Diffusion Science Radio

Reviews For Diffusion Science Radio

Present science in a fun and informative way. Look forward to the show every week!
He has interesting topics and lots of different guests. The show keeps up with current technology. Anyone interested in science and technology should listen.
Great job of mixing tech and science with humor and a touch of sarcasm. They discuss a broad range of topics that everyone should find interesting and educational, and sometimes eye opening. Several of the topics have caused me to do more research into details.
Listen to this podcast, and you will come to the conclusion that they need dough. That being said, this podcast seems to be one of the best, and I listen to them all. I like this show so much that I'm going to help them out with a donation, and I've never done that for a podcast before. Listen! If you like science and tech, you will enjoy this podcast!


By Jimaich
Too much fluff, too much corny banter, too much attempt at adding production value without getting content in return. I unsubscribed.
A great variety of all the sciences, well presented.
Nicely balanced selection of topics, great selection for family listening and discussion. (And by the way, I think the "up-talking" is distinctive in some australian accents. We all have accents of some sort...)
You might not believe it, but this is actually better than SciFri, SCIAM Podcast, and even SETI Radio Show! Try it!
This delightful podcast is absolute proof the that mixing of Aussies and science is bound to produce an hilarious explosion of information fun, learning and guffaws
More people should listen to this podcast!
Although they might need a little help in American pronunciations, this lively crew brings a nice mix of science reporting and discussion to podcasting. Programs are well produced with good sound levels.