Open Line, Wednesday

Reviews For Open Line, Wednesday

As followers of Christ, more than ever before, so many of us are desperate for discourse on our precious faith that strengthens and grows us. Father Mitch Pacwa is a true Godsend. I have been listening to his shows on EWTN for some time now, and I have learned so much about Church History, the Word, and even church counseling. Thank you, Father Mitch and EWTN, for kindly instructing all of us—even us who make up the “third of the audience.” Blessings to you, in Christ!
He is great, caring and strong. Very knowledgeable, he is a great example of being a true Catholic. He has the knowledge to respond, he is prudent as how to answer when he doesn’t know the topic. Yet his ability to defend our faith without compromises is what I admire the most, he doesn’t justify the bad behavior and always advocates to reach mutual understanding. He is a gift to this world, and has help my husband who recently converted to Catholicism to learn and love our faith.
Father Mitch is a gem. He speaks the truth of the Faith with kindness and charity. Thank you for not watering down the faith. His clarity is much needed in these times. He doesn’t play to anyone’s narrative. Fr. Mitch preaches only the Truth of our Lord and his Church.
God Bless Fr. Pacwa! He is truly an inspiration and his heart is so dedicated to the one True Church. Love when he answers questions about the Faith. I've learned so much from him! Thank you for all you do!!!! Please continue to explain and defend the Catholic Church!
Clarification given on fundamental Catholic doctrine that deepens cradle Catholics' appreciation of our faith. The hosts of this show welcome non-Catholics to ask a wide range of questions and promote dialogue, questioning, and realization of what Catholics actually profess versus historical distortions. Solid Magisterium-based cathechesis and apologetics.
This show is the best for learning how to defend the Catholic faith. It’s a call in show, during which people call from all over the country with any question they have regarding the faith, and the hosts (a different one each day week) answer it. The hosts are very knowledgeable yet not at all arrogant in their responses. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to learn more about the faith.
This is a call in show heard on EWTN and is one of my favorite podcasts. I only wish that they would keep past downloads so we could get them.