L+R team, thank you. Favorite.
This might be the most aggravating episode I’ve heard on this podcast.


I totally understand L&R’s ability to tell crazy stories that most of us don’t get to hear, and you’re great at that! But the episode F Your Feelings, wow....really hard to continue hearing misogynistic/super conservative viewpoints we’re already inundated with in our daily doesn’t need yet ANOTHER platform. I don’t understand why you gave this guy so much time.
Misogyny does not need a forum. I am unsubscribing.
What an amazing insight to interesting people.
This was my favorite podcast for a long time. I enjoyed Nick’s style and the stories they covered. But the last few seasons have been incredibly disappointing and now I can’t stand listening to it. I used to look forward to every new episode but I don’t think I’ve made it through any of the new season. Sad!
Some of the most interesting and thought provoking stories from people tossed to the side by society and otherwise.
I only just started listening to Love + Radio and was so impressed by the episode, A Girl in Ivory. Yes it’s two years old, but they requested a review including a bad poem. The show is as good as this poem is bad: recall the essential urge behind man’s frantic power an elaborate whisper from eternity but no rust will shine after a scream through the apparatus like the shadow of a mother ship
Really; next level.
Made me sick and I listen to a lot of true crime. The man is a predator.
I usually like the format and all the out there stories, but your latest The Recruiter is absolutely awful. You are giving voice to a predator. I understand that these men were paid, but he was grooming and manipulating them. I won’t be listening any longer.
I have been listening to podcasts for years and never felt motivated to write a review. I found this podcast through 99 percent invisible and stayed up all night entranced with the stories and format. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks for altering my outlook on life almost every episode.
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Dear Love & Radio, I have missed you so! So so happy to have new episodes.
Pop Tarts, Campbells Chunky Soup, Snack Pack Pudding, Dole and Del Monte Fruit cups, Van Camp’s Beanee Weenee
I had no clue that I needed these strange stories in my day but I do. And now that I’ve been served these wonderful, well edited, and compelling things I can’t remember the time without them. These little jewels on this little phone make me smile. Thank you to all involved and please keep up this good work. We all need it!
If anyone asks what to try to "get into podcasts", this is the one. This is art, I've listened to each episode at least twice.
Luv it. Found by listening to 99%Invisible
Heard L+R first on TAL, Amazing story that left me wanting more. Found the stories compelling. Had an unexpected “extra time” to listen and binged ALL the available episodes. Brilliant show, disturbing, strange captivating, frightening, phenomenal. Only negative is now I have to wait for more episodes to come available. Might have to listen to TAL again. Nic can der Kolk and his team deserve an award. Thanks
The only part The only thing The only one The only dream Frozen yogurt
I don’t like the way iTunes podcasts interacts with my car’s media system. So, that’s annoying.
I enjoy putting on this podcast without knowing the topic or theme. Sometimes it takes halfway into the episode until I get a grasp on the story, sometimes even longer. But I always enjoy it and can't wait to come back for more.
The Living Room episode is the best episode of a podcast I have ever heard. Their method of interviewing people (where you don't hear the questions) is so intruiging, and really helps to tell the story. Almost always a story with twists and turns you wouldn't expect. Thank you for this lovely production!
Intrigued by various content, artfully delivered. This podcast has a way of transporting you into another world in its stories.
The unapologetic presentation of people without interjection from the interviewer is my favorite way to hear a personal story. Love and Radio does it in the cleanest, warmest way I’ve heard.
I’m hooked. This is a phenomenal podcast. I love the fact they are showcasing the lives of these of these inmates! You have a sponsor and friend.
trying to hide from my co-workers how close I am to crying at my desk has never sounded so good thank you <3
This is the show that inspires me to create stories more than any other podcast. Consistently engaging, surprising, challenging, affirming, and perfectly produced. This show consistently creates twists and finds characters that challenge my preconceived notions and deepens my connection to people. Start with Reunion, The Silver Dollar, and The Living Room to get a feel for the show. And if you need a cathartic cry listen to Blink Once for Yes. Thank you for putting so much work into this show!
I like about 90% of the stories feautured on L+R. Really diverse, interesting content.
New Years Resolution: finally leave reviews for at least your top 50 podcasts. They give you way too much free entertainment. The least you can do is leave them a quick review. New Years Reality: I listen to 50+ exceptional podcasts. I don’t have time to write that many reviews. New Years Solution: Leave this cookie-cutter review for the few(ish) podcasts you love. Only review the ones you would (or have) recommended to people in real life. Review Note: I have listened to hundreds of podcasts, this is (in my humble opinion) the best of the best. Download, enjoy, and then recommend widely.
While the other podcasts are interesting, Love & Radio is probably the most interesting by far of all the podcasts I've listened to.
So many podcasts promise interesting stories that you’ll never hear anywhere else, but this podcast delivers in the most non compromising way possible. Each episode immerses you fully into the world of some of the seediest, amoral, and just plain eccentric people on earth. And it does so in pieces that are more works of sound art than journalism. There is no narration to hold your hand, or voiceovers to steer you into the way you should feel. Absolutely essential listening.
Look back, my soul, upon the turmoil and the agony, my forgotten youth, my unrequited passions. The cold steel cage that shelters my heart, has been torn asunder. Love and Radio, what strange feelings are these? Have your coy and beguiling glances returned my innocence? Let us dance and remember ourselves.


Terrific, very interesting and well produced podcast.


By rwerty
hands down, the best — not a single episode has bored me and in fact this podcast consitently blows my mind by putting me in situations and in the lives of people and corners of the world that I never would have considered. incredible. thank you.
This was the first horror fiction podcast to which I subscribed, but it’s still my favorite. The production quality can’t be beat, their voice actors are top notch, and stories are pretty freaking scary. I even got to see them live earlier this year. I would give them six stars if I could.