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Unsubscribed due to the political bias sprinkled in every show. I just want to listen to trucking information. They alienate half their listener base because they spit out opinion and believe it’s fact. I really don’t care whether you lean right or left, as long as you know politics are subjective. These guys don’t seem too


By andmara
Your show is interesting. Would be nice if was actually about trucking...
I love the fact that my kids can listen too!
I heard about this podcast on Trucker Dump PodCast by Tood McCann and I really enjoy this podcast I'm a truck driver myself and this poadcast along with the Trucker Dump is really informative, the best part is you don't have to be a trucker to like this podcast thanks for all the hard work Buck and Don.
very likable guys and talk about anything that comes to their mind. not a big fan about top 10 list of anything but the show is entertaining. would be pretty cool to do a show about a trucking bug out vehicle. what would you put inside of it.
Perfect mix of entertainment and information on everything trucking. Buck and Don are my go to podcast while I'm on the road. Thanks for the great show guys! Shiny side up
I can personally say that I have met and had lunch with Buck Ballard. He is a genuine man with a love of all things truck and hot rod cars. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together at Claim Jumper in Happy Valley Or. If you are on the fence weather to subscribe to the podcast, I say HECK YA!! He and his son Don the Beer Guy put out a quality Podcast that on occasion includes his tax guy Dan, that can help in that time of year everyone dreads. Dan is a N accountant that knows about truckers end of the messed up IRS code. Hit him up! Beyond that! Download The Trucking Podcast
I've really enjoyed this show since I found it quite sometime ago. I love the fact that it's two working class guys that do this show. I wouldn't change a thing and it's always a treat when Dan the tax man sits in on an episode. Keep up the great work!
While this weekly show is chock-full of trucking information, gearhead discussions, and whatever the heck else they feel like talking about, the real magic is the rapport between hosts Buck and Don. This father/son combo looks at trucking from different views, as Buck has almost 2 decades of experience, while Don is a fairly new trucker. This makes for some great discussions. But perhaps one of the best things about the show is that neither of them take themselves too seriously. There's a lot of laughter and it makes it really fun to listen to. If you're a trucker, you should be listening. End of story.

By Zdu
They do an amazing job.
Im just getting my CDL so im enjoying hearing all the trucker stories and info. Great audio quality
If you looking for a good clean funny podcast this is it
Episode 48 with Dan was awesome. I never a tax man could be so entertaining. Great Job guys.
These two gentlemen, Buck and Don are really enjoyable to listen to. They are sort of downhome guys who you feel like you are listening to while they are sitting in your own family room around the fireplace. No BS, just plain hardworking American blue collar son and dad who have no hidden agenda and love trucking. They started out a little rusty but now have really hit their stride with every podcast a real pleasure to listen to with good information, good humor, and honest opinion. I don't own a truck and never have nor driven one but I sure like this podcast. Well done Gentlemen!
Ive been listening to you since the Jesus podcast. Great job on this one and having your son is a great addition. You two are very informative and you cover interesting topics. I'm not even a trucker but sometimes I wish I was.
Nice job guys, I never miss your show, very informative keep up the good work
Good job guys! I've just recently picked up on listen to the podcast but I find it very enjoyable while I'm driving. Keep up the good work!
Greatest sounding podcast I've heard yet. No mic feedback or volume changing. Very very informative and guys are a blast to listen too! You have a Life long listener here! Keep up the great work!!
I came acrossed this pod cast while looking for info on the trucking world. I was hooked from the first one, very informative and entertaining.
I look forward to every episode. Great way to pass the time and alot of great information. Thanks guys.


By Cg6777
Great pod
I enjoy listening to Buck & Don, thanks for an entertaining & informative show.
I've been looking for an intelligent podcast on trucking, and this is it. No truck stop cowboys here. Lots of useful info & opinions from two diffrent generations drivers with very diffrent levels of experience.
Excellent podcast. I listen to it while driving. Keep em coming.
Good job on the new podcast guys. Sorry to hear Jesus Trucks and Coffee going away for the moment, but this is great stuff. Audio quality is great too, this one plays at 2x on my ipod w/out any issues.