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I have now listened to all of the Finer Point’s podcasts. I find Jason’s podcast to be fun & entertaining, but more importantly, to be very informative. A good pilot is always learning and I think The Finer Point’s videos and podcasts are some of the best for learning and keeping our pilot knowledge sharp. It will also remind you of why you love flying and aviation. It’s definitely worth the listen and my hats off to The Finer Points. Job well done!
Informative and entertaining
Mostly an add heavy teaser for paid content, host comes across as arrogant as if his “finer” approach is superior to all others. Interesting topics handled in a boring self-important manner.
I binge listen to back episodes before any check ride or BFR. Love it
The episode on landing on a road was spot on. Jason nailed the importance of good decision making with consideration for all lives, those in the plane and those on the ground. Any loss of life due to an aircraft accident is tragic. But, the loss of an innocent life on the ground is exceptionally tragic and completely avoidable. It is important as pilots that we all learn from this. Thank you for your thoughts on this Jason.
Feeding the flying bug with Jason’s knowledge! Great podcast 5 stars all the way!
Four stars only because of the audio quality and editing at times. Otherwise, the best aviation podcast around.
Jason does a fantastic job of honing in on important GA topics. I’m trying to listen to at least one a day to stay sharp on my knowledge, especially as a new CFI. The episodes are a good length and always hold my interest. I always appreciate the work he puts in to deliver quality training materials to all GA pilots
Jason provides great videos and podcast material to make us all safer pilots. He does it with humility and a sense of humor. Go listen, you won't be disappointed!
As a pilot you should always be learning and I have learned a ton from this podcast! Highly recommended! This is for student pilots to flight instructors and ATP’s.. it’s a great resource. I also recommend his “Setting the Standard” Ebook as well as the Ground School app.
Jason does a fantastic job with his fun and informative podcasts. They are useful to not only training pilots, but flight instructors wanting to listen to many of the ongoing engaging CFI discussions. Hopefully, these valuable podcasts will continue well into the future with some more interesting subject matter to fill the iPods of the aviation world!
Short and sweet. The topics are relevant, insightful and direct enter enter! ;)
Good length... I don’t need more than 20 minutes
Instead of spending half an hour talking about yourself and 10 minutes of content, you get right to the meat! Awesome! Keep it up!
Jason Miller is clearly a competent and experienced instructor and gives some excellent advice for new and always-learning pilots.
This podcast is delivered in such a great format. The episodes are quick, yet always valuable. Really appreciate all your efforts!
Definitely worth the listen! Enjoyable content, excellent production quality, and a wonderful variety. Keep it up, Jason!
As a full time corporate pilot, CFI, II, MEI and student of aviation I find Jason’s podcast invaluable. He has the ability to take the things in aviation that tend to go over heads and place them on the bottom shelf, making them digestible for the masses. One of the things that I love about aviation is that there’s always something new to learn and this podcast is my go-to source for a lot of that information while I’m driving. Thank you Jason for all that you do for our community!
As a student pilot, I would not get to learn most of what's presented here except the hard way. It's a great source to pick up topics to discuss with my CFI.
TFP is great for tips on being a better GA pilot. I look forward to hearing “Hellooo Aviators...”
I have been listing to TFP for a few months and found myself starting over from the start. Jason’s approach is excellent. I love the focus on safety and simplicity to leave concepts clear in your mind. I don’t foresee ever getting tired of it. The podcast is a great introduction to aviation for me, but I would guess many seasoned pilots do enjoy listening from the experienced pilots and CFIs that Jason brings in. I absolutely love it!
Excellent podcast with high value content. I don’t ever miss an episode! Jason touches on a variety of subjects, and there are takeaways from each episode for seasoned pilots and new pilots, like myself. His true stories and real life analogies drive home his teaching points. Thanks for helping us all fly our best!
Every episode has a great takeaway! Perfect format that is short and to the point, so you can listen to one real quick or just keep them rolling if you have some time to kill.
