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Like having a coffee and a biscuit with a kind old friend. This show makes me miss my bike when I am not on it! Such a lovely wander through Great Britain on 2 wheels. Inspirational and well done.
There’s nothing I like more than slipping in my earbuds to listen to a new episode of The Bike Show. I’ve been listening for near on fifteen years. It’s always worth the wait! I wish I could record such sparkling audio on my bike! -Wesley Cheney, Tell Me About Your Bike Podcast
Enjoy the broad variety of cycling topics covered. Thoughtful questions in interviews, and interesting guests. Have listened to a dozen or so episodes and looking forward to hearing the rest. I can understand the challenge in doing the podcast. I only wish the host was able to more episodes.
I listen to too many cycling podcasts and think this is among if not the best. Well thought out episodes which cover various interesting topics, trip reports, interviews. Thanks and keep on peddling.
Blah, blah, for the first 20 minutes,should've been devoted to the EPA. I'm still listening and your still talking about everything BUT VW.
Jack Thurston, your podcast host, started the show as a weekly broadcast from Resonance 104 FM. This show, about cycling obviously, was broadcast in central London on that radio art station. I miss that time in his life. It was released weekly and I looked forward to it with anticipation. But life moves on, Jack has married and moved to Wales, the show is a little more sporadic as he has new priorities to his wife and children. I'm just appreciative that he still turns out the occasional episode. Each of the same calibre of his earlier years.
one of the few podcasts I have gone back and listened to all of them.
Great show or a breath of fresh air compared to some shows on bicycles I really enjoy the topics and your views of racing/training next to just going out and enjoying the ride. I ride about 5-7 miles a day during the week commuting and 20-30 on weekends just out wandering around. I enjoy listing to the show before and while on rides it gives me a good in site and helps me understand cycling in a way that is not always there with todays industry. I look forward to more shows/pods
This is a really well rounded show that covers all aspects of bicycling and bicycle culture. Even when the episode is covering a topic I might not normally chose to listen to, I know Jack Thurston will make it interesting and entertaining.
Was really glad when I found about this bicycle podcast , not only does it put me into a world of bike riding in Europe but it motivates me to get on my bike trainer or my bicycle and hit the trails or roads in the Chicago il area , you guys rock ! Keep up the great reviews , coverage and bike talk , your doing a fantastic job . Now let's get those wheels spinning .
There are a lot of bad cycling podcasts, many ok ones, and just a few really great ones. This one is easily one of the great ones. Jack picks a new subject each week and tells a compelling story through interviews like no other. He definitely has a gift for the format. Many weeks I only have time to listen to 1 or 2 podcasts and this always makes the cut. Love it!
Just listened to the two-part episode about cycling in NYC and the wonderful interview with the legendary Mr. Greame Obree. This podcast is incredibly well done! I love it. Great host. Great production. Great interviews. Great, great, great!
An easy listen the podcast covers everything from cycling history to cutting edge current affairs.Jack Thurston has the gift of asking all the right questions and keeping whom ever he is speaking to at ease. I look forward to listening weekly.
I've listened to 40 shows just this week while riding. Great breadth of cycling topics with no lack of depth. Great music. Very funny.
Smart and entertaining. Best bike podcast available. Thanks team! - Kirk, Minneapolis
This podcast has it all. Excellent topics, excellent music and an excellent host.
This is quite simply the best bicycle-related podcast available today. It's insightful, thoughtful and engaging. Host Jack Thurston has a gift for interviewing and for translating the joy of bicycling into highly listenable interviews and features. The fact that the podcast gives the world a window into the state of cycling in London is an added bonus. When you're not riding, you should be listening to this podcast.
Jack Thurston's intoxicating affability has brightened up this Californian's winter! His unobtrusive sense of humor is meted out during well-recorded (not a hint of wind ruffle) interviews with guests while riding bikes on roads and lanes throughout London and the whole of England. Thurston manipulates all of radio's sometimes hidden dimensions by peppering the show with beautiful breaks of ambient natural street and event sounds and music, which bring actual images to the mind. I get the impression from listening to Thurston's unobtrusive style that he doesn't actually "interview," he visits, resulting in a great look into how each guest views cycling and how it appears to shape life for them. Reminds me of how fun it is to ride with others.