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Learned lots from Graeme and enjoyed tuning in now and again!
Not that I expected anything professional. But this is like listening to two college kids playing warcraft through the dormroom wall. If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it...... this is yet another podcast that really shouldn't be heard.
This is a good show to drink some beers and turn off your brain too. There is nothing deep about these two, but they can be fun none the less.
I wish Frosty the Snowman and Graeme Crack were my parents. A great show about two guys that just want to chill and talk to ya for an hour or more.
Be submerged in the world of Frosty and Graham (yea, I know I spelled it wrong - that's just how I roll). Just when I thought nothing good could come outta podcasting, ITRadio comes bursting through the mediocrisy! Every show feels like I am hanging out on the couch with two good friends, thanks guys!
Bare bones and funny. The intro is pretty much exactly how the show goes; two guys being vulgur for spite and giggles if not out of habit, continually interupting each other, near strangling each other at times, and threatening babies that are already dead. What I like about this podcast is that it's just like listening to me and my people hang out, though we're a lot more organized in our offensiveness, but thats the charm these two nuts. As much as it annoys me that they don't get what they are trying to say out until about twenty minutes after they start, the payoff is usally worth it. I've been spreading the word to all I can that this podcast is worth listening to, even though the jerks I talk to for the most part have still yet to learn the glory that is podcasts thus making my efforts fruitless. I tried fellas. I really did.
I heard about ITRadio through the Smart Wrestling Fan podcast. These guys crack me up and make the workday go by quickly. The 50th episode was entertaining and I cannot wait to hear the conclusion. Listen to this podcast, NOW~!!!~!!!~!!!
This is one of the most entertaining podcasts ever. It's swearing every 2-5 seconds actually seems justified when placed in context with the topic at hand.This is a great podcast with a wide variety of topics. The comedy on their show kept fresh by their 50 minute bi-weekly shows.