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I’ve tried to enjoy the show with the new host, it’s just not the same. I used to love to listen to The Splendid Table on the weekends. Now I find it boring.
I thought I was the only dope who accidentally froze tofu, and then it became an intentional choice. Break up your frozen tofu, a great stand in for ricotta cheese
When I hear chewing and swallowing I have to skip ahead.
Love the format and the content is great. Informative as well as entertaining. Just one thing, stop saying “right on”. Not sure why it irritates me but,,,,,,,,
I’ve tried to listen to this podcast over the last few months but every time something ridiculous is said i.e. apologizing for the aesthetic pleasing look of monochromatic FOOD and the just now comment of how men are terrible is just what i needed to unfollow this one…
FIrst time listener: I couldn’t resist listening to the Deborah Madison episode as she quite literally changed the way I cook and eat. She was wonderful when Francis gave her the chance to speak, which was not nearly enough for me. I wanted to hear the guest and not the self-important host who seems to care more about getting his info out than celebrating his guest. He seems knowledgeable but too interested in proving himself than allowing his guest to be the star.
Wonderful topics beyond the usual, great guests, but no links to find the guests on their blogs or Instagram accounts, sometimes not even their names. Links to the restaurants so we can go patronize them would be great. Organizations web sites so we can connect, and maybe donate. Some episodes do this, but others, like the American Chinese food, don’t. One annoying thing about Francis Lam: he giggles. Sometimes when there’s nothing really funny. A nervous giggle.
Love, enjoy hearing about all the incredible guest and their life and how all the world can be so together
I’ve never written a review to a podcast before…. the bizarrely negative intro to this episode compelled me. COVID has made a mess of us all but there’s little excuse for the angry vitriol spewed here. This calm practiced radio voice delivery does little to mask the seething strange, angry and idiosyncratic opinion of our host. You won’t let your kids watch it?!?!! What an extreme statement for a film intent on inspiring the next generation of young chefs.
I love listening to Francis Lam’s voice and laugh. His conversations flow naturally with guests. He’s knowledgeable and a great conversationalist


By pmcmart
Hey Francis, great podcast. Do a piece on heirloom beans. I order nine from Franco Gordo. Include some simple recipes. Happy new year!
Francis Lam, you are a Friend. Thanks for your thoughtful and always kind demeanor. Never thought anyone could take over from Lynn who would work but you are the perfect fit.
Francis is well versed in food culture but does not take himself too seriously
Just listened to 2hrs of Turkey Confidential the day after Thanksgiving… Francis Lam brings out the very best in each of his guests… I am an avid Lynn Rosetta Casper fan … Francis was & is the perfect person to continue the gift of The Splendid Table … Thank You so very much.


