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So I found this podcast off Pinterest, I was looking for motivational/inspiriting podcasts and I have never listen to podcasts before this, I figured I would try some out and what better place to find what’s good but on Pinterest! So I got introduced to brooke and omg I was in love with the first random one I listen to, I would listen at 3am while I worked out and Loved her sooo much, I think the first episode I listened to had Jess lively on it and I went and downloaded her stuff after whom I also recommend and love, the crazy thing is I was listening to her podcast about... ugh I forget the name but she was the person that got her into podcasts because of one email and she was talking about how one chain of events can create so much, well my friends * said in Brookes voice* I have shared Brooke’s podcast with so many people and we are all just getting so motivated and inspired. It’s so awesome and I am so happy that she has helped me and now I feel I am apart of my friends getting motivated and inspired! Thanks Brooke!!!
Have been tearing through this podcast. I have a masters degree in Counseling, and I honestly believe what Brooke offers can help the majority of people out there people better and faster than any therapeutic approach I learned in school, truly. Super impressed and so glad I stumbled across this podcast.
This work is amazing. I will never stop managing my brain. I can feel the way I want despite whaterver happend in my life and that is very empowering.
My life is changed because of your teachings and example , I’m just like you - just warming up !! Thank you !!!
I started listening to Brooke shortly after my divorce in 2017. Her teachings carried me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I have beautiful relationships with the people in my life, including my former husband, largely because I believe and practice Brooke’s teaching on a daily, hourly—even moment to moment—basis. I love how she challenges me to think differently about certain circumstances. And it’s amazing to see the outcomes. Brooke is the best. Even though she has no idea who I am, I love her and am so happy she landed in my life. Thank you to Brooke! I cannot recommend her podcast enough.
I loved this podcast. It led me to join SCS and the become certified. One of the things We learn at school is to provide value without expectation of return. “The value bank”. But lately this podcast is just week after week of commercials. I understand Brook wants to make 100 million dollars. I believe she will get there by continuing to provide value. Not with these ads.


By adian1
I’m fairly new to the podcast…starting from the beginning (the 2014-2016 episodes)…and finding it very helpful. Lots of great insights & actionable info. Thanks Brooke
wonderful podcast! Feeling guilty all this content is free. Brooke Castillo a master coach, indeed.
Would love to enjoy your earlier recorded podcasts. Always tells me “unavailable”. Specifically I want episode 36. Help.
I love Brooke, I think of her podcast as my daily coaching sessions where I learn so much in such a short period of time. Brooke does such a good job researching the topics and then presents material in an easy to digest manner! And oh man I love her jokes 😂 Thank you Brooke sharing this knowledge with us!!!!
Brooke Castillo is such an incredibly wise and generous person. I am deeply grateful that she offers her wisdom to the world FOR FREE!
When I first began listening to Brooke, I found myself poking holes in her model based on all I’ve learn studying various coaching methods and philosophies. But I kept listening because her content is jam-packed with value. Over time, she delves into the nuances that demonstrate how The Model is, indeed, thorough, useful and comprehensive. This podcast is a tremendous resource for both coaches and anyone interested in self coaching. 5 stars!
I would recommend this podcast to everyone, there is transformative information in every episode. Listening to these daily or even in times of crisis help keep you grounded, centered, and aware of your mind. It gives so much clarity to life beyond the limits of our brain. It has helped me through very blissful times, very hard times, and motivated me to make big changes in my life. It has helped me recognize that I truly have the power to do anything in this world that I desire to do.
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
I was in LCS for 4 years
The podcast with Stacey was really difficult to listen to. It was like listening to a drunk ping pong match. Stacey was not served well by her mentor in this podcast. I say this as someone who is a paid member of scholars and pre- recent several podcasts was always an enormous fan of the show. Brooke come back to us as a mentor, instructor and pioneer! I miss you.
This is THE podcast that stays in my feed. While my interests move & expand, The Life Coach School is my constant. I anticipate & listen to every episode (even the ones with foul language). Thanks for constantly showing up for me, Brooke! In return, I am here for YOU.