This is a fantastic resource for anyone learning the craft of flying, shaking the rust of and returning to GA flying, or just trying to stay sharp. I used it to help get back into the GA mindset while prepping for my ATP check ride, and got hooked. Really appreciate this resource and will recommend it to my students :)
Has great CFI tips about flying that are short, concise, and to the point. That said I usually only end up listening to half of the episode because the second half is usually just a commercial for whatever he’s trying to sell
If you're a new pilot in training there is a lot of solid information on these podcasts. They're short so start with the first and roll though. To expedite you can skip the first 30 secs and the last minute or so. Also ignore the website plugs on the earlier episodes. Those were failed ventures that don't seem to be supported now. However even with that Jason has some great valid points.
This podcast is short and sweet. In just a few minutes a day you can get an awesome flying tip from an extremely knowledgeable instructor. If you can't get in the air every day, this podcast the next best thing. Create a habit of studying aviation a little bit each day. This podcast is one tool that will help you do that.
I understand the plugging of products, you make a quality podcast and should be rewarded with some sort of salary, but that song at the end is frustrating. Even on television much effort has been made to shorten title and credit sequences. Nice work otherwise.
useful knowledge, only wish i'd found it earlier in my training.
Put on stitcher
I really do like this podcast, it's great for beginners to listen to in the car. But there are a whole ton of advertisements and songs that play. It would be nice to have a longer session too, it seems like i'm always going to the next podcast and fast forwarding through his intro music. Overall, very good material; Not setup ideally.
I have listened to Jason's podcasts for nearly a year now as I have been working on my private license. His podcasts are good reminders, useful information, and tend to cover the issues that are difficult for new pilots. I have recommended his podcasts to my instructor and all fellow students. Thank you Jason for all of your work on these. Fair winds.
If NPR did a podcast about aviation, this is how it would sound. More instruction, less acoustic guitar. The average episode is only a few minutes long and a good portion is spent listening to the same folky song over and over. I’d be willing to listen to more ads if it meant more than 60sec of useful information. The amount of “nice” gets nauseating after a while too. If my flight instructor were this nice, I'd fire him before he spared my feelings all the way to the ground. I prescribe two shots of Jeremiah Weed. I know I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, but that's my take.
Jason Miller has a perfect manner and voice for pod casting. Aviation information is useful, clear and told from experience. Listening makes me feel as if I can picture myself in the cockpit and learn something every time I listen and safety sessions are always insightful. Only thing that could make it better is if it came out more often. Thanks Jason!
In reference to one of these reviews, I guess we are all entitled to our opinion, but obviously some people have no idea what it takes to deliver a podcast. If anyone is able to bring anything in return for the amount of time that goes into podcasting then more power to them! Jason does a great job of getting out material in a timely manner and has always done so from day one and that makes for a good podcast. He covers all levels of flying and from a beginners perspective like mine, I find his episodes very entertaining and enjoy his musical bits as well. Please keep up the great work Jason!
This is a highly polished production and does have some valuable tips for pilots, but the small amount of content is sandwiched between the author's singing and guitar playing. Then much of the podcast is devoted to promoting the authors products, the website, sponsor's products and cross-marketing others' products. This has the potential to be a great podcast, but right now it's an infomercial with some occasional great tips in the middle.
Jason Miller is an enthusiastic, youthful CFI (and a fairly decent musician) who has been providing the best advice to pilots who want to train and maintain their proficiency. With an easy manner and casual delivery, his lessons, suggestions, and analyses are readily digestible in bite-size chunks. You're impressed by this professional and accomplished teacher, given the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of each podcast. Periodically he'll provide good hints on practice maneuvers, aircraft operations, and aviation safety. And, he's even provided finer tunes on a couple of occasions - music he writes and performs - including the podcast's intro and outro tunes. From training items, safety reviews, product suggestions, and interviews with aviation greats, Jason Miller's The Finer Points is a must-subscribe for all pilots - new and old. Lastly, having met Jason at the latest Airventure, he's just as nice and forthcoming in person.
What a great service to the GA community! With Betty, Joe, The Pilotcast, and the other cool aviation-related casts out there, The Finer Points fills a niche with superb, bite-sized nuggets of CFI-wisdom. Great music too! Thanks Jason. Terre Haute, Ind. USA