Marcus is so gentle and creates a wonderful opportunity for guests to thoughtfully detail such a personal journey. Wonderful guests. Wonderful host.
I so enjoy the pod casts and sharing them with others! Thanks for all the work that Coming Home Network does. Truly an inspiration to all who listen.
It's been on for a long time but these conversion stories never get old. It is so interesting how God moves in our lives even when we want to run from Him.
I absolutely love this show. If you want to know what Catholics believe and why--through these amazing stories as opposed to ONLY reading textbooks or following caricaturized news, listen to this show. It will inspire you, console your heart, and challenge your mind with both supernatural faith and sound, intelligent reasoning.'s life on the rock, a good episode of jj wright, the music composer and jazz musician, but it's listed incorrectly........
I love this show. One of the best ways to learn how to save souls by bringing them home to the One True Church.
Ewtn library has all the recordings of the journey home:)
Glad they put it on iTunes. However, the most recent one was dubbed in Spanish! I can't hear Marcus over the translator!
This is a very interesting show! Marcus Grodi brings out a lot of different ways and reasons why educated, thoughtful, believing, people have entered or returned to the Catholic Church. As a revert myself I find it fascinating. You would think after more than ten years of weekly shows it would get redundant. But it is still a scandal that the Christan church remains divided.
Happy to have found the Journey Home on iTunes, but when I subscribe all I get is the newest episode for 2012. Where can I find the previous ones?
Marcus Grodi gives his guests time to share their stories of coming home to the Catholic faith. He is patient and never hurries them which allows for more openness and depth as they share their life-changing journeys. This is a wonderful program!
Never miss a Podcast.
Wonder stories of journeys (back) home to the Church. I try not to miss any episode. EWTN website has tons of other solid Catholic programs.
If you are Catholic, listening to these conversion stories will give you an idea of other faiths and how they fall so short of the Fullness of Truth. If you are of any other faith, please listen to these conversations, they might cause the scales to fall off your eyes when it comes to the actual teachings of the Church. The Church is quite different that what you hear from your Sunday sermoms. Learn what you are prostesting against from the mouths on people who have sat next to you in the pews!
It's great that EWTN posts their main programs on itunes.
If you miss an episode here, EWTN keeps an archive of all shows on its website for you to stream or download.
As a revert to the Catholic faith being away from it for over 30 years, I love to hear the stories of conversion. I faithfully listen to each episode soon after it come out. Thanks Marcus
I was wondering why there is only one episode at a time? Why don't you keep a library of shows? Sometimes I cannot get to my itunes for a few days and I miss shows. Just an idea.
I love The Journey Home. Marcus Grodi is an excellent host. The stories are fascinating and I learn about many other faiths as well as about Catholocism. I especially love the round table discussions on the first Monday of the month. Best of all, it is done in true Christian charity. No one says anything unkind about other religions and people are free to e-mail or call in with questions. Always interesting.
This is my favorite podcast. Marcus Grodi does a great job hosting this EWTN program. I always learn a lot about other faiths & the Catholic faith at the same time. The stories of how a wide range of people have come to the Catholicism is fascinating to me.
I'm so glad to see the Journey Home on podcast! I don't always get to catch it on the radio and I don't get EWTN on my TV. As a busy mom, it is so nice to be able to listen whenever I can on my iPod. I am always uplifted by listening to the beautiful testamonies of people from all walks of life as they follow Jesus Christ into His Church. I made the same Journey myself 3 years ago and The Journey Home program was very helpful to me. To God be the Glory.