This show is perfect! Brooke is brilliant! It’s so helpful to hear her insight and to listen to the stories of how the other coaches got to where they’re at. Super inspirational!
Not that Brooke cares what anyone thinks, but this podcast has changed. I used to love it and even did Self Coaching Scholars for a year, but I am turned off by it now. She makes money coaching people, then convinces them to become coaches themselves, then she makes money teaching them to be coaches, and they can go out and repeat this work. They, in turn, bring those people back to Brooke so she can repeat the cycle. It’s a cult-like structure. Hope her followers will wake up like I eventually did.
I’m mind blown by these principles of thought work and emotionally resiliency taught by Brooke Castillo.
Brooke and the Life Coach School improved my life, so it’s so difficult to see the turn she and this podcast have taken. Talking over guests, incessantly focusing on money and power, and most recently, bragging about taking dogs into restaurants and gyms where they're not allowed (as an example of sales; truly head-scratching) knowing others may have asthma or are allergic: none of this reflects well on LCS or its graduates. Yes, the model works—but only if you can identify a problem to plug in. I wish Brooke would take a step back and find some people in her business and/or life who are willing to speak the truth: she is starting to damage the very industry she purports to lead.
Brooke brings forward ideas and principles that are mind-boggling and can change your life. I don't always understand or "get it" but the new ideas are stimulating, helpful, satisfying or provacative. Never boring, she pushes us to be the best we can be.
As an avid pro golf watcher tournament watcher I can't wait to see Christian on the pro golf tour!
I learned about Brooke through one of her coaching students. It has been almost a year of applying Brooke’s methods to my life. I can’t say enough how crucial her teachings are. She built the bridge between awareness of the great teachers of our time and how to actually implement those teachings in life. Thank you for showing me the way, I will be one of your coaches some day!
I’m serious- i’m that annoying friend that tells everyone about this podcast. It has changed my life. I enjoy waking up and listening to Brooke for some daily motivation and useful tips! would highly recommend for anyone looking to positively change their life. All the advice is tangible real things you can do to start changing your mind for the better. It brings more and more clarity every single episode. Thank you Brooke for the confidence you’ve made me realize has always been inside me.
If you’re ready to grow, this is the one. Every episode is enlightening.
Worth every episode! I have listened to every one. Love Thursdays! Thanks Brooke for being an example of what is possible and teaching us that we can OWN our thoughts! Great work. I have never been coached but have throughly enjoyed the podcast!
I discovered Brooke’s podcast about 6 months ago. From older to newest they are so informative and helpful. She does an excellent job. I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone who wants to look at why their thoughts are the way they are. Bravo!
Hi Brooke, this is my first review. Been listening for the past 2 years and you finally hit one of my deepest thoughts. I’m glad I found this and stay with it so I could find an explanation for it. I love you and wish you much success!
This podcast came at the exact right time in my life. I started listening in September 2020 and I have been absorbing all the episodes from the beginning and doing the thought work. Wow! What a transformation. I know this is a journey and I will never finally “arrive”. But wow I feel so equipped for being in control of my future. Thank you for your consistency with your content and unquestionable passion to help others.
While I don’t agree with everything Brooke shares, there’s truth there.
I hope this woman finds peace someday. In the meantime her advice and demeanor are great comedy. Best of luck, Brooke.
Listen with an open mind and implement Brooke’s teachings, and your life will transform.
