Laughing with Cancer

Reviews For Laughing with Cancer

Great show man! Keep up the good work!
What a blessing for so many! A warrior sharing his journey!!!!
This is a great blog not only for cancer patients but ultimately anyone going through serious problems with health. The things he talks about have such a broad range coping. Great!!! Hope to hear many more.
Wow... It is very inspiring to hear someone going through cancer and still laughing. Great job man. keep it up.
Elvis Rico is a total dork. But he is very tough. His podcast is great and I can't wait to hear the 3rd one. He is very strong at surviving lukimia and that seems very hard. Good job keep up the good work. And keep producing good podcasts.
The way Elvis Rico is dealing with his diagnosis is something we all should learn from. By listening to this podcast you learn a lot about the healing power of laughter. the host is very honest with his situation and gives you an insight on what it's like to entertain people and providing for your family while battling cancer. This is an important podcast and I hope that Elvis continues to produce many more.
Good job can't wait to hear the next