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Linda, Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to deliver the financial content in your podcast. You do all the research so we don’t have to. I have been listening for six months now and going back to episode 1. Plus plan to read Napolian Hill as you suggested. Best Regards, Elena PS my ten year old loves the music and listens too!
This podcast is great for the young professional who may have made questionable credit card choices when they were in college. Helped me choose which debt I wanted to pay off first, and inspired me to reach out to my Finacial Aid institution and renegotiate my rate (if you haven’t done it- do it)! Love her and her great advice.
I love that this podcast is so smart, yet easy enough for anyone to understand! Love the female confidence in the finance sector and learning about stocks, etfs and dividends!
I started listening to these podcasts about two weeks ago. Absolutely love all the insights you provide on finances. I’m one of those women that left the finances to my spouse, only because I didn’t want another task added to my plate. (I served in the military for 30 years & raised 3 kids). I love that you provide concrete advice to help us build wealth.
I love listening to Linda, her podcasts are the perfect length, amount of information, and dose of encouragement. She does an amazing job of explaining financial concepts and I never feel lost or overwhelmed, simply because she has broken down information into perfectly digestible pieces.
Linda, I love this Podcast specifically because it is so action oriented. You not only bring both current and relevent information to your listners but you also convey exactly what to do with it. This Podcast in invaluable. Thank you for mentoring so many of us. Maureen
I love how Linda explains everything. Things I never would have been able to digest without these short and easy episodes to guide and help me! Such great information for anyone !!
This is a great listen, and unlike other investment/economic podcasts, explores very unique topics. I am new to investing and this podcast gives me ideas about so many new things to research and think about. I also love that the episodes are quick and without a lot of adds, I can sit down and really absorb the information without taking a lot of time out of my day.
I love this podcast because it make me feel empowered to do things (like investing) that I previously thought I did not have enough money to do, and makes me feel more comfortable with financial decisions
Linda! You have been a heaven send! I can play any episode and trust that you will teach me something about money that I can actually implement in real time. I’ve overcome my financial baggage and have been listening to you for a year or so now and I’m ready (with a new job!) to start putting money away for my retirement. I’ll be sending you an email with some questions - I know that I can count on you for the best advice! I’m also looking forward to reading your book, I’ll be ordering it this week. Thank you Linda!
After paying off student loans, this podcast has been very helpful in beginning to think about building wealth. Great listening for beginners!
Excellent podcast!!! I know one reviewer said if they only knew this information at 21 years and starting now is the key. I have never looked at wealth in this way and Linda, you have changed my whole outlook on wealth!! You make it easy for anyone to follow. Truly anyone can be wealthy and we just have to find it in ourselves to make those changes. Thank you for your guidance and purpose to us all.
This podcast has been my go to financial podcast from all the other finance podcasts out there. I have downloaded all her episodes and recently caught up to the latest episode, highly recommend. Linda is very informative and to the point. I love that she doesn’t use all the confusing jargon. She has made me look at my finances with a better money mindset, her podcast has been like a mentor to me and thanks to her I feel more confident in my finances. I have recently purchased her book and very excited to read. Thank you Linda!
I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and can’t stop listening. Linda is amazing, she breaks down intimidating topics to digestible bites. It is almost like listening to a smart, practical, and passionate friend who wants to help empower you. I ordered her book today and can’t wait to unleash my inner Wealth Heiress. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.
I’m so glad to have found this podcast! It makes me feel hopeful about my future finances and the financial decision I make. - al
I find this podcast very inspiring and helpful! I don’t know a lot about finance but Linda makes it easy to understand and it makes me want to go research and learn more. I highly recommend going to her website so you can listen to the earlier episodes of the podcast that start with a lot of the basics.
I have been listening to this podcast for awhile now after trying several others. Linda has changed my life and taught me all I know about wealth building. Before listening I had no idea about investing and compounding, now I am an active researcher and investor. Thank you Linda!!!
I enjoy Linda's straightforward advice
I found Be Wealthy and Smart through listening to another podcast. Linda P. Jones is a great host with shorter, easy-to-digest podcast episodes on all kinds of financial topics. I haven’t been listening for much more than a month and I’m ALREADY seeing the impact of her podcast mentoring in my financial thinking and decision-making. In a short amount of time binging episodes, I’ve started to change my thinking about money and how to grow my wealth; Linda Jones’ approach to wealth-building is positive and straightforward. This podcast is especially for women of all ages who were taught-yes, taught-to shy away from finances and told wealth was probably out of their reach. I recommend starting with the very first episodes and listening to the wealth-building principles; Linda Jones will give you tools to create your own road to financial management and wealth. I have benefited so much from listening in such a short period of time that I bought her book, You Are Already A Wealth Heiress.
I love Linda abs this podcast! It is so informative. I love the format of the short episodes so you can always find time for it. Great content!
I love the assortment of topics offered by Linda, and that she is so knowledgeable. My knowledge is growing vastly and I’m gaining more and more confidence discussing finance and my financial future. Can’t get enough!
Linda! I am so excited to have started reading TAAWH (should make that a #) and although it’s easy to say that you found me, I certainly am ready in my life to start managing debt and start compounding wealth. I have a small lawsuit settlement that is coming my way and had I not started reading your book, I just would have used it to pay off credit cards. But I have shifted my thinking and I’m so grateful that this podcast has led me to really dive in. Your book in podcast is not just for women!
Incredible. Gives smart, great advice and gets straight to the point, does not stray away on useless thoughts. Talks about living your life and also saving money.
