Reviews For Bitchin' Ass Podcast

I love this Podcast. I have loved Redd Kross for years but have let them drift in and out of my life. It just about figures that we would be on a break from each other during this obviously crucial time of artistic expression. Better late than never, I found this short series a joyfull blast of fun and music with an exceptional cast. The music and guests in particular is fantastic. I really, really, wish there had been more episodes and wish there was a way to convice the gang to make more. I cannot believe I had to fianlly download the flippin iTunes program to find this gem, but I am happy I did. I wish there was more material from this whole crew of geniuses on iTunes.
I know Lynn Portabello is a pioneer in the world of Internet episodic film but I think calling Portabello the Kazan of the net is unfair and ghettoizes this mysterious genius. B.A. is the best series so far by Lynn Portabello.