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An independent and inspirational voice I look forward to every day. Current political and pop culture events with a healthy dose of plant based and a laugh.
Karel is an intelligent person with a huge heart. He is also wildly entertaining and it is hard to tell where his rants will go next.
I have been listening to Karel for years. He's a great man with a quick mind and a big heart.
Karel tells it as it is. Even if the issue is unsettling, shocking, and provocative.
Interesting there is no 3rd hour for 4/7/13. I believe there is a cover up for what Karel said at the end of the show. Even the radio station KGO had "errored" the podcast so that it cannot be downloaded.
You truly make my days better when I listen to your podcasts. I learn and gain knowledge through you and you are so entertaining! :) please don't ever leave radio! I heart you Karel!! ❤
Karel: I just found you on the podcast. Boy, have I missed you on KGO. I just refuse to listen to KGO after they killed it. I thought radio had died. I'm so happy to know that it hasn't. It just moved to the web. The bad part is that I now I have to take my computer home. Love you, love you, love you!
Love the show. Karel is the best I've ever heard.
I access Karel through iTunes,so when was down, I went through withdrawals.. :(-
The best entertainment on the radio....He tries so hard to be someone, yet he can't you .. I thought at one time. Then, he got the boot from KGO, that station just wasn't the same station. Sure, I can get his pod cast no matter what station his on (and I did), but sorry he brings life to that station And why? Might you ask? Because he can take a tragic event & find humor in it. I love him for that. I like that he is an entertainer & his true inner being comes out. He says what we think, yet not dare say.... Who didn't want Joe the plumber dead?? Well, NO ONE wanted to see a man die, yet his words and actions made one think "why is this man breathing & aunt may has cancer?".... Thank you for bringing KGO back to life. Joe is in our past and yes we can laugh at idiots, but my boy KAREL is here for my weekends..... Thank you for bringing him back!
Karel is simply the best at what he does! Very entertaining and highly original!!!
Glad he's back on KGO in the bay area. Shuda never let him go.
Unique and funny liberal talk about daily world issues both political and social. Personal and hilarious point of view both witty and sassy
Karel is an awesome talk show host! He is straight to the point and spot on on all topics! Listen once and you will never miss an episode!
Discovered by accident waiting for another show on Heart Radio....out if this world and knows from whence he speaks!!!
This podcast is the next best thing to listening live. If you don't have time to hear the show when it's on-air, you can catch up at the end of the day. Karel is a wealth of knowledge and if you don't initially agree with his point of view, simply listen and you might just learn something that you didn't know. Unique, fun, and always entertaining - The Karel Show is a "must have" for every talk radio lover!
Karel is smart, funny, and makes you think. He also has some great guests. This podcast rocks!!
Makes very good points. Always trys the Man cares for all of U.S.
Karel is timely, thoughtful, provacative and funny. He keeps me entertained and makes me reflect. By the way I am a straight middle-aged surburban housewife. I hope he gets picked up by another 50,000 watt station or two!
Love your show!
Ive been listening to Karel for 5 years now. He is entertaining, funny, and helps me keep in touch with the world. I care about the thing he talks about. He is an advocate for the underdogs, and keeps us GAYS on the forefront, and I thank him and the radio station for that, we need to be OUT and LIVING and PRESENT! He gives a different perspective on subjects which helps you THINK about things. He is brutally honest and makes mistakes and is human and, and, and.... I love to listen to him. He is much more entertaining than anyone else on the air. And I mean, ANYONE. He does tend to take over a conversation, but for those of you who havent ever called a radio station do not understand that your phone call is part of the entertainment...not your 15 seconds of fame.
if you have common sense, you will love karel
I love listening to Karel! I hope he will add more shows soon. I like his mix of current events, entertainment and technology.
Karel is at least the best talk show host on KGO, if not throught all AM radio. I love these podcasts just as much as his program, but I wish he would publish more and i would love it if he added every show he does.
i love karel. seriously. he has like only the best show ever. he should be on all week. his shows are always fun and he keeps it real.
Too much praise happening for this. We need a little baIance here. First, his whole persona is very annoying. Among other things, he's a self-congratulatory self-promoter. While he may be quick-minded, at best, his scattered and biased approach produces wholly expected and largely mediocre observations. He addresses serious topics by mixing wild claims with facts which he proceeds to support with fuzzy logic to reach conclusions preordained by his left pole political bent. Only the addle-minded and a segment of those sympathetic to his general orientations will enjoy.
YES!! this is what i was WAITING for!!! karel, this is the best.... just make more podcasts faster... I need more karel in my life!
I've been listening to Karel since the "olden" days on KFI drive time, and love that I can listen now on my iPod whenever I WANT to! Honestly people, if you check it out, listen, and realize that talk radio CAN be entertaining - then you'll love it! Karel, keep up the great infoentertainmet, and we'll keep listening! Andrew would be proud!
I love almost anything Karel does and this Podcast is no exception. All it needs is to be added to. There has been only one cast in two months. Karel has not shortage of things to say, so honey, convert it into MP3 format and throw it on iTunes.