Reviews For RadioPlayhouse

The playhouse is the funniest show ever!!! except for that fat slob scooter.
Its a great show and they talk about everything and so some crazy stuff. Its never dull and can brighten up your morning.
the best radio show in the united states!!
Unfortunately this amounts to the standard shock jock tripe and isn't original nor particularly funny.
I discovered the Playhouse from Itunes and I'm a huge fan. This show combines intelligence with great personalities. This has become my favorite radio show ever, beating out Opie and Anthony, Howard Stern, and Mancow, hands down.
This show is basically a cheap version of the Mancow show. If you never heard Mancow you might think this show is good, but this is only because it ripsoff everything it has from Mancow. I guess if I was in Portland and I had nothing else to listen to I would listen to this, but do yourself a favor and listen to Mancow if you can.
The playhouse is the best show to ever hit the radio. I couldn't go a day without without listening in the morning. Keep up the good work.