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I love the content of the podcast. Unfortunately the voice is too high in tone and talks a little to fast for me to focus on the actual content. I've tried slowing down the content but the voice is still too awkward to pay attention too. If the presenter of the podcast would slow down the information and podcast would be excellent. Thanks for all the information!!!
Thank you :)
The podcasts are purely audio. You must look to their website to see what is being talked about. Perhaps Dr. Whitaker can improve the podcasting to include images. It would certainly make things more interesting for the iPod/iPhone user as opposed to the person who has access to the Internet. A worthwhile podcast, but . . .. Devotees will learn, but only after working to learn.
This will help me a good deal for my midterms
Thank you Dr. Whitaker. I am going back to school for nursing and speed a lot of time on the road. Now I can learn my anatomy while driving, exersicing or sitting at my desk. Please keep this up.
Great anatomy review if those classes are in your distant past like mine. I ordered the CD from the website. It was in my mailbox in Utah in about a week. A LOT of info. Very impressive. Thanks Dr. Whitaker!
Instant Anatomy is the no-nonsense, "mapped-out" type of show that' s a great length too. Keep it up y'all in the UK.