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Linda is the best wealth mentor hands down. She makes wealth building simple and easy to grow your wealth with easy steps. I like her focus on the wealthy mindset and concepts to formulate a solid plan for your future. She removes the fluff that most podcast do on building wealth and gives you just the most important things to do to secure a legacy for you and your family.
It's like having a glass of wine with a smart friend and discussing investing, your future and ideas for a good life. I am "fluff" adverse when it comes to financial advise, I want real information and this podcast has it. I'm hooked and listen all the time now and enjoy the website for further information. Linda is so open with her life, I love it!
Linda P. Jones is the Real Deal. Regardless of your investment style (and even if you don’t have one), you can benefit from the rock solid investment and wealth creation wisdom she shares here. I admit, I’m a little put off by the “for women” focus of her website and book (which is why I haven’t bought the book), but fortunately this podcast seems applicable to both men and women. And the info is stellar.
I listen to Linda on my way to and from work, and I even listen when I workout! These podcasts have helped me create a wealthy mindset, and they are super easy to listen to! I love that she gets straight to the point, and she makes investing easy to understand. She has definitely found a lifelong subscriber in me.
I have been listening to Linda’s podcasts for the last few weeks. As a beginner in investment, she kept emphasizing that “do your homework, be patience”. I learned a few things just by listening to several of her podcasts. Thanks Linda!
Great podcast for those looking to expand their mindset and learn more about investing!
Linda is an expert in her field and her podcasts are insightful and short but to the point. Her advice is actionable and you don’t feel overwhelmed with hard to understand jargon. I’ve found her podcasts very useful and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to increase their financial intelligence! -Becca from DC
I really enjoy listening to Linda to gain insights into investing and wealth management. As an American living in Belgium, I'm navigating the financial complexity of being an expat, and am keen to learn as much as I can on being smart with my money!
I’ve been intimidated by the stock market for such a long time, but this year I’m determined to dive in and learn as much as I can. Linda breaks down the process of investing for the novice. I’m not overwhelmed and pinned to Google, researching terms. In the same vein, as I grow and as the information gets more complex, I feel Linda does a great job of reaching back to previous knowledge to make sure listeners have a full understanding of the information she’s providing. So grateful and thankful for this podcast!
Discovering Linda’s podcast has helped me with my fear of ending up as a bag lady on the streets. Now my days are full of what can I learn next from Linda!!!!
I’ve been listening to Linda’s podcast for a few months now. It’s been a great education tool for me. Great work!!
I’ve been listening to Linda for the last 3-4 years while running or on road trips. I’ve seen my net worth increase to almost a 100K 5 years after college while still enjoying life, growing my income, investing, and traveling. I’m fortunate to have come across her podcast as it is inspiring, motivating, and full of great advice. I know that by investing now I’ll be set to enjoy retirement without financial stress and reach other financial goals like financing a house after the next real estate price drop. I’ve listened to other financial podcasts but hers has the most balanced approach to both investing and enjoying life. She really does encourage you to have it all. It is great to have a brilliant wealth mentor who explains everything so clearly and impactful. Thanks Linda.
Great podcast that helps navigate all the flashy wealth fads ( ie Robin hood and related apps) and always brings it back to basics such as paying off debt while providing strong investment advice. Of course the intro song is one of my favorites and I’m glad its the closer too!
Most informative podcast I’ve ever listened to


I have really enjoyed listening. Kinda does a great job of having topics that reach people at any level of financial success, whether you are a beginner or already started on your financial journey.
I’ve been listening for not too long. I’ve just bought the kindle version of book to use them together to better my knowledge and situation. I love the podcast. The episodes are not full of fluff. I like they are not long drawn episodes. They are perfect for my short attention span.
I started listening to this podcast a few months ago and I really appreciate the information shared. Linda seems really kind and genuine. I have been trying to find a mentor to help me reach financial freedom and as I’ve been looking her mentoring through this podcast has been extremely helpful! Thank you Linda!
Love how to the point and knowledgeable Linda is. Her topics are current and spot on. They are each filled a ton of useful information that is practical and easy to follow. You won’t be disappointed with this podcast.
I've been listening to Linda's podcasts since the beginning and have learned so so much. I'm someone who struggles with understanding finances, as I'm more of a creative than a mathematical thinker, BUT having said that I've always been drawn to and fascinated by the stock market and the opportunites it provides. I love that Linda teaches how to look at the world of finance from both a macro and micro view. Her podcasts about creating a "money mindset" are what really hooked me, in addition to her recommendation to read "Think and Grow Rich" which has a bit of a spiritual aspect to it. That's my language! Thank you Linda for all that I've learned from you. You make me feel that wealth is a true possibility for me!
This show has helped me out so much! It helped me get out of $15k worth of credit card debt and double my net worth in 1 year! It also helped me with my mindset in other areas of my life and not just financial. Such great advice and positive energy. I can really tell that you are fulfilling God’s purpose in life and helping so many people! Thank you!
I love that I found your podcast and I have been listeining faithfully for quite some time. You have taught me so much in regards to investing, money, and stocks. Thank you
Excellent podcast for all listeners of all ages. Linda teaches throughout the podcast and has the ability to simplify complex concepts and terminology. Empowers all listeners to build their own financial path to success no matter where they are starting from. Thank you so much you make me look forward to my morning commute!
