Reviews For Awesome Vocabulary: Learn English Vocabulary Words Podcast

Thanks for your helpful podcast! It's helped me a lot to improve my English. I'm not a native speaker of the language, but I find it so clear to understand. Adam you're great, thanks for your effort to help us use English in a better way.
If you can be patient and get through the first half (or so) of each podcast where the host tends to ramble about unrelated subjects, the vocabulary portion of each show is actually beneficial. The words are not of a high degree of difficulty; rather this should serve to remind you of words most of us learned in junior high or high school. Who couldn't stand to vary their word choice a bit in conversation?
To all those who have the slightest complaint about this podcast I say you are ungrateful human beings for such a useful FREE tool to better your brain. I love this podcast. And it's quirky and makes me laugh.


Keep putting out the podcast, we all need the vocabulary improvement.
i love this podcast. if you're looking to understand all those two-dollar words in david rakoff's essays and appreciate a heartwarming lack of slickness and perfection, then this is the podcast for you. the host, ben, is adorable and unabashedly nerdy. he's the patron saint of my vocabulary. i think the only thing that would improve it is if every word was used in a sentence. this is dork chic at its finest. -carra
I'm not even 6 minutes into this but still feel confident in my opinion that this is all garbage- annoying voice, poorly recorderd, and an unintelligent delivery- don't waste your time with this dross. Only props i can give is that the dude uses a Vanity 6 song to use as a filler while he takes a minute to pause the show to get his word lists organized!
short... and to the point. not trying to be funny. educational.

By ogz
This is the best pod cast I have come across. Its a perfect length for my commute to work or class, running from about 5-10 minutes. Ben does a wonderful job and provides a prominent service to those looking to better their vocabulary.
It was this podcast that turned me on to the whole concept of podcasting. The show is relaxing and easy to listen to, while at the same time providing useful educational content.
How about some Truth in Advertising. 23 minute show. 16 minutes into it, the first word is presented. At 19 minutes we get word number two. I think this guy just likes to talk to hear himself talk. It might be better if it was even minimally prepared in advance..
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Not only does the Vocabulary Wizard present words of varied meanings, but he does so in a sassy and entertaining manner.
Love it! Reminds me of a Conan O'Brien approach to vocab - just completely unprofessional and goofy . . . but in a weird way it makes you remember the words much better! The words are strong, solid vocab words that are in many SAT/ACT/GRE study lists. I honestly look forward to every show! Only setback is sometimes the speaker will go on random tangents completely unrelated to the vocab . . . but there's always the FF button. Keep em coming!