I have listened to this podcast for over a year and have learned so much but was is even more amazing was receiving a personal call from Linda. Unfortunately I was so overwhelmed by her calling me I couldn’t ask her anything intelligent! I believe unlike a lot of other wealth advisors Linda really cares about her listeners and she does this podcast as a life mission not just a way to make another dollar.
If you’re looking to build wealth and have an openness to learning the tools and mindset needed to get there, Linda P. Jones will help you get there. I’m a woman in my later 20’s and I’ve been on my own wealth journey for the past few years... finally almost out of my revolving debt hole of my frivolous younger 20’s and ready to take charge of my future. Now I feel confident that what I’m learning from Linda will help me to reach my goals.
I know very little about this world and listening to Linda P James makes me feel like I have a grasp on new things like mortgage rates, debt and credit! Thank you, Linda!
The podcast is a bit monotonous as the host reads articles, with small bits of advice. Advice could be much better.
I’ve been listening to you since you had a channel on roku. I was luckily in college at the time and so listening to you really helped me build my mindset and stay away from debt. Since listening to you I’ve built a great deal of wealth through investing and having several sources of income. Without your podcast I would probably spend my earnings instead of making it grow. Your principals to growing wealth were very enhancing and because of you I can afford to stay home with my newborn and take some time off. 🌹
I have been following Linda’s podcasts for the last few months. Great mentor and lots of good information. Thanks Linda!
Hi Linda, I have been listening to your podcast for a while now. It has been a very great and informative podcast. Thank you for keeping us up to date with market and sharing all tricks and tweaks of financial world. You really break down then financial concepts so anyone can understand that. Thank you very much.
I listen to your podcasts while walking my dog. I’m learning something new or relearn something that I already know. Enjoy it. I share your knowledge/tips with my children too. Thanks
Linda is absolutely phenomenal at the way she presents information making easy to understand and providing sound investing principles
I highly recommend this podcast. Linda breaks things down and makes it easy for a beginner investor like myself to understand. The episodes are short and compact. It is a great resource for my everyday commute to and from work.
I love this Podcast. For someone in their 20s, I’m looking to start investing. As a nurse, the financial world can be a bit of a whirlwind but Linda breaks everything down in a simple way. She is calm and to-the-point and honest in her explanations. The episodes aren’t too long either. Thank you! 😊
Linda is the best wealth mentor hands down. She makes wealth building simple and easy to grow your wealth with easy steps. I like her focus on the wealthy mindset and concepts to formulate a solid plan for your future. She removes the fluff that most podcast do on building wealth and gives you just the most important things to do to secure a legacy for you and your family.
It's like having a glass of wine with a smart friend and discussing investing, your future and ideas for a good life. I am "fluff" adverse when it comes to financial advise, I want real information and this podcast has it. I'm hooked and listen all the time now and enjoy the website for further information. Linda is so open with her life, I love it!
Linda P. Jones is the Real Deal. Regardless of your investment style (and even if you don’t have one), you can benefit from the rock solid investment and wealth creation wisdom she shares here. I admit, I’m a little put off by the “for women” focus of her website and book (which is why I haven’t bought the book), but fortunately this podcast seems applicable to both men and women. And the info is stellar.
I listen to Linda on my way to and from work, and I even listen when I workout! These podcasts have helped me create a wealthy mindset, and they are super easy to listen to! I love that she gets straight to the point, and she makes investing easy to understand. She has definitely found a lifelong subscriber in me.
Great podcast for those looking to expand their mindset and learn more about investing!
Linda is an expert in her field and her podcasts are insightful and short but to the point. Her advice is actionable and you don’t feel overwhelmed with hard to understand jargon. I’ve found her podcasts very useful and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to increase their financial intelligence! -Becca from DC
I really enjoy listening to Linda to gain insights into investing and wealth management. As an American living in Belgium, I'm navigating the financial complexity of being an expat, and am keen to learn as much as I can on being smart with my money!
I’ve been intimidated by the stock market for such a long time, but this year I’m determined to dive in and learn as much as I can. Linda breaks down the process of investing for the novice. I’m not overwhelmed and pinned to Google, researching terms. In the same vein, as I grow and as the information gets more complex, I feel Linda does a great job of reaching back to previous knowledge to make sure listeners have a full understanding of the information she’s providing. So grateful and thankful for this podcast!
Discovering Linda’s podcast has helped me with my fear of ending up as a bag lady on the streets. Now my days are full of what can I learn next from Linda!!!!
I’ve been listening to Linda’s podcast for a few months now. It’s been a great education tool for me. Great work!!
I’ve been listening to Linda for the last 3-4 years while running or on road trips. I’ve seen my net worth increase to almost a 100K 5 years after college while still enjoying life, growing my income, investing, and traveling. I’m fortunate to have come across her podcast as it is inspiring, motivating, and full of great advice. I know that by investing now I’ll be set to enjoy retirement without financial stress and reach other financial goals like financing a house after the next real estate price drop. I’ve listened to other financial podcasts but hers has the most balanced approach to both investing and enjoying life. She really does encourage you to have it all. It is great to have a brilliant wealth mentor who explains everything so clearly and impactful. Thanks Linda.
Great podcast that helps navigate all the flashy wealth fads ( ie Robin hood and related apps) and always brings it back to basics such as paying off debt while providing strong investment advice. Of course the intro song is one of my favorites and I’m glad its the closer too!
Most informative podcast I’ve ever listened to