John Hancock

Reviews For John Hancock

John Hancock is that guy you look forward to riding home with each day. He's part of your unwinding process--that person you tell how your day went and listen to the things that happened to him that day. He's like a member of the family--some days you love him, some days you hate him, but you would really miss him if he wasn't there. Thanks for being there.
He is a wonderful radio personality. He is one of my favorite people to listen to. He tells it like it is and that is so refreshing. This is very type of radio that makes you set up and pay attention. He is Charlottes most beloved!!!!
For over eighteen years the guys been one of Charlotte's Most Consistent broadcasters...He's reinvented himself at least three times, and he just flat knows how to be real on the air. With that in mind, Hancock is an acquired taste. You may not get it with just one listen, in fact I bet you don't! But day in day out, he's real, he's honest, he's just a guy on the radio, no big deal, but he'll get you. As I heard him tell a caller once, "I'm like fungas...I'll grow on you sooner or later."... Especially recommend his annual "Father's Day" show on March 16th...the aniversary of his dad's death.
Give John Hancock a listen, he knows when to be serious over the larger issues and when to joke about the wanna be important issues. A very sincere guy and as he says, he stays in the middle of the road more so than most on the topics discussed. I've been listening a long time Hancock...Keep up the Great Work!