I loved Brooke’s earlier podcasts. Too much noise now. I do enjoy the episodes with clients and coaches personal experience. Another BIG turn off is that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to join The Life Coaching School to enrich myself as a coach. I actually quit college in my 3 1/2 year said, ‘THIS is what I want!’ I watched all the videos and loved the idea of the course being 6 months. In the videos I think it said this program was the UCLA of coaching school. I really liked that idea because it felt like I would have been receiving a quality education. It felt chock full of richness! I thought that was enough time where I wouldn’t feel rushed to absorb new information & I would have enough time to apply the amazing info. But when I read over the course info brochure it said the program was 3 months! My balloon and excitement were immediately deflated. I felt like I was about to be duped. What about my UCLA experience? Then of course I thought, it’s all about the money. Cut the turn around time to 50% and still make 100%. Quality straight out tha window. I get personal financial goals, but Brooke lost her vision of her first goal that started this whole empire, which was helping people. I feel that the 50% less than and hands off experience was a red flag and would have been the first of many disappointing experiences after making a significant investment. I’ve always said if you’re disappointed from jump then use it as intuition and don’t proceed. I will enjoy the free podcast, but that’s about it.
Thank you to Brooke for creating this informative & helpful podcast :)
This podcast is truly great! Brook is very knowledgeable, articulate, profound. The topics she covers are extremely relevant to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and she does it in a way that is entertaining and does not feel like another “chore”. Highly recommended to everyone as it provides the listeners with universal tools for life
Brooke fills in the spaces where our counselors, parents, mentors, teachers or preachers fell short. The theories and models presented in The Life Coach School represent everything my mind would compute if it were functioning at its highest level. When this type of philosophy gets implemented into mainstream education for children, the results will uplevel the evolution of the world, and change the common beliefs that don’t serve us as a human race. Brooke Castillo will go down in history next to Jung, Freud, Piaget, Pavlov-only she gives us explicit direction on how to implement the theory not just understand it. Brooke is my best friend and she doesn’t know it LOL!!!!!!
I cannot stop listening to this. The content is so inspiring and positive. Thank you Brooke for the courage to speak authentically about who you are and sharing your wisdom and success, so that many more can follow in your footsteps.
I enjoy learning but fell out of love with podcasts for a while because I found the endless options overwhelming & quite frankly wasn’t sure if I was actually learning or just being entertained. Nothing wrong with the latter, but when we only have so much time... I often prioritize activities that help me learn & grow while also keeping me entertained! Once I really got to the root of what I was seeking, I decided to invest my listening time to resources that not only made me feel empowered but also kept me eager to dive in day after day. Brooke has quickly accomplished that! Captivating content with mindful durations & clear messaging. I am starting from the beginning and have no doubt I will work my way through & enjoy the process. Thank you for the work you do!
This podcast provides great tools for anyone wanting to make positive changes to their thinking, therefore their life. Brooke makes you do a deep-dive of your emotions and brain to reevaluate your thinking. Like anything, you have to do the work, but she gives you all the necessary tools to get there.
I've listened to every episode of this podcast. Some multiple times. She explains concepts in a way that are easy to understand and in a way you can then apply it to your life. I have been into self development for a while, but this podcast helped me understand concepts better and to actually start believing in me. So many other programs, teachers, etc are so focused on the action and doing aspect. Brooke has shown me it truly is what you believe. I now truly believe within my being that I can design the life of my dreams. This belief has given me so much fun and excitement to my present day because today is the only day that matters.
Brooke’s podcasts are life changing. They are a roadmap to the changes I’ve been frustrated to not see happening over decades (as much as I wanted them). I’m more mindful of my thoughts and my actions are shifting. Thank you Brooke for sharing your great work!!!
I had never heard of Brooke this time last year and once my wife recommended her podcast I slowly started listening to her. Once she rolled out the model I was hooked. Her messages speak to those of us who want to create something amazing for ourselves.
Brooke is a pro at coaching others and gives us amazing tips and strategies to navigate life. So much great content with actionable strategies! Cheers!🥂 Mary Michele Wine Women & Style podcast
I recommend you start at her first episode and listen to every one. They will change your life!
Castillo is brilliant as she creates stellar podcasts.
Brooke, please stop having all these guests. It skews your vision. Your simple techniques were life changing and now all of these different speakers feel like noise.
Great shows But I’m confused about the “believe “ piece What if you don’t believe the positive thought What if all your life you’ve been programmed to believe negative thoughts. So when you try to look for positive thoughts they are there but you aren’t sure you believe them. Some of its weirdly superstitious. I’m a little lost