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I have loved listening to Sarah McKenzie give insight and book recommendations to me as a mom, first and foremost, and as a fellow homeschooler. Read-aloud Revival has helped make our read aloud time much more enjoyable than it was. And I truly am making meaningful and lasting connections with my kids through books. As a fellow mom to 6 kids over a wide age range, I really appreciate the perspective and wisdom that Sarah has learned along the way that mirrors much of my own experience. This podcast is a breath of fresh air that always leaves me with new insight and ideas.
I don’t know why I’m so late to this party, but this is the podcast I’ve always wanted, as a reading maniac. I had to stop halfway through the first episode I listened to to gasp audibly, process what I had just heard, and cry a little.
I am loving this podcast. I was introduced to Read Aloud Revival and Sarah Mackenzie from a friend as we began homeschooling. As a former school teacher, I’ve always loved books and reading aloud but I am loving hearing all the research behind it as well as TONS of wonderful book recommendations! I am also getting some good encouragement and ideas for homeschooling as we start our journey. Highly recommend!
We so enjoy this podcast! We don't get to listen all the time, but are always finding great recommendations when we do. We all enjoy listening and it offers refreshment for the mama.
Thank you Sarah for this wonderful podcast! As a homeschool mom (14 years and counting) I have always read aloud to my children, but I do so now with a renewed spirit and vigor for what a beautiful connection I’m making with them!
I love this podcast. It's so helpful as a parent that wants to educate her children through literature based learning. There are many excellent authors/etc. that Sarah interviews and I've learned so much through each one. Subscribe and listen to these! Seriously good stuff.
I just love Sarah Mackenzie and this podcast. I started listening and shortly afterward found The Read-Aloud Family at our library and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Every episode has me jotting down titles and feeling renewed in my commitment to surround my family with good books. Thank you!!
It’s true that every episode of the podcast has the same message: Read to your kids! But I love it. I love hearing authors speak, learning more about child development, and being encouraged to carry on with reading aloud. My favorite part of the show is “Let the kids speak” at the end. It always makes me cry. Almost everything I hear (on the news, from the school, from other parents) makes me think: the world is a mess! But then I listen to this podcast and hear all the sweet kids saying “My favorite book is Charlotte’s Web, I love The Magicians Nephew, my mom read James and the Giant Peach to me” and I think “We are going to be okay. The world is not ruined.”
I love this podcast. We have been homeschooling for 3 years and it has been hard! We are still building our family culture about learning and I love the tips in this podcast about how to do that.
I wish I would’ve found Sarah sooner, but I am so thankful I did! Listen once, and you’ll be sucked into a wonderful world of books, encouragement, and joy!


By Sarokes
Thank you, Sarah, for soooo many wonderful ideas!! listen to this podcast! In an age of digital overload Read Aloud Revival is a breath of fresh air. I was homeschooled and spent my childhood reading, and it is so important to me that my kids also grow up with a love of reading. My daughters attend public school, and this podcast has encouraged me to connect with them and enrich their learning experiences every day through the simple act of reading together. What a priceless gift.
There’s a very short list of podcasts I recommend as MUST LISTENS to all my mom friends. This is at the top. Life changing. Family culture changing. Deeply formative, truly encouraging, and SO fun!
I absolutely love this podcast. My first podcast to listen to was the one with Douglas Gresham. I have been a huge C. S. Lewis fan since I was in 4th grade and I am now in my early thirties with two girls, my oldest is two and my youngest two months old. I have been using the RAR book list to check out books from our library. In just a month I realized how much twaddle I actually read as a kid and how much twaddle I have been reading to my oldest with my old books from when I was a little girl. I just can't get enough of all of this information and encouragement that I started listening from the beginning. I am going to be a little sad when I listen to all the podcasts and have to start waiting for the newest episode. If you are someone who wants your kids to be readers and love to read this is such an amazing resource to have that gives you tips, tricks, information, and encouragement to create a family culture and tradition based in books. I am so thankful I stumbled upon this!
Sarah McKenzie is wonderful! She is so welcoming and has so many wonderful ideas about reading aloud. Great guest speakers and lots of great book recommendations. I listen to this often!
As a new mom living overseas in China, this podcast has opened up a world of books that I can’t wait to read to my kids over the coming years. Is also challenged me to begin reading to them from a very young age. Though my oldest isn’t yet two, we have read-aloud time multiple times a day and he understand me when I say “go get Mommy another book” and promptly hops up to bring me one. Since I don’t have access to public libraries or quick ways to purchase new books, Sara’s many book lists are very useful to me when I’m back in America and making purchases for what we’ll bring back with us. Also, Sara might be one of the best hosts I’ve ever heard! Keep up the good work of inspiring families to love reading together!
