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Bereans online is a great resource for those who desire to study the culture and context of the entire Bible. It's content will challenge you to explore new interpretations and applications. Highly recommended!
There is much Torah available here on Itunes that is based on authentic Jewish sources. This type of podcast does not qualify, as it just teaches Christian concepts and ideals, trying to fit them into Judaism. Please move this podcast to the section on Itunes entitled "Christianity."
Excellent teaching style, opens up the scriptures by bring in other Jewish writings and historical references to give the western mindset a better understanding of the Word of God.
To those who call us names and bring curses on our heads, I would say this. Through the example of the Jews throughout history and through their preserving the word of G-d, many of us have learned that the Torah was NOT abolished and there is only ONE law for Jew AND Gentile. We also believe that Yeshua is the Messiah taught about in the Torah. I apologize for anyone who posed as a christian and tried to deceive you. We are not those. The teachers on this site are not those people. These are people stuck in the middle. They sincerely believe that Yeshua is the Messiah AND that Torah is to be lived by all. What then do we do? We are ostracized by the christians and rejected by the Jews. But instead we try to follow our Master Yeshua and love all our brothers on both sides. For those out there that are in this place in the middle, this is excellent teaching.
The name of the podcast says it all: Bereans! Truth-seekers! Yeshua-centric and grounded in Torah, this podcast is a must for the emerging Torah communities seeking to mature in their understanding of HaShem's Word and HaShem's ways. May you be strengthened as you continue to speak the Truth of Mashiach to a stiffnecked people that refuse to listen. -- R. Ariel b. Lyman
Here is another Christian podcast that is listed as a Jewish one. Please do not be deceived yiddishkeit !
I have been enjoying the audio studies from for months now and have been in awe of the depth of study and the insight with which the Scriptures are viewed. I highly recommend going to the website and downloading the accompanying study guides. They do help when going through this dense material. Shalom, Family!