First off, I want to say thank you Linda for all the time you put into these podcasts! My name is Jason and I am currently 22. I have been listening to the podcasts for around 2 years now in hopes to achieve a financial education (which has been hit). I stumbled across Be Wealthy And Smart and was hooked instantly. You can say I’m addicted haha. Recently I have been playing more and more episodes in my girlfriends car and I believe it’s starting to rub off on her. I am a strong believer in “spreading the knowledge” and show everyone and anyone I believe that would benefit from the podcasts that Linda has put together for us! Keep up the great content and look forward to 2019 as big things are bound to happen! (:
At 25 years old, I feel like Linda has given me the key to building a nest egg that will allow me to retire early.
Wealth building can be really intimidating. Especially if you do not have any financial role models or no one who invested the time to teach about wealth building. Linda has been one of the people that I have been able to follow and learn so much from. I actually gave up trying to figure it all out last year (ya know... I am a mom and a business owner, and a wife and everything) and I just didnt feel like I was gettign anywhere. I finally picked up Linda's book and started back listening to the podcast. I feel empowered again to keep trying. So for those of you that are like me and you feel overwhelmed.... you are in the right place.
I enjoy listening to this podcast because the information is given with a level of clarity that isn’t common in today’s information sharing content. Linda has the education and experience to deliver practical knowledge. I have implemented many of her suggestions and my net worth has increased as a result. Thank you Linda for helping us succeed in our financial journey.
I’m so glad I found this podcast! I listen to it in the mornings while getting ready for my day. My mindset has deficient changed for the better and I’ve taken action in getting on the road to financial freedom. Thanks Linda!
I absolutely love the style and teachings of this incredibly intelligent lady! So positive and breaks down her advice, explains why a and how, and makes you feel like you too can be wealthy and smart! Edit-12/29/18- it gets even better! Linda has expanded and grown this podcast to give you so much knowledge and she does it almost daily! Thanks for the motivation to get it together Linda!
I subscribe to a dozen investing podcasts -- this is the VERY BEST one for its clarity, accessibility, and insight. Definitely my "go to" podcast for affirming a wealth mindset and instilling confidence that I'm on the right track with my investing approach. Linda's knowledge, experience, and attitude are empowering and make my financial goals feel within reach. She calls herself "America's Wealth Mentor" -- through this podcast she has certainly gained the status of a mentor for me.
Linda’s content has given me a new financial confidence! With her guidance I feel ‘in the know’, ‘on my game’ and have laser focus to achieve my goals like never before! I’m hooked!! Thanks for all you do, Linda!
I a brand new to the investing field, but I have found Linda to be so helpful! Her clam, clear manner makes difficult concepts easy to understand. I really enjoy listening to the podcast!
I’ve listened to her podcast for well over a year and have learned so much! I needed to begin building a better relationship with money and her podcast was the first one I came across. So happy I found it! I love that she is so giving of her knowledge and experience. She teaches with consistent encouragement and never shames anyone of their financial mistakes. Some of the subject matter may be a little “heavy”, but stick with her, she brings it all together. I also love how she emphasizes the importance of personal mindset and the effects it has on our relationship with money. I’ve listened to several episodes more than once. There’s so much information to learn. Love it all!!
Linda makes learning about money fun and easy to understand!
From the point I came upon the podcast a year or two ago, I’ve listened regularly. I like the frequency and length, as well as Linda’s calm disposition and sage advice.
I love this podcast! Very easy to listen to on my commute and provides a “wealth” of information!
I listen to many podcasts throughout my day and this one is top on my list. Linda manages to input a wealth of information into bit size pieces in under 20 minutes. She is always informative and ready to discuss hot current topics. I would suggest binge listening from the beginning and build on your financial goals from there. Life is good now and I'm blessed to be in the position I am in. I have learned so much from this podcast and her book.
What a fantastic podcast. Because of Linda and the podcast my wealth is moving in the right direction. Keep up the great work Linda!
Linda P. Jones has done a great job with this podcast. I appreciate all of the value she brings through this platform and follow this podcast nearly daily! Thank you so much for all of the content you provide!
I have been listening to your podcast for over a year and I liked it a lot because it helps me to learn about investments. I love to say thank you so much
Linda, my routine every morning is to listen to you and take notes! My daughters and I are on board checking off everything you wrote on the checklist on your new book! Rena
I have been following Linda’s podcast for 1 year now. The money management advice that she gives is very methodical and useful for people of all ages. Especially when there is a dearth of financial training in schools today, Linda is doing a great job at educating people for money matters to achieve their long term goals! Thanks a lot, Linda. Looking forward to learn more from you with every episode.
My wife hate money podcast but she finally loves this one. Thanks to Linda.
I have listened to all of the podcasts and am excited every week to hear a new one! Linda is fantastic, knowledgeable, and inspires me to learn more each day to become financially independent! She makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.
Love the podcast and the concise episodes. Great information presented in a friendly, formative and logical manner. Her new book is awesome too!
I enjoy listening to Linda, if not daily ever other day. Her tips are wonderful & I’m much involved now with my stocks and money. I feel like I am constantly learning! Thank you so much for your guidence!
I haven’t been listening long but this podcast has really encouraged me to review my financial portfolio and make bold moves into investing. Her podcasts are informative and encouraging. Just what I need.
Very useful and helpful tips simmered down to 25 mins or less. Linda makes it easier for you to understand some of the jargon that is not necessarily every day lingo. She also gives great examples to paint the picture when it comes to the material
Really the title says it all, stumbled across this podcast and fallen down the rabbit hole of personal finance. Thanks for helping me take my first steps and continue on my journey.
Linda has changed my entire mindset and outlook. I love her financial advice and positive attitude. Because of this podcast, I am making changes in my life to bring out my inner wealth heiress!