Annoying giggle, too much sucking up. I understand he is trying to come out from Lynne’s shadow…problem is we miss Lynne and the show we loved and looked forward to so much. And stop the freakish giggle.
At its height, this was a magazine show with both reliable segments (e.g., road food reports from Jane and Michael Stern, gear reviews from America’s Test Kitchen, and even a “Stump the Cook” game during the call-in portion) and a variety of interviews and correspondent reports on topics ranging from history to science to business to contemporary social and environmental concerns - all as they are related to food. As Lynne Rossetto Kasper edged toward retirement, however, the savory theme song changed to a guitar riff that was far less evocative of culinary resplendence, presaging the dissolution of the resplendence of the show itself as Frances Lam eased into the host seat. Today, the Splendid Table is more of an interview series that focuses on chefs and authors, often emphasizing either the challenges of demographic discrimination or the personal struggles of the interview subjects themselves, sacrificing opportunities to explore food from so many other angles. The result is now a boring show that marinades in the zeitgeist rather than introducing the audience to new ideas or concerns, and a show that sacrifices the potential for dynamic engagement by broadcasting repetitive interviews. Ultimately, I suspect this is the result of three factors: (1) indolence; (2) market pressure to focus on social trends; and (3) the decreasing budget of professional journalism. I am on the verge of ending my subscription, but I still hold out hope that Francis and the producers will find a way to return to the diverse range of topics and segments per episode that made this radio show so engaging to begin with.
This was, years ago, interesting. Now, it’s full of blasé conversation of self-absorbed host and guests full of fake praise and annoying chatter. It’s no longer a serious show.
Love listening to The Splendid Table. Francis has such a kind comforting voice. I love the questions he asks, and how he interacts with his guests.
He’s trying…however I have tried numerous times since he took over to understand where Minnesota Public Radio is going with this. Are your donations up? Has Francis increased listenership and enriched MPR? If he has, then you made the right decision and I’m just a 50 year old relic clinging to the past. If not, perhaps it’s time to admit your mistake and move on.
I’ve tried so hard to fall in love with this the way I loved Lynne. Not happening. This is really not a cooking show. It’s a show about chefs and culture, not a show for home cooks looking for ideas and solutions. I think I’m done.
This is supposed to be a show for avid home cooks but it is now constantly focused on chefs and restaurateurs. Can there please be more talk of actual recipes or ethnographic food stories rather than cooking professionals? I really liked the show on Persian cooking for example (the 3 dif POVs made it interesting!) Also it’s obvious Francis is uncomfortable giving advice on the fly to callers, maybe just cut the section or bring in a permanent cohost for that, cuz it’s painful for the listener. Milk Street radio and Good Food are now my preferred radio shows, but still hoping ST can step up its game. Edit: can npr give FL interview lessons? He constantly goes “uh huh, yeah, mhmm” and other stuff like that when the guest is talking, which is distracting. Maybe the editors can just cut it. He’s sooo bad at interviewing ppl he seems really flustered all the time.
This show is getting boring. Are you ever going to do a new episode?
If you haven’t listened since the days of LRC, it’s time to come home to the new Splendid Table. Francis is such a thoughtful, respectful, and curious host, and such a dear man. Perfect listen with your morning coffee.
Clearly I’m late to this party…but this is a phenomenal listen.
I love this show. Francis is such a kind, patient host. He asks great questions! The guests are always interesting and thoughtful. I’ve learned so much listening to this podcast and I recommend it to everyone I know.
Not good
Enjoyed the interviews. Especially the Ronni Lundy one. I have Victuals. Love it!
Can’t listen anymore. The show used to be interesting and have so much depth, now they repeat shows over and over, and when there is a new podcast, it’s typically with a chef who’s trying to hawk a book or restaurant.
For the past couple of years this show really relies heavily on repeats - either whole shows or a cut and paste of old stories. A shame. The content is excellent
I have been hearing a lot of “repurposed” segments in the new format. It’s frustrating to get into a podcast on a commute only to realize that parts are reruns. And once again, a rerun. Cmon guys. Time to get a crew that can produce weekly content Another rerun today!!!!! I think I’m done. There are dozens of food podcasts and I’m going shopping.
....Or they have less content for the week. I miss Lynn. It was more consistent.
I understand the new host wanted to leave his mark, but now the show is more about social impacts and cultural roots. I miss the days when this was a show about food and cooking. Not a bad show, just not my cup of tea anymore.
How is every show a rerun?? At least, that’s what it feels like. I enjoy listening when it’s a new episode, but I feel that is rare.
Extremely informative and relaxing!!
I always loved the show and I love it even more with Francis. I learn so much about the cultures of the world, and I am always inspired to cook something new or an old favorite.
This is a great show. Food, sure. Getting to listen to some of my favorite people, yes. Learning about the relationship of food and culture, absolutely. And done brilliantly in a calm, sweetly personal way.
Good. Of course, listening to this podcast without eating is impossible.
Tried your podcast and it is good....Until it came to people eating with loud crunching of food——gross. Does anyone actually enjoy listening to people eating loudly????? Not me. A shame as otherwise I would be a listener .
Inspired by today’s episode with Grace Young to order takeout from our local Chinese restaurant. I have fond memories of visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles in the 1960s with, in San Francisco as a young adult on the 1980s and Washington, DC when I lived in Annapolis in the early 2000s. Looking forward to dinner tonight!
The Grace Young show was amazing and hilarious. I learned so much. This episode ranks up with the Dad episode (so good!) and another show Francis did with young Chinese chefs.
One of my favourite shows out there. Consistently informative, culturally sensitive, positive, and just really fun to listen to! Highly recommend for food nerds and non-nerds. Francis is such a joy to listen to and you’ll learn something new every single time.
It’s so naturally heartfelt, thoughtful, humble and informative. Total home run. Definitely a bright light in ‘20. Thank you, and Sean Brock episode ⚡️was perfect.


Sometimes good and interesting, often frustrating. Neither F.L. or Ina Garten can give a thoughtful answer how to use different oils, really??? How about at least suggesting to taste and think about what would go with or find out smoking point to see if it’s good for high heat cooking?
I’ve been listening to splendid table for about ten years and have left my subscription all these years since Francis took over, but I’m officially past enjoying the new show. I really want to like it! I’m sorry! The content has been much less varied to me for some time, the whole variety show aspect when Lynn has regular contributors and a variety of topics to consider and discuss. The best part for me is the call in section and I can’t rely on that either. I learned much more when listening to Lynne and enjoyed listening. I’m afraid I don’t anymore. I listen to the archives often and they are still awesome all these years later. It seems like it’s also become the Francis/David Chang/Melissa Clark show, which for someone who is tired of seeing Melissa Clark’s recipes and voice all over the Nytimes doesn’t leave much room for appeal. I moved onto milk street 💔 for which I am grateful
Die-hard Lynne fan here. I was heartbroken when she retired, and I was at once wanna-be-supportive of Francis and skeptical when he was announced as the new host. I have to say that Francis has made this show his own. As a parent of a young child, I especially love how he brings his own experiences as a parent into the show. I still miss Lynne and her marvelous laugh and warmth, but I love Francis’s flavor of Splendid Table just as much. The most recent “Welcoming the Holidays with Ina Garten” is perhaps my favorite episode so far. Francis’s candor and humanity is just what we need as we close out 2020.
For the first year, Francis embraces Turkey Confidential! Love this year’s show and love Francis. I’m a faithful listener since Lynne started the show. Glad turkey confidential now has a level of enthusiasm similar to Lynne’s past shows and to Francis’ regular weekly shows. Thanks, Francis.
I learn so much every time I listen. Francis’ voice is so soothing. His laugh is infectious and uplifting. He seamlessly carries on conversations with his intriguing guests. I love the show and listening to Francis Lam. He’s a critical thinker, articulate, and a storyteller.
One of best episodes ever
I just listened to the show about Chinese American food. Couldn’t put it down! Inspiring! Chinese American. And Cal Mex. the two cuisines that are soul food for the Californian. Along with of course Italian. Bless all our immigrant streams!