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Easily the best sermon i have ever heard about fearing God. Hands down. Everyone loves God's love (which I respect fully), but being able to fear, then love God is key. Watch it. the last 13 minutes blew my mind.
Francis Chan is truly a servant of God. God moves in him and through him as it shows by his sermons and by the confirmed word of those around him. I hadn't ever heard of him until only a few months ago. I saw a clip of his message about the "middle road" which I thought was hilarious. I then did some research to find out about Cornerstone and got hooked up to their pod casts and their website. I have thoroughly enjoyed Francis Chan's sermons and didn't realize just how popular he was until recently! However, I couldn't properly brag on Cornerstone Church if I didn't mention a few of the other people I have heard teach as well. Todd Nighswonger is a FANTASTIC teacher. I have especially enjoyed his most recent message titled "Where Are We Going Next" I have listened to a couple other messages from him as well and I am impressed with the lineup of pastors that God has blessed Cornerstone with. Joshua Walker – “The True Story of God” What else can I say but Wow… It was a long series of sermons that were just, incredible! Praise be to God for these amazing men of faith and love. Thanks to Cornerstone for preaching Jesus and Keeping the word of God alive and sticking to the TRUTHS found in his word.
It's so nice to finally hear a preacher preach the Bible the way God intended it...not with sugar coating and fluff. If you are looking to be spoon-fed sugar coated Christianity don't look here...but if you are looking to find someone who preaches God's Word...the good the bad and the ugly who is preaching to please God and not you...then you've come to the right place. Thank you Francis for your passion and for preaching the true Bible!
Fearless and Faithful messages that everyone needs to hear and apply to our lives!
Finally, someone who has it right. Cornerstone is a light in the darkness, they take the Bible and do what it says. Francis has no fear, he conducts a church service to please God, not men. It's so refreshing to hear someone who justs preaches the Bible and doesn't even care if people leave or send him evil emails, and that's a rare thing. It seems like Cornerstone is doing all it can to imitate the early believers and really love one another and really follow Jesus. I've watched almost all the video podcasts and my life has never been the same, don't just watch them for entertainment, do what they say. Francis Chan has become like a mentor to me lately and I'm eternally grateful he has said yes to God and the truth and never what will just make people feel good about themselves.
I listen to each more than once!
These podcasts have changed my life. I do have one thing that I would like to address. I feel that sometimes we get a little to wraped up in how great the presentation is and we start to praise the creation. Francis definately has a genuine heart for the Lord, and the Lord has blessed him with an awesome gift of preaching. Just listen to what the Father is speaking through him, and put less focus on him. Bless Cornerstone church and blesd all of the churches around the world that are teaching the TRUE word of the Infinate Father, and bless all of the brothers and sisters.
Whosever, it seems that YOU are taking the Bible out of context...Jesus did die for everyone...everyone who believes...and if you believe in God you will obey what he commands and love Him with everything you have and are. 1 corinthians 6 (primarily v9-11). And if your a married lesbian God made marriage between a man and a woman (too many verses to cite). It seems like you are tweaking the Bible to justify your actions and live how you want to. As a Christian I am not judging you in any way, just trying to open your eyes to what is really Truth.
Wow! I've never written a review on iTunes before, but felt that now I had to. First off, let's say that I don't believe in throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Francis Chan's teaching, passion & ability to challenge us to get out of our comfort zone & into a radical life for Christ is fresh, strong medicine. I'm currently reading Crazy Love & am excited about it! Unfortunately, I just listened to a sermon regarding homosexuality by Chuck Bomar & was extremely disappointed. As a Christian who is also a lesbian (that's not an oxymoron...ready John 3:16...I'm a whosoever), my heart broke to hear yet another church taking God's word out of context to perpetuate false interpritation of His word. I URGE you to ALWAYS check what you hear. The movie "For the Bible Tells Me So" is a wonderful & revealing example of TRUTH. But thank you for challenging your congregation to NOT JUDGE. Love God with all your heart, mind & soul...then love your neighbor as yourself. Its the greatest commandment.
Thanks cornerstone simi this is a must have podcast. Francis God bless you your family and your church. I am a union electrician in central illinois and have listiend to these in my truck every day on the way to work. I find myself leaving home a little early so i can pick up where i left off. This is a must have must subscribe to podcast for whomever reads this straight forward right uppercut punch in the gut sermons not watered down and is what we all need in an ever changing world we have as today
I have Francis' book Crazy Love - and appreciate the podcast - looking forward to going through them.
All I can say is we need to praise God for the gifts he has given each one of us. Francis truly has a gift to deliver the word of God. His teachings are very easy to follow and inspiring. You can really tell that he is running after the Lord, and after watching these podcasts you too will be able to reconnect yourself to God, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. "Praise him who takes my sin from me."
and this message is clearly stated through cornerstone's teachings. i love this podcast because if i miss a sunday then it is great to be able to download the message and listen to it throughout the week. i totally reccomend it. just download it you will not regret it
My wife and I love this guy. His messages are full of love and hope. He is funny at times and loves Jesus all the time. May the Lord bless him and his church
Awazing bible teaching and practicle application. Francis has a God given gift that he is using to further Gods kingdom. Please come a plant a church in Paso Robles CA.


Francis is the best pastor in daa world
I first saw Francis Chan at FishFest 2007. It was incredible. He spoke the truth, especially about the need to serve humanity before building bigger and more expensive churches. We need more of him and people like him speaking God's truth and will in our lives. I am glad I found this podcast since I live several hours away. I can listen and watch his sermons now. If I lived closer, I would definitely attend his church.
My wife and I have been truly blessed to be a part of Cornerstone Simi for over 7 years now. Now that we are in Texas, we still get to enjoy hearing from one of our truly favorite preachers in the world! :-)
Guys, my wife and I attended your church when we were doing a Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission in LA. We both loved it and since coming to live in Sydney (my home) we have continued to be encouraged by these podcasts. I think it's awesome that we can access each weeks sermon and feel connected to Cornerstone on the other side of the world! Keep it up - it's great! I've definately been challenged in my faith and to grow in my relationship with Jesus. Thanks and God Bless
he helped me in my walk and he just put it a different way which is awesome. i love this guy he's a great teacher. God bless you Francis I love you man
Ever since hearing Francis speak at Hume two summers ago, nobody delivers the Truth as clear and cutting as Mr. Chan. Everytime you listen you can't help to feel convicted by God to take it to heart and change the world.


Cornerstone has one of the best church staffs I have ever seen. They're all gifted speakers and speak with their heart. They are a blessing to people around the world, making the Bible easy to understand with good examples.
I just went to Hume Lake Christian Camp for a week and he was our speaker. You can just tell that he has such a connection with God. He is really moving and he knows what he is talking about. He told us that he lives to hear God tell him "Well done, " when he dies.
My perspective on life has totally changed thanks to Francis Chan! He has truly been blessed with a amazing gift and it has had a huge impact on me. His "Just Stop And Think" Is pretty close if not the best thing I've ever seen. God bless you, Francis Chan!
I ran sound for a Junior High event in Madras, OR, last summer, and we had the privilege of having Francis Chan come down to speak for us. It was an amazing week. A friend of mine who also went told me about the podcasts yesterday and I am SO excited to find it!!! In Him -Sparky
Now i can get my fix in Montana, sick.
Dude this is soooo awesome!!! I go to this church and this guy (Francis) is seriously the best pastor and I am not just saying that!!! He's got a gift from God for preaching and he can and will change your life. Get this podcast... it is great!!!
Now, we can hear a great preacher EVERYDAY! This is SO cool! Go God.