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I always loved the show and I love it even more with Francis. I learn so much about the cultures of the world, and I am always inspired to cook something new or an old favorite.
This is a great show. Food, sure. Getting to listen to some of my favorite people, yes. Learning about the relationship of food and culture, absolutely. And done brilliantly in a calm, sweetly personal way.
Good. Of course, listening to this podcast without eating is impossible.
Tried your podcast and it is good....Until it came to people eating with loud crunching of food——gross. Does anyone actually enjoy listening to people eating loudly????? Not me. A shame as otherwise I would be a listener .
Inspired by today’s episode with Grace Young to order takeout from our local Chinese restaurant. I have fond memories of visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles in the 1960s with, in San Francisco as a young adult on the 1980s and Washington, DC when I lived in Annapolis in the early 2000s. Looking forward to dinner tonight!
The Grace Young show was amazing and hilarious. I learned so much. This episode ranks up with the Dad episode (so good!) and another show Francis did with young Chinese chefs.
One of my favourite shows out there. Consistently informative, culturally sensitive, positive, and just really fun to listen to! Highly recommend for food nerds and non-nerds. Francis is such a joy to listen to and you’ll learn something new every single time.
It’s so naturally heartfelt, thoughtful, humble and informative. Total home run. Definitely a bright light in ‘20. Thank you, and Sean Brock episode ⚡️was perfect.


Sometimes good and interesting, often frustrating. Neither F.L. or Ina Garten can give a thoughtful answer how to use different oils, really??? How about at least suggesting to taste and think about what would go with or find out smoking point to see if it’s good for high heat cooking?
I’ve been listening to splendid table for about ten years and have left my subscription all these years since Francis took over, but I’m officially past enjoying the new show. I really want to like it! I’m sorry! The content has been much less varied to me for some time, the whole variety show aspect when Lynn has regular contributors and a variety of topics to consider and discuss. The best part for me is the call in section and I can’t rely on that either. I learned much more when listening to Lynne and enjoyed listening. I’m afraid I don’t anymore. I listen to the archives often and they are still awesome all these years later. It seems like it’s also become the Francis/David Chang/Melissa Clark show, which for someone who is tired of seeing Melissa Clark’s recipes and voice all over the Nytimes doesn’t leave much room for appeal. I moved onto milk street 💔 for which I am grateful
Die-hard Lynne fan here. I was heartbroken when she retired, and I was at once wanna-be-supportive of Francis and skeptical when he was announced as the new host. I have to say that Francis has made this show his own. As a parent of a young child, I especially love how he brings his own experiences as a parent into the show. I still miss Lynne and her marvelous laugh and warmth, but I love Francis’s flavor of Splendid Table just as much. The most recent “Welcoming the Holidays with Ina Garten” is perhaps my favorite episode so far. Francis’s candor and humanity is just what we need as we close out 2020.
For the first year, Francis embraces Turkey Confidential! Love this year’s show and love Francis. I’m a faithful listener since Lynne started the show. Glad turkey confidential now has a level of enthusiasm similar to Lynne’s past shows and to Francis’ regular weekly shows. Thanks, Francis.
I learn so much every time I listen. Francis’ voice is so soothing. His laugh is infectious and uplifting. He seamlessly carries on conversations with his intriguing guests. I love the show and listening to Francis Lam. He’s a critical thinker, articulate, and a storyteller.
One of best episodes ever
I just listened to the show about Chinese American food. Couldn’t put it down! Inspiring! Chinese American. And Cal Mex. the two cuisines that are soul food for the Californian. Along with of course Italian. Bless all our immigrant streams!
Wonderful topics beyond the usual, great guests, but no links to find the guests on their blogs or Instagram accounts, sometimes not even their names. Links to the restaurants so we can go patronize them would be great. Organizations web sites so we can connect, and maybe donate. Some episodes do this, but others, like the American Chinese food, don’t.
My kids and I all love listening to the splendid table! My 7 year old has many allergies and we have to cook everything for her. Even when she obviously can’t always eat what is being described on the show, it helps spike her interest in helping and learning in the kitchen! Thanks!
Your call in from Edith to close the episode was beautiful-thank you for a diverse and broadly talented guest list and for providing grounding in these times. The interview with Dave Chang and Chris Ying was like an excerpt from their Dads series. Go Blue!
So glad to hear Francis introduce me to new-to-me food and those who prepare it. He is an excellent teacher and guide. I M learning so much about our world through this podcast, and I am grateful.
This show has been a refuge during these turbulent times. Thank you for challenging us, sitting with us, and sharing with us.
Great information but most of it’s not relevant for Covid related dinner parties.
THANK GOD for more diversity in the types of cuisines America’s food ppl discuss. This show delves deep into SO MANY types of cuisines, and does it in a way that is respectful, informative, and entertaining. What a relief. It has revived my interest in exploring food.
Ok podcast but I prefer the sporkful
The problem is not “working too much of the butter’s water into the flour”...the problem is working the flour too much, such that gluten develops.
OMG!!! I was not expecting to hear Ulaanbaatar on my favourite podcast and when Francis said he wanted to visit Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia I almost cried!!! Please come visit 💖💖 Loooove this podcast!! The most exciting and calming podcast at the same time! Love 💓
I discovered this recently and really enjoy listening to it. It’s deep and broad and I learn so much. I appreciate how much research the host puts into each episode. I wasn’t familiar with the previous host, so I can’t compare, but honestly I have listened to a wide variety of podcasts, and Francis Lam to me was immediately engaging, respectful, and funny. He’s a great interviewer because he listens and he’s done his homework. All these haters who complain about his endearing giggle and his interest in the relation of food to identity, culture, politics — sounds like coded racist language to me. These kinds of comments are disappointing, heartbreaking. He’s a different person than Lynne, with his own unique personality and experiences. Why do you expect him to do exactly the same kind of show?