This podcast is so well done. I adore Sarah Mackenzie’s obvious passion for books and find it so infectious and inspiring! You can actually hear her smiling as she talks about a book and I don’t know that I’ve ever made it through a podcast without “catching” her enthusiasm. Each new podcast appearing in my feed is a total treat! Keep up the amazing work, Sarah and team!
This is one of my favorite podcasts! It has encouraged me to read more and to read to my kids more in a very doable, very desirable way. I always end up an episode uplifted and inspired to spend more time with my kids, enjoy more time with my kids, and build relationships with my kids through books. Highest recommendations!
I have been listening to RAR for many years now, and the influences Sarah has had on the life and joy of our family is profound. Words cannot express our gratitude for the work she puts into making this podcast and all of her resources excellent. A woman of excellence, no doubt!
One thing I love about this podcast is it doesn’t matter if you are new to RAR or a veteran listener—I promise that you’ll get something from every episode. Sarah is very enjoyable to listen to. You will appreciate the honest way she communicates-no guilt or shame just one mom to another. She’ll become an encouraging voice bringing wisdom and joy to your family.
Transformative. That is how I would describe RAR podcast with Sarah Mackenzie. Before finding this podcast, I was honestly at a loss as to what, how, and when to read to my children. And I am a bookish person who is a former elementary teacher!!! Sarah shares a wealth of ideas and gently points you in the right reading direction. I am always inspired and uplifted after listening to an episode!!
This is the best inspiration around for building a love of reading in your family. Highly recommend!
Between this podcast and The Modern Mrs. Darcy’s, What To Read Next podcast, I managed to read 120 books in 2018! Thank you ladies for all you do!
This podcast is super informative, and I love the book recommendations because I am a 13-year-old who is always looking for new and exciting books to read. It’s also great because my two younger sisters don’t like to read, and I’m always trying to find a story that they would like. Sarah Mackenzie knows a lot about books, so this podcast is great for anyone who wants to know what good books are out there and insightful tips about reading in general. I love the podcast key that shows you what part of the podcast talks about x, for example, at 3:45 it will tell you that it talks about whether or not it’s OK to read books over and over again, and at 4:27 it talks about exciting books for teens. This podcast is so upbeat and cheerful, and I love listening to it while I draw or something like that. Thanks so much for such a unique and helpful podcast!
I've been a fan of Pam Leo for decades! What an amazing uplifting experience to hear her on Read-Aloud Revial. I'm a grandfather and a strong advocate for Connection Parenting and the Book Fairy Pantry Project. I want all families to get on board to reading aloud to their babies and children. I want every family no matter their economic situation to have access to inspiring books. There is hardly a more inpiring person in the World than Pam Leo to bring this message home!! Thank you, Sarah for having her on Read-Aloud Revival. Ray Castellino, DC., Co-Director of Building and Enhansing Bonding and Attachment (BEBA).
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Love Sarah, Love Kids, Love Books! 📚
I’m already avid reader and read Aloud mom but since listening to Sarah’s podcast I have become even MORE motivated and excited about reading aloud. As often as we can we read Aloud with the whole family every evening which includes dad and our newborn!! Thank you so much for all of the book lists, ideas, and motivation!! I look forward to every new episode!!
Sarah has a very pleasant voice and you can “hear” her smiling! I listen to lots of podcast and she is very enjoyable. Tons of tips and helpful suggestions for moms looking for good books for their kids. I love this podcast and her booklist! I tell all homeschooling moms about the Read Aloud Revival. Keep it up!
As a first-year homeschooling Mom, this has been a consistent drink of fresh encouragement! I’ve learned so much about how to discern beautiful literature and recognize great authors for children. Every great read I have found over the last few months has been from this podcast. Thank you!!!
I am so addicted to this podcast because of the way it inspires to discover the things that inspire further. I am thankful to find this when our family is young to begin to pave a way of reading aloud as our family grows. The wealth of information goes beyond what I’d imagined I needed. It’s also so comforting to see the evidence of so many families that are on the same track of mind we are! Thank you!!
This podcast is like a balm to my tired mama soul. It has breathed such life and connection into our home. I love the host, Sarah, because she seems so genuine and relatable. I love that she shares her best parenting moments and the real life, not-so-good ones. I have toddler twins and because she has twins too she helps me feel like homeschooling IS possible and that I will survive this stage of having two under foot while I try to homeschool the older kids. Howeve, this podcast is NOT just for homeschooling parents. Every home can be filled with the connection and intelligence that good books bring. This is one of the few podcasts that I subscribe to automatically and have yet to hear an episode that didn’t benefit our family in some way.
