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I ran across this Murphy saloon pod cast 2 years ago when I was working as a night patrol security guard And now working in the sheet metal trade I tend to listen to the pod cast and it keep me going on the job And Murphy keep up the good work and it keep my toes tapping Thanks for the musics and keep on jamming It not blues unless it Murphy saloon blues Urban dog Los Angeles
I truely enjoy the choice of tunes this podcast offers. I can take the dumb jokes and the wasted time reading a listing of listeners home sites. I am sorry that the site is having money problems but to whine and blame the listners is going too far. Hope you make it.
this podcast has it all--Old music, new, middlin. The bios add to my appreciation of the artists, and the Bad Joke of the Week is always a groaner! Even your voice is just the right timbre for DJing the Blues. Roll on.
If you don't really know enough about the blues to know if you like it, start here. If you've been listening to the blues for years, you found a keeper. I've been a blues fan for decades & I only wish I'd found Murphy sooner. I hear at least one new song in every show that I like. Murphy has introduced to me several dozen artists I would otherwise never have known about. Plus, there is the weekly joke (?!?).
In addition to the music played, the voice of the announcer can make or break a podcast. Mr. Murphy please great music.
I switched to Hambone's. Murphy's liberal political comments is not what I wanted to listen to.
I discovered Murphy's Saloon in the spring. I listen to my iPod all day to keep my sanity at work. for the last two months after I get caught up on the world news in the morning, I listen to the best Blues out there. That's all I've had on for the last two months. I've been catching up to the first three years of the podcast, while also catching the weekly release. I've been introduced to new powerhouse artists that I would never have found otherwise. Murphy can babble sometimes and his jokes are truly terrible, but my shuffle has a fast foward button, and I cut him short when approprate. Having been a Chicago boy and loving the old Blues masters all my life, it is great discovering new and old Masters every time I put the ear buds in, and there's no better way to ride down the road than on my vintage motorcycle listing to some rocking blues. Thanks a lot Murphy!
My previous rating was a bit unfair as it was directed at a smattering of political opinions given by the bartender around the time of a historical American election that took center stage globally. The overall musical content and the commentaries on the music at the Saloon are first class. Trusting that further political topics are offered as links on the website and don't show up on the show, I give Murphy's Saloon podcast a top rating.
Is the election over yet? Maybe I'll stop in and listen if the bartender isn't going to dump his politics on me. I'm not one to fire up a podcast purportedly about blues music to get preached to about politics. I've moved over to the Salty Dog. If this podcast goes back to its' original intent; "podcast home of the blues" then I'll warm up a barstool and buy the rounds. Until then, I'm "unsubcribed".


By Bigturf
What a great mix of blues music. I find it hard to wait until the next podcast. Keep up the great work. If all podcasts were this good I would have to clear my Ipod of music.
I've been enjoying this podcast for several months and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Thanks to this I've become a big slide accoustic blues fan. Thanks Murphy.
I initially gave Murphy a positive review but now I'm inclined to lean towards the negative. If I want to listen to blues I'll go where it's just blues and not politics! His cute art work and website link to an Obama fund raiser were the last straw!
Man Oh Man! I feel like I"ve been looking for Murphy's Blues for my entire life. Now I've died and gone to Heaven, and it's Murphy's. Thank you. Thank you.
Murphy is the man to know when you want the blues. His jokes may not be the best, but the music and the beverages can't be beat. Stop by and see what I mean.
Traditional Blues, Funky Blues, Chicago Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Murphy plays such a wide assortment that I've many times been tricked into liking something I otherwise would never have listened to. Murphy casts a wide net over this well known genre and pulls in a ton of eclectic blues-tinged music. Required listening.