Love this podcast so much. Have listened since Lynn was host, but Francis is a great host too. I've really appreciated how each episode goes deep into a specific topic. Definitely worth a listen!
So glad that we have come to a point in time that allowed this interview between these two people to happen. THESE are the conversations about food I have been yearning for. This episode in particular was so healing, reframing so many of my perspectives about food. And the part where Francis gasped when Padma said some linking statement about restaurants who cook rice? I gasped too. This episode reaffirmed my love and commitment for the show.


I loved the show with Lynne and I love the show with Francis.
I love Francis - he is so thoughtful and a wonderful interviewer. This show feels like a warm hug that teaches me how to be a better cook and also expand what I understand about the world at the same time.
Francis Lam is one of the best interviewers out there - gracious, caring and thoughtful. I love the way he teaches me about culture through the lens of food without ever feeling preachy. I look forward to this show every week!
The bee episode is excellent. I learned so much! Thanks!
I have listened for years, decades and learned so much. I have given Francis more than a chance. His reliance on talking to chefs feeds both of their egos but what is the benefit to us listeners? I wish that Lynne and her confident, generous show could return.
Ok I’ve tried listening to this podcast many times sine Francis took over but just can’t do so any longer. Nice enough guy but doesn’t come off as a confident cook, & silly or nervous laugh is off-putting. Some good guests but lack of substance in many conversations - sorry to say.
I’ve listened to this show for many years, but of lately it seems to be more about politics than it does food. Please let me know when you decide to start talking about food again. For now though, I’m out.
Can’t listen anymore. The show used to be so interesting and have so much depth, now every week is a chat with a chef who’s trying to hawk a book or restaurant.
I’ve been listening to Splendid table for 20 years. It is a great way to explore the world through food, a fun escape, and super useful for family meals!
I love this show!! I don’t even cook that much, but it is so entertaining and also relaxing! The episodes are super interesting and they definitely do their research. I love how they also tie in great stories, because cooking is so much more than just food!
No, really. Let Francis direct and mold the pod, but delete his bleepingly horrible giggle. Saying it again: Please. Cease. NOW. Ixnay on the Giggiggigggggex-snort-geckgeckgecko...😱
I love Francis’s laugh. It lightens things up and illustrates that cooking can be fun. Rhode Island Ruth I agree with everything that “Donzo” says except his assumption that the people that dislike Francis are all elderly. I am very elderly as are my friends. We all love him and his presentations. Thank you Francis for your statement on how racism has hidden the contributions of Africa American cooks. It was a brave statement, and I greatly appreciate it.
Francis Lam and his kind, warm approach with his guests is so calming. The listener’s Q&A episodes got me through quarantine and made me feel not so alone. My favorite episode is always the big Thanksgiving episode. I love exploring new food and chefs with The Splendid Table every week!
I’ve listened to Splendid Table for years and loved LRC, and now have fallen for Francis, too. I feel like he uncovers so many special moments with his genuine and respectful way with guests. I love the variety of cultures covered, and all the sounds and descriptions of what’s happening during cooking segments. One of my favorite stories was when he drank the tea that was gifted to him by his grandfather. Really touching. Look forward to it every week!
This was weekly entertainment for years and years when Lynn hosted. Francis seems like a great guy and I’ve enjoyed watching him on Top Chef, however he’s simply not a good fit for the sensibility the show was built on. He’s not a seasoned of enough chef to give crack-quick advice such as “stump the cook” or can provide advice on a broader background on cuisine at all. He also changes his dialect too much based on who is on the show, it’s off putting. The guests are incredible, the production is superb, the show just needs another host.
This is supposed to be a show for avid home cooks but it is now constantly focused on chefs and restaurateurs. Can there please be more talk of actual recipes or ethnographic food stories rather than cooking professionals? I really liked the show on Persian cooking for example (the 3 dif POVs made it interesting!) Also it’s obvious Francis is uncomfortable giving advice on the fly to callers, maybe just cut the section or bring in a permanent cohost for that, cuz it’s painful for the listener. Milk Street radio and Good Food are now my preferred radio shows, but still hoping ST can step up its game.
I’ve always loved the Splendid Table, and have happy memories of it playing in the background on Saturdays in my parent’s kitchen. Lynn made food ideas so accessible, and its new host, Francis, continues to do the same, keeping those ideas current with the times. Its been my go-to podcast during quarantine, as they’ve adjusted the format to directly address the food questions and quandaries we all have during this unique time. Thank you Splendid Table!!!
I love listening to Francis Lam’s voice. He is warm and kind, and brings out the best in others. The interviews and cooking advice are always interesting. Thank you for this wonderful show.
I was hopeful when Francis Lam was chosen to replace LRC, but the focus of the show has changed too much. It's all interviews with chefs. No actual cooking and the interviews are too focused on so and so's book, rather than bigger cultural or historical ideas. I've listened to the Splendid Table for over ten years now, and I always felt like I had learned something about the world after each episode. Now I'm bored to the point of tears, and annoyed by all the meat advertising. Unsubscribing today.
I love listening to the episode with Christina Tosi and Bryant Terry. Loved getting a master class from Christina. I wish I could have heard more from Chef Bryant Terry instead of Francis Lam answering the listener questions and monopolizing the interview. I was quite put off by that. I would have liked to hear more about his new book. Anyway... I’m probably talking into the wind.