The Read Aloud Revival podcast is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in children. It helps adults wanting to relate to kids on multiple levels as teacher , parent, family members or friends. Reading aloud doesn’t take special skills but can be enhanced greatly with the tips and suggestions that the podcast makes. Bravo Sarah!
Love this podcast! Informative and always inspiring. So great!!!
I am a fairly new listener to this podcast, but it is my go-to podcast when I am doing chores or working out. I love all the book recommendations and the practical advice on how to help my kids love reading more. Sarah hosts several authors, illustrators and childhood experts that bring different points of view to the realm of children's literature.
Sarah does a fantastic job of encouraging us to connect with our children (through books)! I have listened to her podcasts for about a year now (& even a lot of her older podcasts) & each one has so much we can grab ahold of to be a better parent!
Need to find a book for your kids? Let Sarah help you @ Read Aloud Revival. Love, love this podcast. Great resources, great motivation, great ideas to help get your kids to fall in love with reading, and it will help you too. I think I've read most of the books Sarah has recommended, she makes them sound so exciting, I have to find out for myself.
A fellow mom introduce me to your podcast about a year ago shortly after I had my fourth child and I felt I had found a kindred spirit. Sarah is delightful and engaging to listen to you and shares my heart for my children and giving them a love of books and learning. I have listened to every podcast and eagerly anticipate each week‘s program and all the great book recommendations which has added great variety to our family reading. I have always loved reading aloud to my children but now I have so much more information as to why it is eternally valuable and important. I also highly recommend both of her books and follow her on Facebook and enjoy reading her podcast and sharing her passion with others!
There are so Many good podcasts out there but I hardly ever miss this one!!! I taught kindergarten, special education, and preschool in the public school setting for 13 years and now stay at home with my three boys. I say almost every week “man, I wish I had known that when teaching.” Sarah feels like a good friend !
I needed a change of pace for my day with the kids and I remembered that I purchased her book Teaching From Rest earlier(which is awesome btw) on Audible. I listened to it again seeking a different perspective in my homeschool day and a better attitude within my heart and hearing her read about connecting with our kids and the meaning of education did just that! I downloaded the podcast and became an instant fan. I couldn’t afford any new books but took her list to our local goodwill and found books for less than a dollar! Made a bookshelf out of some milkcrates and for the first time in three years since I have been homeschooling I felt a bond with my kids! I have three of them ages 7, 4 and 3 and I was so focused on curriculum and just surviving the day that I dreaded getting up in the morning. Listening to her podcast every week and reading her new book Read Aloud Family just keeps me motivated to keep sitting down with them and reading, it’s an instant gratification even though you don’t see an instant reward. It’s not easy but just hearing that I’m not alone in this endeavor keeps me corralling them for our read time as much as I can. And it has truly transformed our days to a more peaceful enjoyable one can’t thank you guys enough!
This podcast gives me great advice and encouragement in every season of raising kids, being a friend to parents with all kids of kids, and a great long view of where we are headed.
I’m always recommending this podcast! Even though I’ve always been a “read-aloud” parent, Sarah provides so many tools, booklists and inspiration to keep doing it. I wish she lived down the street instead of across the country!
Sarah’s podcasts have added so much richness and joy toy home and the relationships I share with my children. I am so grateful for her work and encouragement!
This podcast is so incredibly informative for every parent regardless of schooling. Love this and recommend it fo everyone!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for about four years and it’s one of my favorites. Every time I listen I am encouraged as a mother. I walk away thinking, “If I just sit and read with my kids today and do nothing else, I won’t regret it and I’m doing THE BEST thing for their minds and our relationship.” I tell everyone about this podcast and my personal home library has exploded with books. Thank you Sarah for helping make these years with my kids a reading adventure!
I love this podcast! It has been so encouraging when I feel like maybe reading aloud isn’t worth the trouble. It is full of tips, book suggestions and research to support the impact reading aloud can have! I highly recommend this podcast!
I discovered this podcast about 5 months ago and have listened to all 112 episodes since! I already loved reading to my kids but the inspiration I’ve found here has contributed to a major shift in our family culture and emphasis on books and stories. I am tremendously grateful to Sarah and the rest of her team!
I’m two months into the Read Aloud Revival (including Premium Membership) and couldn’t be more thankful! We all need encouragement even on the best days!
We had already been reading aloud before I came upon this podcast, but Sarah certainly renewed our passion for sharing stories as a family. I love all the helpful tips and reading recommendations she and her guests share- but my favorite are the author interviews! My husband is going to give me premium membership as a Christmas gift this year- though I will have to wait until January to receive it- membership is only open twice a year! Sarah is doing a good work here!